290 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

The main house fronting on Lowell St. is a Greek Revival Cape style house. Center entrance with two windows on each side of the front door.

Historical Narrative: 

The 12 acres of land was owned by John Flint at the time of his death in 1825 and was one of three parcels. The three parcels were sold to Moses Parker, a house joiner on Mar. 23, 1825 from the Flint estate. Parker took a load from Daniel P. King esquire of Danvers for $700. Two parcels were sold off and King took possession of the remaining 12 acre parcel on May 11, 1839. King then sold for $360 to Ephraim O. Richardson of Lowell and Thomas Boynton of Dracut in July 1839. The deed restricted ownership until Jan. 1, 1840 as the land had been leased to Nathan Abbot 4th for the season. The property was then sold to George Parks, a Painter, wife Sarah for $350 on July 2, 1841. Lewis G. P. Adams of Lowell, MA purchased the property with buildings for $800 on Feb. 6, 1846.

Samuel and Henry L. S. McLanathan purchased the property for $1000 on Nov. 9, 1847 from Lewis G. P. Adams. Henry quit claimed the deed to Samuel in Nov. 1851. The 1850 Andover Valuation lists Samuel McLanthan at this location. Dwell. House $375, barn $50, 12 acres adjoining $384 = $809. Farm stock $20. Samuel was born in Rutland, MA on October 28, 1782. He married Keziah Lealand, born June 15, 1787. Keziah joined West Parish Church by letter on May 3, 1849. Samuel deeds the property to Keziah on Feb. 21, 1852. Samuel died on July 28, 1863 at age 81. Keziah died on September 7, 1872 at age 86. They are interred at West Parish Cemetery in the old section lots #25 and #26. The farm consisted of 12 acres on corner of Lowell St. and Lovejoy Road.

Keziah sold the property to brothers Abraham S. and Horatio Barnard on November 7, 1865 and both co-own the property. Abraham was b. July 22, 1826 and Horatio on Apr. 22, 1829, sons of Herman & Elizabeth (Stickney) Barnard. The 1872 and 1888 maps list Abraham S. Barnard living at this location. Abraham married late in life at age 62 on June 21, 1889 to Melvina (Thorne) Wentworth. Abraham moved to Tewksbury deeds to Horatio Barnard on June 14, 1889, rec. Dec. 11, 1897. Abraham died in Derry, NH on Feb. 16, 1897. Horatio then sells to nephew Edwin L. Barnard on April 29, 1902. Edward had married Helen C. Pearson. Edwin is first listed as a printer but later a bank cashier. They had six children when living in Andover, moving to Winchester, MA about 1885. Edwin held the home for seven years then sold to Fred E. & Alice Herson in February 1909. Herson owned for three years.

Mary L. Marshman purchased on February 4, 1912 and the house remained with family members until 1933. It was during the Marshman ownership that the Timothy Frye house was moved and attached to the older McLanthan home.

In 1933 John Fielding born in England in 1899 and his wife Florence (Schofield) Fielding b. 1895 England, purchased the property. John had immigrated to the US in 1921 and was a textile designer of carpets working and living in Lawrence before coming to Andover. In the 1940 US census Fielding has a daughter Mary b. 1935 and his mother Mary Fielding, age 70 widow, is living with him. Florence died on August 15, 1955 at age 60 and his mother Mary in September 1958. Both are interred at West Parish Cemetery. John Fielding remarried to A. Doris and they sold the home in March 1960 to John Philip Enterprises, Inc. owner, Harry Axelrod. Axelrod had also acquired the former Wild Rose Farm at #262 Lowell St., created the Wild Rose neighborhood development and the Clover Farm development on Lowell St., across the street from IRS, building the Rolling Green Motel. The Fielding property was sub-divided into house lots on Lowell St. and then resold to Stanley A. & Mary C. Bozen on Nov. 14, 1960.

