30 Cuba Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival similar in design to other houses on Cuba St.
contains nine rooms, three bedrooms

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once part of the Charles Howarth estate that was administered by his son Andrew Howarth via probate in June 1847. Howarth sold at auction this land to William Abbott 2nd for $1025. Andrew Thompkins (Thompson) purchased this lot for $225 on Aug. 6, 1857. Andrew then took a loan of $300 from George Abbott and Moses Clement in Oct. 1857. Abbott and Clement were local carpenters and contractors and most likely built the home for Andrew. They held the mortgage deed as Andrew sold off portions of his property. One parcel of 84 1/2 sq. rods was sold to Sarah M Clark for $175 on Aug. 20, 1859. Clark later sold to Smith & Dove Manufacturing CO. on May 25, 1865. (b.681 leaf 224)

This home is listed on the 1872 map of Andover with notation of A. Thompson as resident. Andrew Thompson took a loan mortgage on the property from Moses Foster on Feb. 1, 1861. There were several other mortgage reverences through the years including one to the Andover Savings Bank in March 1885. All the loans were paid off. The Thompson family owned the property for 73 years.

Andrew Thompson was born in Scotland on Aug. 2, 1826, son of William & Dulgerin Thompson. He came to America and was naturalized on Oct. 24, 1873 at Salem, MA. He came to Andover and was a house painter. Andrew married Mary T. Stephen b. Jan. 15, 1828 in Scotland, daughter of Joseph & Mary (Tyler) Stephen. They had five children; Mary J. b. 1855, Andrew Jr. b. 1857, Christiana b. 1859, Jane (Jennie) S. v. 1860 and Joseph S. b. 1863. His son Andrew Jr. became a blacksmith and Joseph S. a plumber. In the 1870 census we find the three oldest children working in the mills. Mary J. 15 and Christiana just 11 are in the thread mill of Smith & Dove. Son Andrew 13 is in the woolen mill (Marland). Christiana died at age 15 of Diphtheria in 1873 and Mary died at 21 in 1876. Their mother Mary followed on June 17, 1883.
Son Joseph married in Nov. 1889 at Auburn, ME to Aura L. Hayes and they lived in Revere and later Woburn.

Andrew Sr. purchased the old Abbott Village one room schoolhouse in 1894 at auction and moved it across the street to the corner of his lot at 28 Cuba St. He converted it into a residence and rented for additional income. Andrew also acquired the house and shed to the rear of his property, most likely moved to the site from another location on Cuba St. The Valuation schedules assess all three buildings in 1900 - 1920. Andrew died on May 7, 1899 of Pneumonia following cardiac disease. Andrew Jr. married on Dec. 18, 1900 at age 46 to Augusta C. (Symonds) Cummings a widow and lived at 105 Elm St. The only remaining daughter Jennie S. Thompson acquired the Cuba St. property. She died on Jan 13, 1934 and Fred Cheever, the administrator of her estate sold the property. The family are interred at Christ Church Cemetery.

It appears that after the Thompson ownership the property was used as rental income and not a primary residence for the owners. It was also used as a two family home.

Benjamin F. & Yvonne Dane purchased the Thompson house on Oct. 18, 1934 and sold four years later to Georgette H. Beaulieu of Lawrence, MA, wife of Horace Beaulieu. In 1941 the property is deeded to the Trustees of Punchard Free School. They then sold to Clifford E. & Ruth Marshall on Oct. 7, 1941.

Marshall held the property for 19 years before selling to William & Georgina Lane in Feb. 1960. The sale excluded the lot sold off to James & Genevieve Nelson Jr. on Nov. 17, 1917 which was the former schoolhouse residence next door at #28 Cuba St. Andrew Thompson had purchased it in 1894 and moved it to his property, converting it into tenement income property. (See #28 for details)

William & Georgina Lane had the house for eleven years. Sadly William died on Mar. 17, 1965. Georgina sold to Robert & Patricia Hanby in July 1971. The property was placed in the Hanby Realty Trust but then sold a year later to David K. & Cynthia B. Stocking. in Aug. 1972. They had the house for eleven years and lived in the home.

William & Joy Kellett purchased the property in May 1983 and six years later William quit claimed the deed to Joy. She sold in July 1990 to the current owners (2014) Marc H. & Wendy Delemos who also reside here.

Cuba Street was constructed between 1829-1834. The 1852 map of Andover only lists 4 houses on the street and the new schoolhouse at #27 Cuba; Houses #17 Howarth, #19 Herman Abbott, #3 Chickering on the west side and #12 Shattuck on the east.

1856 no buildings on this lot #30
1872 A. Thompson with 1 building
1888 A. Thompson with 2 buildings
1900 A. Thompson with 3 buildings

1870 tax list, Andrew Thompson house and 1/2 acre
1880 tax list, Andrew Thompson house and shed and 1/2 acre
1890 tax list, Andrew Thompson house and shop and 1/2 acre


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Inventory Data:

StreetCuba St
PlaceAbbott Village
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameAndrew Thompson House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1857
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Architect/BuilderGeorge Abbott & Moses Clement
Foundationstone & granite
Acreage.173 acre
Map and parcel72-25
Recorded byB. Thibault, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered3/6/91, June 28, 2014