29 Cuba Street

Architectural Description: 


Fieldstone house; contained bulls eye glass

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community Development

This property was originally numbered 47 Mineral St. prior to 1904 when the street was re-named Red Spring Rd. In 1959 Andover re-numbered hundreds of properties in town due to location on the street and this house became 29 Cuba St.

This stone house, one of only a few in town, was built and occupied by Capt. William B. Abbot, born July 1793 in Wilton, NH, son of Job & Anna (Ballard) Abbot. William married on Dec. 9, 1816 to Lucinda Flint b. Oct. 30, 1896 daughter of John & Lydia Flint. They had seven children: Caroline Lucinda b. Sept. 7, 1817, William Henry b. Mar. 1820 - d. June 21, 1836, Abby Ann b. July 25, 1823, Edward Ashton b. June 20, 1825, Charlotte Marie b. Feb. 9, 1826, Angelina E. b. Jan. 7, 1828 - d. June 19, 1862, Martha Dalton b. May 1, 1830 - d. Mar. 18, 1832.

We know that this house was built before 1828 as it is mentioned in a contract signed by Benj. Downes and his builder David Sherman when his house at 49 Red Spring Rd was about to be built in Dec.1828. "and the plan of the house to be similar to the one lately built by Wm. B. Abbot, and to be finished as well in every respect as his is," The term "lately built" suggests within a year or two and as the houses at 51 & 53 Red Spring were built about 1820 - 1823, we place this house in the same period.

William B. Abbot died on May 19, 1840 at age 48. It appears Lucinda and some of her surviving children move to Newton, MA as both Lucinda (d. Aug. 25,1861) and daughter Charlotte M. (d. Jan 16,1894) died in Newton. Son Edward is mentioned in the Townsman on Apr. 9, 1895. (Part of an extract from the "Cleveland Leader" printed in the AT) - "Captain Edward A. Abbott, who will assume the control of the Police Department as its director, was born in Andover, Mass, Sept. 10, 1837...Capt. Abbott will be recalled as a son to Capt. Wm. Abbott who built and occupied for many years the stone house in Abbott Village"

The house was sold however before William Abbott's death, as Charles Howarth takes a mortgage out for $800, through Lucinda's father, John Flint, for the stone house property in Aug.1834.

The property was sold to Charles Howarth on Aug. 19, 1834. Charles was born in Rochdale, Eng. and came to America in 1826. His occupation is weaver. His wife Elizabeth was also from England. Elizabeth died on Aug. 27, 1844 at age 57y 9m. and is interred at the Christ Church Cemetery. Charles remarried to Susan L. Francis intention recorded July 22, 1845 Sadly it was sort lived as Charles died on Jan 2, 1846. Andrew Howarth of Bellingham, MA was the administrator for the estate. Susan S. Howarth deeds the property to Andrew (of Waterville, VT). As debts against the estate were $1100 the property was sold a public auction on June 29, 1847, purchased by William Abbot of Andover, yeoman for $1025. as the highest bidder. The property including the stone house and 1 acre 20 sq. rods and a two additional parcels on the east side of Cuba St. which would include house lots #24 & #26 and #30 & #41 Cuba St. today.

William Abbott Jr. was b. in Greenfield, NH, his intention to marry is listed in the vital records on May 30, 1838 to Sarah Job Abbott b. July 18, 1818 dau. of Capt. Job & Lucy (Chandler) Abbott of Wilton, NH. Sarah was the niece of Abel & Paschal Abbot, her father Job, their brother. Job Abbott was a share holder in his brother's mill and when it failed Job stepped in and purchased their houses and farm at #51 #53 & #55 from the creditors in 1843.

William & wife Sarah Abbott would later purchase the Benjamin Downes house next door about 1851, keeping both properties. The 1852 Andover map lists #49 Red Spring Rd. and #29 Cuba St. as owned by William Abbott.
William & Sarah J. first lived at 29 Cuba St. They had and most likely rented to operatives working in the mill. Her father Job purchased the properties from William and then transferred it to his daughter on July 1, 1853, "the above granted premises, with the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging , to the said Sarah J. Abbott her heirs and assigns, to her sole & separate use and behoof forever, free from interference or control of her husband,..." The property contained three separate parcels, land in West Parish on Shawsheen Rd, land of Dascomb, and the two houses at Red Spring Rd and Cuba St.
William and Sarah had six children; Sarah Eliza b. Apr. 1840 – d. Sept. 1844, Willian Job. B. Aug. 1841, Alson Bailey, b.Nov. 1844, Eva Frances b. Apr. 1852 d. Nov. 1868, Dexter Franklin b. Sept. 1855 and Delia Erving b. Aug. 1857.
Sarah died in on Nov. 9, 1863 at age 45y 3m. and William on Jan. 16, 1886.

