32-36 Park Street

Historical Narrative: 

Park Street was built in 1873 and soon became the hub for Andover's Livery and Blacksmith trades. This site housed one of the largest stables in town. Park Street transitioned in the mid-teens of the 20th century from horse stables, carriage rentals and blacksmith shops to automobile and truck garages. The garages then gave way to other retail businesses and this garage then became the Andover Recreation Center bowling allies.

The Elm House and Stables was located on Elm Square at the site of the Musgrove Building and the Elm Block on Elm St. The stables were located at the end of Post Office Ave. This property was once connected with Elm House when it was owned by the Samuel & Sarah Bean in 1861. Sarah Bean sold the stable to David Snow on Nov. 10, 1880. This stable was 60 ft. wide 150 ft. long two and 1/2 stories in height containing two lofts.

David Snow had been a successful Boston merchant as a fish dealer prior to coming to Andover. David also raised horses. Snow owned stables near Wilson's Corner, (now Merrimack College), known as the Richardson farm. He was the owner of "Daniel Lambert", a famous Morgan stallion, and was a breeder of high grade horses. David Snow was born on Dec. 10, 1827 in Barnstable, MA, son of David & Betsey (Fish) Snow. David married on Nov. 20, 1854 in Boston to Georgina Coburn b. Nov. 20, 1836 in Charlestown, MA. They had five children; Ellen "Nellie" C. b. 1858, Jennie b. 1859, David b. 1862 - d. 1873, Frederick b. 1866, and Georgianna b. May 23, 1875 in Boston. David Snow had owned the business for eight years when he died on Feb. 25, 1888 of heart failure at the Hotel Vendome, Boston. His wife Georgina had died in Andover on Aug. 7, 1884. They are interred at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA.

The property remained in the Snow family with daughter Ellen Snow, trustee. William H. Higgins took over after Snow's death, and the stable was conducted as a livery stable. Ellen Snow sold to Higgins on Apr. 18, 1895. In September 1890, George Herbert Higgins had purchased the Elm House Stables. Higgins then transferred his business to the renovated Snow barn on Park St. and the name became the Park Street Stables. "The old Elm House stables, have however, been moved back and repaired and Mr. Higgins controls them, using them for storage and stall room. Six men are employed at Park Street stables, and everything that goes to make a first class livery and boarding stable is found here. Mr. Higgins also does a large sale business of horses, carriages, etc." (1896)
In 1908 William Higgins turned one of his livery stables into a garage for the convenience of automobiles. Higgins sold to Thomas Morrissey in May 1911. Morrissey continued the livery business and taxi service. In July 1922 the business was sold to John McDonough.
John McDonough’s livery building was destroyed by fire on Dec. 7, 1923

Andover Townsman - Jan. 18, 1924 pg. 1 - The cottage house on Park St. belonging to the J. W. McDonough property, and which was miraculously saved from being burned in the fire which destroyed the McDonough Stable, will be moved to a lot on Carmel Road owned by McDonough & remodeled.

McDonough re-built on the lot a large brick modern garage building used as and automobile service shop and gas station. The building was later to house the Andover Recreation Center, the large brick building held candle pin bowling alleys and pool and billiard rooms. The building was converted from a former automobile and livery garage by Roy E. Hardy and James Ross, copartners of Hardy and Ross. Both local men, they opened one of Andover’s first bowling alleys in 1916 at 5 Essex Street just east of the Colonial Theatre renamed the Andover Playhouse in 1937.

The partners purchased a small one story wooden building and created four lanes. Both men were avid sports enthusiast and expanded the Andover operation to 32-36 Park Street in 1943? With about 16 lanes and four tables. Hardy and Ross also opened the Lawrence Recreation Center which had candlepin, duck pin bowling and billiard tables. In total they advertised 72 lanes and 13 billiard tables. The “Andover Rec.” as locals called it closed in the early 1980’s.

32-36 Park Street
Andover Lanes Bowling Alley/Andover Recreation Center
Hardy & Ross Bowling Lanes, 32-36 Park, original location on Essex Street in Andover
Mrs. Louis Resnik, dry goods, 34 Park (1926)
W.H. Higgins (Park Street Stables)
George S. Fuller, veterinarian
A.M. Colby, Harnesses
Blacksmiths: (see Morrison below
(formerly on Punchard), Dennis Sweeney, Matty Burns,
Frank Irving
William Holden, painter
J. E. Pitman, painter, 36 Park Street
James F. McGovern, horse undertaker
Morrissey’s Taxi
A. N. Beans Livery
Gouck’s Service Station

Andover Homes.com
Pizza Villa, 34 Park Street (1971)
Lillian Montalto - Rugged Bear - Salon Marc Harris
Lane’s End Ice Cream, Bakery, Confections, 36 Park Street


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Additional lots connected to the property;
John H. Campion
William H. Higgins - Nov. 18, 1905 - b. 226 p. 126

Inventory Data:

StreetPark St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameSnow - Higgins - Morrissey Park St. Stables
Roofcedar shingle - gable
Conditionburned Dec. 7, 1923
Map and parcel39-7
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJune 23, 2017