29-33 Shawsheen Road

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Original owner Abraham Marland. Abraham's mansion house 1813-1849. Mill housing (Smith and Dove) 1888-1927. Present owner Buco, William and Pamela 11/12/75.
Themes - Architectural and Industry.

Mill magnate Abraham Marland's mansion house has been altered from the Federal architectural showpiece it once was, with its numerous outbuildings and verandah on 29 Shawsheen Road: From the Marland-Cogswell house on the east side of the road it had a commanding view overlooking the Shawsheen River below, Abbott Village and the Town center beyond. There was the favorite "Andover arch" over door and vestibule now covered by vinyl siding. A mahogany spiral stairway led from first to third floors and there was a black marble fireplace and a "milk room" in the cellar. Originally, a barn and cottages for Marland's coachman and gardener were at the rear of the house. These were moved across the street, presumably by Smith & Dove in 1888, the barn was made into a house, #26 Shawsheen. The coachman's cottage #28 now faces Shawsheen Road as did the gardener's cottage at #30 since razed in 2005, (Boucher, owner in 1950).

Abraham Marland was a pioneer in the woolen textile industry in America. Born in Ashton, Lancashire, England, on Feb. 22, 1772,he emigrated to America landing in Boston on Sept. 1, 1801. He manufactured cotton yarn in Beverly and started a wool carding business in Lynnfield, MA. Moving to Andover in May 1807, he became a manufacturer of cotton yarns, then woolen goods and flannels. In 1810, Marland moved from 8 Brook St. to "a mill house in Abbot Village". He bought 2 acres 52 poles of land from Abbot Walker on April 17, 1811 and began building his mansion home. This was his third home in Andover and he resided here from 1813 until his death on Feb. 20, 1849 at age 77. His widow Mary remained until her death in 1854.

Abraham and Mary (Sykes) had thirteen children: Thomas b. Nov. 9, 1800 Leeds, England, d. July 27, 1821 at sea, John b. Dec. 19, 1802 Beverly, Martha Lawton b. Oct. 25, 1804 Lynnfield, MA, Mary Sykes b. Aug. 9, 1806 Lynnfield, William Sykes b. May 21, 1808, Ann B. b. Dec. 12, 1810, Harriet Fletcher b. Feb. 18, 1813, Hannah Jane b. Mar. 20, 1815, Sarah Fisher b. May 17, 1817, Elizabeth Caroline b. July 25, 1819, Abraham b. Oct. 18, 1821- d. Nov. 13, 1821, Thomas b. Oct. 18, 1821 - Nov. 11, 1822 and Julia Maria b. July 30, 1823.

Daughter Mary Sykes Marland married on June 8,1829 to Francis Cogswell, Esq. b.Dec. 21, 1800 in Atkinson, NH, son of William & Judith (Badger) Cogswell. Francis was living in Ossipee, NH when married. Francis was a lawyer, cashier of Andover Bank, treasurer of Marland Manufacturing Co., and later President of Boston and Maine Railroad. After his mother-in-law's death in 1854, Squire Cogswell sold his residence at 68 Phillips St. and moved into this house in 1855. Mary and Francis had six children: William Abraham b. May 5, 1830, John Francis b. 1835, Joseph Badger b. June 15, 1837, Mary Marland b. 1839 and twins Thomas Marland and Benjamin Punchard b. Mar. 16, 1844. Ben died on Oct. 23, 1845. They were members of Christ Episcopal Church. His wife Mary died on Dec. 28, 1877. Francis died on Feb. 11, 1880. Son John Francis and son-in-law William Hobbs were appointed Executors of the estate of which the homestead was given to both. The house his son William was living in for several years was gifted to him. All the remaining children received annual sums of money from his estate.

John F. Cogswell and William Hobbs did a sale transfer through Reuben Merrill for $6,000 and placed the deed in Esther's name, wife of John Francis Cogswell, a Lawrence businessman. They lived here until he sold to Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co., in Aug.1887.

In 1888, Smith & Dove remodeled the homestead into tenements for families in their employ: George Laurion, John Kyda and Mrs. Charles Bowen, residents. Smith & Dove was sold to the Ludlow Co. in 1927 and all the company land holdings were placed in the Smith & Dover Tenements, Inc. to be sold off to private buyers. The name was later changed to Andover Homes, Inc.

The homestead property was sold on June 1, 1927 to Robert Campbell, Jr. With the mill closing in 1928 and the stock market crash in 1929, jobs and money were scarce. In 1928 every tenement unit on Brechin Terrace was occupied and in 1932 of the 26 units 17 were vacant. Robert Campbell fell victim to the Depression as many others did. The Andover Savings Bank foreclosed in Oct. 1939. They held the property for four years then selling to James N. Jassonides and Savas A. Economos on Jan 2, 1943. They held the house four years then selling to William & Marjorie L. Hulse who financed the purchase through a GI loan from the Lawrence Community Bank.

In October 1955, it became the property of Clark Motor Co. of Andover, Irving M. Leoff Pres. In 1961, Alfred C. Derosier, Jr. , a member of the Andover Fire Dept., with his wife Claire L. were the owners. Derosier owned for 14 years then selling to William S. & Pamela L. Buco in Nov. 1975. Six years later Howard A & Elizabeth S. Jones purchase the house in Apr. 1981. It was later sold in Oct. 1987 to Walter J. & Lori E. Kotkawski who lost it to the State Street Bank and Trust Co. on Feb. 3, 1992. The following year the Bank sold to Samuel J. & Lori A. Ameen Jr. on Sept.. 15, 1993. In July 2012 the property was transferred to 29-33 Shawsheen Road LLC.

Shawsheen Road itself was formerly known as Village Street and this site as Cogswell's Hill.
Some tenants; 1990- #29 Margaret Courtney and Mary Sullivan, #31 Greg Charlton, #33 James and Holly Cober. 1991 - #29 vacant, #31 vacant, #33 James and Holly Cober.


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Inventory Data:

StreetShawsheen Rd
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameMarland, Abraham - Cogswell, Francis House
Present Useresidence - 3 family
Original Useresidence, mill housing
Construction Date1812-1813
Architectural StyleFederal
Outbuildings / Secondary Structurescoachman's and gardener's cottage moved across the street. Huge ell.
Major Alterationsaltered by Smith and Dove 1888, mill tenements.
Acreageless than one acre; 175' frontage.
Map and parcel54-42
MHC NumberANV.529
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered8/77, 7/2014