Their children, heirs to their mother's estate, William J., of East Saginaw, Michigan, Dexter F. of Peterboro, NH, Delia A. Wait, wife of Frank Wait, and Alson B. Abbott both of Glen Falls, NY sell the family homes to Justin E. Clark on June 17, 1885.

April 7, 1882 AA – pg. 3 col 8 - Andrew J. Abbott has removed from the West Parish to Abbott Village and will occupy the stone house near the schoolhouse. He drives a peddler’s cart for the Saunders Bros. in counties of Essex and Middlesex.

John Justin Edwards Clark lived in the stone house at 29 Cuba and rented out #49. Justin was the son of Aaron Sawyer & Sarah M. (Yeaton) Clark, born Oct. 1, 1857 in Andover MA. Justin was one of 8 surviving children of Aaron and Sarah and their previous marriages and grew up at 19 Cuba St., attended Andover public schools and Punchard Free School. He went to the School of Telegraphy in Boston and became the telegraph operator with the Boston & Maine RR at Lowell Junction office in 1878. Three years later he was transferred to So. Lawrence office where he served 32 years before retiring on July 4, 1913. Justin married Catherine Sweet Spence b. Ontario of Scottish parents on Aug. 4, 1881. They had four children; Bertha Newcomb (later Trott) b. Dec. 12, 1882, Jennie Elizabeth (later Fraser) b. Aug.12, 1884, James Edward b. Oct. 27, 1885 and Edith Estella (later Burnham) b. June 5, 1887. The two youngest were born in the stone house.

Justin also was a real estate developer. He owned several properties in Abbott Village and built the two family tenement house across the street at #38 - #42 Red Spring Rd. In 1896 the Clarks sold the stone house at 29 Cuba to Catherine Connolly and moved to #33 Maple Ave. The Downs House next door at #49 was sold to Thomas O'Brien in Nov. 1895 and the two family across the street went to Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co, in April 1897. John Justin Edwards Clark died on May 20, 1915.

Catherine Connolly purchased the stone house on Apr. 3, 1896 and held the property for 14 years then selling to Annie D. Mitchell, wife of Benjamin F. Mitchell on Apr. 30, 1910. This property was purchased as income property only. Annie Mitchell and estate held the property for 23 years but was taken by the bank on a defaulted loan.
Walter & Alice Piper of Sudbuy MA purchased to house at auction on Oct. 15, 1930. The Piper's rented the house then sold to Henry D. & Josephine C. Rockwell Jr. in Dec.1933. Rockwell was vice president and general manager of the Merrimack Card Clothing Co. on Buxton Court which Rockwell purchased in Feb.1925. [The deed was held in the name of the Merrimack Card Clothing Co. from Dec. 24, 1928 - 1947.] His wife Josephine (Geraldine in directories) worked as a bank clerk. They lived in the house and owned for 38 years. It was rented briefly in 1970 -71 before being sold.

Helmut I. & Leslie F. Milde bought the property in October 1971 and held it for six years before selling to the current owners Ernest A. & Patricia A. Croteau Dec. 5, 1977. They share the home with family Phylis Fury, widow of John Fury.

AT - Sept. 23, 1893 - Fire in house destroyed roof: the home owner was Justin Clark who lived in the next house.

The Croteau family built the new addition to the left of the house to accommodate their growing family in the late 1990's


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Inventory Data:

StreetCuba St
PlaceAbbott Village
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameAbbott, Capt. William House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1820 - 1828
Architectural StyleFederal
Architect/BuilderWilliam B. Abbot
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall modern garage
Major Alterationsaddition on west side 1990's
Acreageless than one acre; 41,400 square feet, approximate frontage - Red Spring, 70 feet, Cuba, 155 feet
Map and parcel72-39
MHC NumberANV.162
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 6/2014, 11/19/15