It has been stated, (not yet substantiated), that Mr. William M. Wood moved the former Timothy Frye house in 1923, which had stood at 277 Lowell St. on the opposite side of the street to this location and attached it to an existing home on the corner of Lovejoy Rd. Wood did build the new house at 277 as a home for the superintendent of his Wild Rose Farm. A photograph at the Andover Historical Society shows a much older home than the current Greek Revival modified cape here today. The current rear ell of this house appears to be the original house turned 90 degrees.

Charlotte Helen Abbott (1844-1921), a native Andover historian states in her Dane genealogy that “John Dane, who married Mary Moody about 1760, was a tanner and had his tan yard at the east end of the Goodell home, where he lived (277 Lowell St.) The vats were on the site of the Goodell gardens; They were sold to Timothy Frye, the tanner but the tanning was stopped when Tim’s house burned down.”

The house formerly at 277 Lowell St. belonged to Timothy and Persis (Frye) Frye in 1830 and included a house, barn and eleven acres. Timothy Frye was one of the 37 proprietors of “The Westerly Meeting-House Co.” created on March 17, 1826 to build the West Parish Church. 40 shares were created and Timothy pledged one. He was elected vice president of the company. The church was dedicated on Dec. 26, 1826 His wife Persis and daughter Persis were charter members received on Dec. 5, 1825. Timothy died in March 1854 at the age of 92 and wife Persis about 1858. His son Gilbert Frye b. March 10, 1811 later acquired the property. The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule assessed the house at $550, the barn $75 and 11 acres $180. Gilbert Frye was married to Hannah B. and they had three children, Charles Gilbert b. 1844, Mary S. b. 1846 and George A. b. April 1852 died Aug. 26, 1853 age 1y 5m. Wife Hannah died nine days later on Sept. 4, 1853. Both are interred at West Parish Cemetery. Sadly Gilbert’s loss may be the reason he sold the homestead the following April 1854 to Calvin Edwin Goodell.

Calvin was born in Vermont on Feb. 4, 1808 was living in Boston at the time he married Harriett Lovejoy of Andover on April 5, 1836. Harriet was born in Andover July 20, 1808, daughter of James B. & Hannah Lovejoy. They were living in Woburn in 1850. They joined West Parish Church by letter on Jan. 4, 1857. They had one daughter Susan Elizabeth Goodell b. 1849 also joined West Parish Church in Sept. 6, 1863 at age 14. She later married Moses L. Farnham b. 1846, a Civil War veteran. Calvin & Harriet purchased the former Nathan Abbott house just east at 242 Lowell St. on May 13, 1871. Calvin died in Feb. 1894 and Harriet on March 19, 1898. They are interred at West Parish Cemetery as are their daughter and son-in-law. Calvin & wife Harriet (Lovejoy) were married in Andover on April 5, 1836. They sold the Frye house on Mar. 15, 1872 to Mary Ann (Clement) Lovejoy for $650. Mary was the wife of William Bailey Lovejoy who lived next door at the corner of Lowell and Greenwood Rd. now #293. Mary owned the house for 17 years before selling to Caroline M. Bartlett on February 15, 1889. Mary died eight months later on Oct. 3, 1889.

Caroline Bartlett wife of John Bartlett had the property for five years then selling to Emeline L. Mathews on June 25, 1894. Emiline had the Frye house for 26 years then selling to Moses E. Smith of Lawrence, MA. Smith then sold to the American Woolen Co. in March 1922.

Fred E. & Alice M. Herson purchased the original house on June 18, 1910 and two years later sold to Mary L. Marshman on Feb. 4, 1912. The Marshman family owned this property until 1933 when selling to Fielding. The house moving and joining of the former Frye house would have occurred during the time of Sidney F. Marshman who took ownership on June 30, 1921.

2016 Preservation Award: exterior preservation & sympathetic addition


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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameMcLanthan - Barnard - Frye House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1841-1842
SourceAndover Historic Building Survey
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresSmall barn south of house
Major AlterationsBarn raised in 2016, rear ell McLanathan house raised 2016, new rear ell on foot print of old.
Move Details1922 - 1923
Demolition Detailsrear ell 2106
Acreage0.659 acres
Map and parcel134-4B
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered12/19/91 update 12/2013