31 Tewksbury Street

Architectural Description: 

style: Greek Revival, circa 1850, sometimes referred to as a Half house.

features: chimneys and moldings suggest later (1860's); heating, hot water and coal, no heat on second floor; may have been altered (1978)

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development

This property, numbered Lot #2 on plan of land of John Marland and Jonathan (John) Howe Jr. dated Aug. 19, 1847, as recorded by Registry of Deeds, Salem, MA b. 386 p. 300 (Plan #386). Marland & Howe of the Marland Mills in Ballardvale auctioned off the building & store lots on Wednesday, July 28, 1847. The auctioneers were Loring, Abbot and Porter of Boston.

This lot #2, was purchased John Holroyd at the auction on July 28, 1847 for $182.15. The deed was recorded on Aug. 4, 1847. John Holroyd was a Spinner in the Marland Mill. John & Mary Holroyd borrowed $163.93 from Marland & Howe to finance their purchase. The deed states: "but a dwelling house or store shall not be erected on the above mentioned premises within twelve months from this date, then $54.65 shall be paid on account of this mortgage." A $6. per year interest shall be paid there after.

John Marland quit claimed the mortgage to John Howe Jr. the following year on Oct. 2, 1848. John Holroyd paid off the mortgage owed John Howe on Jan. 9, 1861. Howe had moved to Brandon, VT at the time of discharge. John Holroyd purchased a second lot of land on Oak St. from James W. Dearborn on Mar. 1, 1865 and still carried in the deeds. A second mortgage was taken form the Andover Savings Bank on June 28, 1878.

John Holroyd was born on July 6, 1818 in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England. He imigrated to the US via NYC. John & wife Mary (Wellington) b. 1819 in England, first lived in Pennsylvania where their first child Sarah Ann was born on 1844. They then came to Andover where John was employed as a Spinner in the Ballardvale Mill. They had two more children, Henry William b. 1846 and Mary Jane b. 1851. John and Mary are listed in both the 1850 and 1855 census records in Ballardvale. In 1860 they have moved to Lawrence, where John and daughter Sarah are operatives in the Mills. It is interesting to note that Charles E. Seavey, 23, a stone mason from Litchfield, NH is with the Holroyd family. Charles and their 15 year old daughter Sarah Ann were married on Aug. 28, 1859 in Lawrence.

Son Henry William married on Nov. 27, 1867 age 22, to Elizabeht Greenwood, 18, daughter of Robert & Mary Greenwood. Their marriage was short lived as Henry died on May 19, 1868 of Consumption age 22y 5m 10d. The 1870 census in Lawrence still lists John Holroyd, wife Mary and daughter Mary Jane, with a two year old daughter Mary R. John's occupation is listed as "Drinking Saloon". Sadly daughter Sara Ann had died a few months earlier on Jan 26, 1870 at age 26 y. 1m.

Mary Jane was married three times; first to John Howarth, a Tinsmith on Sept. 5, 1865 in Lawrence, and second to John Buxendale. Mary Jane wed to 3rd husband William Allen on Oct. 27, 1873 in Boston. John & Mary returned to their home in Ballardvale. John became a shop keeper. He died on June 7, 1877 of Piliore fever. He was 59y 11m.

Mary Holroyd daughter Mary J. Holroyd had taken a mortgage with the Andover Savings Bank for $800. on June 28, 1878. They continued to live in the home. Mary Jane died on Feb. 7, 1897 of heart disease at age 46 y 10m. No mention of her husbands. Widow Mary W. died on Oct. 25, 1905 at age 86 of a cerebral hemorrhage. She is interred in the family lot at Bellevue Cemetery in Lawrence, MA.

The Andover Savings Bank then foreclosed on the property on Feb. 10, 1906. It was then sold to John Davey for $850 .

The home has been owner occupied and used as rental income through the years.
Elizabeth A. Pratt, once occupied the house as did Viola B. Moss (17 Jun 1946)

Ballardvale was the first of Andover's planned mill communities. Remarkably intact, buildings like this retain their historic styles and uses. In addition to factories, Ballardvale in its prime between 1835 and 1935 contained much commercial activities: a post office, railroad depot, general stores and shops. Several churches, a school and an entertainment hall all contributed to the community's life.


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Inventory Data:

StreetTewksbury St
Historic DistrictBallardvale Local Historic District
Historic DistrictBallardvale National Register District
Historic NameJohn & Mary Holroyd House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1848 - 1849
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterationsgarage (1968)
Acreage0.225 acre
Settingapprox. frontage: 143' on Center Street, 60' on Tewksbury Street, 59' on Oak Street
Map and parcel157-25
MHC NumberANV.571
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 8/7/2016