289 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival farmhouse

Historical Narrative: 

This Greek revival farmhouse with attached ell and barn is reminiscent of many rural homes constructed in the mid 19th century in New England. Attention to details around the windows, doors, porches and upper window treatment on the barn façade, suggests the former owners’ carpentry skills and personal touches.

By the mid 1830’s barn placement in this region had changed to “gable end” to the street. This barn has the older English style placement and is earlier then the house construction. The ell on the rear was added later which is clearly seen from the interior. The front part is constructed with heavy gun-stock posts, a technique used prior to 1820. The newer addition was attached at the rear, a little taller in height, creating the unusual star shaped window in the barn pediment roofline. Connecting ells to the barn from the house made for more convenient access during the harsh winter weather.

A former shop building was located to the north at rear of the house on Greenwood Road. It was a cedar shingled building with gable roof, two windows facing the street and one on the gable ends. The entry door was on the east side and a small cellar bellow with access from the road side. It was razed in the late 1970s. Portions of the foundation remains.

James Ballard Lovejoy was born Mar. 17, 1778, the son of Jeremiah & Dorothy Lovejoy. He married on Sept. 5, 1799 to Hannah Bailey, (of Dracut?) dau. of William & Rebecca (Hildreth) Bailey. James became a member of South Church on June 26, 1814 and had all five of their children baptized on July 17, 1814. Wife Hannah and daughter Orpah would join in 1824. James & Hannah then became charter members of the new West Parish Church #32 & #33on Dec. 5, 1826. James was a man of fervent piety and a staunch abolitionist. He left West Parish Church becoming a charter member of the new Free Church on April 9, 1846. His wife Hannah & daughter Orpah remained with West Parish.

Charlotte H. Abbott’s Andover historian (1844-1921) states in her Lovejoy Genealogy that James lived on Lovejoy Rd. James B. died April 28, 1859 age 81, wife Hannah d. Dec. 23, 1875 age 99 yrs. 10 months. Both are buried at West Parish Cemetery They had seven children; Hannah b. 1800? d. SD. (Mrs. Obadiah Richardson), Orpah, b. 7/1802 d. 4/23/1873, Ballard, b. 11/16/1804 d. 4/20/1899, Harriet b. 7/20/1808 d.3/19/1898 (Mrs. Calvin E. Goodell), William Bailey, b. 1/23/1811 d. 9/4/1867, Rebecca Hildreth b. 10/24/1814 d. 1/26/1896 (Mrs. Jonas Lovering), and Martha, b.1815 d. 10/2/1838.
Orpah, Ballard, Harriet (Goodell) William B. and Martha are all interred at West Parish Cemetery.

William Bailey Lovejoy, the son of James & Hannah (Bailey) Lovejoy was born on January 23, 1811, married Jan. 29, 1834 to Mary Ann Clement, b. Mar. 10, 1813 dau. of Benjamin & Mary (Lovejoy) Clement. William Bailey was also a member of Free Church as was his son Bailey. Said to be a man of fine personal appearance, he was also a skillful carpenter. The fine details of the barn and house may be the handy work of William. Four of their sons fought in the Civil War. Newton died in hospital at Vicksburg July 9, 1863. Brother William Walter was wounded at Gettysburg, and Reseca, GA. William Bailey Lovejoy d. Sept. 4, 1867 and wife Mary Ann d. Oct. 3 1889, both are interred at West Parish Cemetery.
They had twelve children; Abby Ann b. 1/20/1835 d. 1/16/1927 (Mrs. John Connor), Josephine b. 1/16/1836- 1/16/1849, William Walter b. 10/1/1837 d. 1/18/192, Martha b. 3/15/1840 in Dracut d 4/9/1917 CA (Mrs. to D. Kendall, J. M. Shaw, & R. Mitchell), Benjamin Clement b. 1/10/1842 Dracut d. 5/26/1907, Newton b. 4/27/1843 Dracut d. 7/9/1863 Vicksburg MS, Calvin b. 1/13/1845-d.1/26/1849, Bailey b. 10/5/1846 d. 5/7/1930 CA, Mary Josephine b. 10/5/1850 d. 7/19/1880 (Mrs. John A. Bailey), Calvin b. 8/2/1852 d. SD?, Julia b. 1/27/1854 d. Billerica? (Mrs. Stephen R. Kitchen) and Alvira b. 9/15/1856 d. 11/1/1856.

