293 Salem Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival, Gable end to street, engaged pillar style corner boards, wide eave banding, recessed doorway
Other features: well proportioned designed structure, nicely wooded site

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development
Earlier owners: Wright, Mildred W. & Judy E. (1961)

This house lot contains one acre of land on a triangular lot. When sold by Samuel C. Follansbee to Henry C. Harnden on Oct. 8, 1863 the property contained two parcels, the house lot and an abutting 5 acre lot. Henry Clinton Harnden owned the property for 24 years. Henry was the son of Jesse & Dorothy W. Harnden who owned the farm next door at 261 Salem Street. They bought in April 1848. Henry was born on Aug. 8, 1839 in Reading, MA, second child of Jesse & Dorothy.

Henry was a farmer and shoe maker, living with his parents in 1865. Henry married on Nov. 1, 1866 to Mary Josephine Curtis b. Andover, dau. of Orrin & Mary A. Curtis. They were married at Free Church in Andover. Henry and Josephine had one son Frederick C. b. 1868 in Andover, MA. Henry later sold to Alvin & Lizzie C. Jenkins on Aug. 27, 1887. Harnden and family then moved to Saugus, MA.

Alvin & Lizzie C. Jenkins owned the property for six years then selling to John F. and Nellie E. Miller on July 15, 1893. In June 1896 Nellie purchased a 20 acre lot next to the home from Daniel A. Carlton of North Andover. That property was then annexed into the master deed on March 1898.

Sarah Ann Jones, wife of Nathaniel W. purchased the property on Aug. 6, 1900.
Jones sold to Ellen Dawson on Dec. 29, 1902 then selling to Frank H. Parsons, wife Martha J. on Dec. 10, 1903. Parsons held for two years then sold the property to Sarah A. Wright, wife of John P. Wright on Lynn, MA on July 25, 1905.

It appears that Sarah A. (Martin) Wright purchased the small 25 acre farm for her son Alvah Parsons Wright b. Apr. 9, 1883 in Lynn, MA. Alvah had an older brother James W. and a sister Alice who had died before Alvah was born. ALvah had married on Dec. 19, 1902 in Lynn to Elizabeth L. Gilman b. 1883 in Maine, daughter of James E. & Celia A. (Germain) Gilman. Alvah & Elizabeth had one son Joseph Gilman Wright born Nov. 13, 1904 in Lynn, MA

The 1910 Census lists Alvah as a poultry farmer, Elizabeth, son Joseph and widowed mother Sarah A. Wright all living at the Salem St. home. Sarah died in 1926. By 1930 Alvah is now a school bus driver for the Andover Public Schools. His wife Elizabeth works for a laundry and son Joseph is a clerk in a Woolen Mill. Alvah drove the students of this district to school for 37 years.
Alvah P. Wright died in Jan 1959. His wife Elizabeth had died just 9 months before in March 1958. Residents of the neighborhood have fond memories of Mr. Wright and remember his yellow school bus parked in the yard behind his house.

Son Joseph inherited the property. Joseph had married Mildred, had a daughter Judy and lived a short distance away on Wildwood Rd. Joseph took over his father's bus route. Joseph served in the Army during WWII. Joseph died at age 57 on Nov. 21, 1961. His widow Mildred then sold the Salem St. house in 1962.

HOLT SCHOOL FILE (AHS) vertical file
From letter of the Townsman - 1/7/1947 - "Speaking" of the transporting of the children from the Holt District School (after its closing) to the center schools. Mr. J. A. Wright did job for 37 years. Mrs. Brownell who lived in the small white house on the right hand side of Holt Road, as you turn onto it from Salem Street (just below present day track field, I believe, on Holt Road side) was the first driver (?). She used a horse drawn beach wagon barge (of that day's type) in wheeling days, with adjustable curtain sides. In snow (runner) season the vehicle was a market-wagon pung with straw on the bottom, cloth wrapped hot stones for feet and hands, and blankets, for the children, who sat on settees running along the sides of the pung body. As rare occasion demanded, Mrs. Brownell was relieved by Mr. Brownell or even by "grandpa".

Following Mrs. Brownell there may have been a short interim when another driver was in charge, but rather soon the task was taken over by Mr. Alvin Jenkins and he was followed by his son Mr. John Jenkins. These men used the horse drawn market wagon type of barge.
I believe that Mr. Wright probably took over the task from Mr. John Jenkins. PS: I was in the first group to ride, going into the 3rd grade at John Dove school in 1900 having our beloved teacher, Miss Harriet Carter" - extract from letter from Arthur K. Johnson, 70 - Thiem Ave., Rochelle Park, NJ - January 7, 1947 to editor of Townsman.

Joseph G. Wright estate, Mildred W. Wright, Admtrx. sells the Wright home after 57 years of ownership. to E. Thomas & Eileen M. Churchill on July 6, 1962.
The Churchills own for 20 years then sell to John B. Stetson & Gwen E. Kugler, husband & wife on Feb. 8, 1982 who hold just three years.

Peter B. & Shirley A. Schwarz purchased the house on Nov. 16, 1985. During the Schwarz ownership of eleven years, they renovated the home and added and ell off the rear of the house.

Schwartz sold to George D. & Theresa L. Martin III on Oct. 3, 1996. Martins then sold to the current owners Thomas J. & Paulette L. Dudley on June 16, 2000.


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See 1980 National Register Nomination for updated information

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George D. & Theresa L. Martin III - Oct. 3, 1996 - b. 4605 p. 325
Thomas J. & Paulette L. Dudley - June 16, 2000 - b. 5779 p. 330

Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlaceHolt District - Old Cape District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameWoodbridge, George B. House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Dateca. 1840's
Sourcestyle-njs, ERDS, ENRDL
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone foundation
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structureslarge barn at rear; garage at side
Major Alterationsbarn razed (1976)
Acreage1 acre
Map and parcel11-9
MHC NumberANV.508
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 3/10/2015