William Walter Lovejoy, born Oct. 1, 1837 son of Willaim B. & Mary Ann (Clement) Lovejoy. William married twice, 1st Mary Howard who d. in Cambridge, MA buried in Peterboro, NH. Married 2nd, Mrs. Maria (Delosh) Valley at Lowell, MA April 8, 1903. William was a Civil War veteran. He mustered out on May 25, 1861, Private, Co. B. 2nd Reg. Infantry. William was wounded at Gettysburg and Reseca, GA and discharged on May 28, 1864 by expiration of service. William was a machinist and farmer. He had two children by his first wife Mary Howard. Edwin Franklin b. Lowell, MA Mar. 12, 1867 d. Feb. 22, 1887 and Fred b. Peterboro, NH, Feb. 14, 1870. William W. acquired the farm on November 15, 1886 from his siblings after the death of their father. The farm had been inherited by all the living children and all had an undivided 1/8th share of the farm. Sister Abby A. Connor held the title. The tax evaluation in 1900 was House $500, barn $300, shop & hen houses $50, 30 acres & home $750, 10 acres $300 = $1900. William & Maria were in there mid 80’s when they decided to sell to William M. Wood & the American Woolen Company on Nov. 26, 1921. The sale came with a prevision that the couple could use and occupy the house and shed without cost during their natural life. William W. died just three months later on Jan. 18, 1922. His wife Maria died 33 days after him on Feb. 20, 1922. Both are interred at West Parish Cemetery.

American Woolen Company. William M. Wood, President of the company during 1918-1924 was constructing his model community Shawsheen Village. He was also acquiring great tracts of land in West Andover to build his model farms that would service the new village. The 25 acres from this Lovejoy farm would be used as pasture land for Wild Rose and Clover Farms to the east and west of the Lovejoy place. After Wood was forced from the presidency in 1924 the company began to sell off its property holdings in Andover. Company employee, George H. Winslow, the general manager of the Homestead Association, a subsidiary of the A. W. Co., was in charge of the development of Shawsheen Village and ultimate sale or rental of the properties. George and wife Mary purchased the Lovejoy farm in 1925.

George Howard Winslow, b. June 23, 1889 in Norwood, MA. son of Frank Hand Winslow and Marcia M. Shumway. He married Mary Durfee Chace b. 1887. George worked for the American Woolen Company in New York and Andover. He was a graduate of the Norwood schools and the Lowell Technological Institute. He was appointed as General Manager of the Homestead Association and was in charge of the development of Shawsheen Village. The Association sold and leased all the homes and properties of the A. W. Co. The couple had lived at 388 North Main St. in the new Village before purchasing the farm of 25 acres on March 30, 1925. George became Andover Town Clerk on September 20, 1930, a position he held for 30 years. Wife Mary was a charter member of the Shawsheen Woman’s Club and active in many charitable organizations in town. Both were members of the West Parish Church. They were married 50 years and had two daughters, Eleanor, (Mrs. Warren Harrington) and Mary, (Mrs. Orville J. (Skip) Eslick). They sold the farm on August 15, 1956 to developers Crystal Realty Inc. and moved to Henderson Ave. George died in 1964 and Mary in 1973. Both at interred at West Parish Cemetery.

Crystal Realty Inc. divided the land and created several new house lots along the east side of Greenwood Rd. just north of the farmhouse. Greenwood Rd. was also straightened out at this time. Route 93 was under construction and the development of all the farms in this neighborhood had begun.


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James Ballard Lovejoy - Jun 6, 1832 -b. 270 lf 8 Salem
Daniel Fox - April 1, 1844 - b. 493 lf. 257 Salem
Heirs of James B. Lovejoy - April 28, 1859 died
William Bailey Lovejoy - April 1, 1844 - b. 493 lf. 257 – Salem
W. B. Lovejoy Heirs - Sept. 4, 1867 died
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William Walter Lovejoy - Nov. 15, 1886 - b. 89 p. 495 - $1700
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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameWilliam Bailey Lovejoy House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence farmhouse
Construction Datecirca 1840
SourceAndover Bldg. Survey
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresattached Barn shed - milk house - razed
Map and parcel133-9
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77 updated 2013