32 Morton Street

Architectural Description: 

Craftsman/Shingle style home

Five fireplaces

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: architectural, community development.

This property was once owned by the Trustees of Phillips Academy. The lot of land was sold to Mrs. Martha A. Baldwin on Jan. 13, 1900 by the Academy. Martha A. Baldwin was the widow of Eben Baldwin who lived in North Andover prior to her husband’s death on Dec. 22, 1898. The Andover Townsman Jan. 5, 1900 reports: Mrs. E. A. Baldwin of Locke Street has purchased a lot on Morton street from the Trustees of Phillips Academy and will build thereon in the spring. AT May 18, 1900 p.1 The batters are up for Mrs. E. A. Baldwin’s house on Morton Street. John McCarthy will put in the cellar and Stevens of Lawrence, has the contract to build the house.

Martha Ann Dixon was born Dec. 12, 1853 in Bradford, Devon England dau. of Isaac & Sarah A. Dixon. Martha immigrated in 1858 and married on April 15, 1874 in North Andover to Eben Baldwin b. Oct. 16, 1849 in Salem, MA. Eben was a machinist. They had three children; Annie “Mary” Isobel b. Dec. 20, 1874, Helen Frances b. June 22, 1878 and Frederick Albert b. Dec. 30, 1879. Martha and her three children are listed in the Andover 1899 Directory at 5 Locke St. Son Frederick is enrolled at Phillips Academy. Daughter Mary married at Christ Church on Jan 30, 1900 to Alfred Henry Thomas, a Physician graduated from Yale Medical College in 1898. Helen married Apr, 16, 1905 in Salem, MA to Julian W. Burdick a secretary at a steel works in Pennsylvania. Frederick graduated for PA in 1899 and then went to Lowell Textile School. He married on June 22, 1910 to Ellen Mabel Blue and was employed by a Canadian Co.

Martha Baldwin sold the property to Blanche D. Sherman, wife of Leonard D. Sherman on Sept. 28, 1908. The deed was not recorded until Feb. 5, 1917.
Leonard D. Sherman was an active artist and photographer, who had a studio on Main St. then built a new one at 2 Chapman Ave. Leonard operated his studio there and often gave exhibits and painting demonstrations to the public. Leonard was also a member of the "Andover Barnstormers", a theatrical group who put on plays and shows in the Town Hall. He has been attributed as the artist who re-designed the Andover Town Seal originally adopted by the town in 1901. The seal logo was originally designed for the 250th Anniversary of Andover in 1896 by Whiting Jeweler. His design was then superimposed within the original round seal by 14 year old boy William Harnden Foster, and adopted by the town. Leonard's contribution was to place a full headdress on the Native American Indian.

The Shermans owned the home for 14 years then selling to Ellen A. Keany on July 3, 1922. Kenny also purchased an empty second parcel to the east from Douglas & Frances Crawford which was half of the lot, they had bought from the Theological Seminary. Keany held for two years then sold to Josephine B. Reed, wife Victor A. Reed on June 11, 1924. Reed owned for 5 years. Alice L. Bell & Mary Bell purchased the house on May 4, 1931.

Alice & Mary Bell were the daughters of Judge Charles Upman Bell and lived in the Bell home at 73 Bartlet Street. They sold that home and moved here. Alice Bell died at age 76 y 10m. on Sept. 15, 1950 and Mary became sole heir. After Mary's death in 1963, Executors of her estate; Helen Driver Hopwood, Charles J. Pitman, and James S. Eastham sold the property to Harriett W. Cowdery and husband James on Mar. 2, 1964.

Edward P. & Theresa E. McManus purchased the property on June 24, 1977 and four years later to local contractor Douglas R. & Elaine E. Mifflin on Nov. 28, 1981. Owners since then are Laurence B. Kanter & Jani K. Rachelson on Jan 29, 1986
Horace W. & Margaret Waters on July 28, 1988.


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Inventory Data:

StreetMorton St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameBaldwin - Sherman House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1900
Sourcestyle-njs, ERDS, ENRDL
Architectural StyleCraftsman/Bungalow
Architect/BuilderStevens of Lawrence, MA/builder
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gambrel/gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresmodern garage
Major Alterationsplayhouse 1970
Acreage0.916 acre, 39,900 sq. ft. approximate frontage 130'
Map and parcel40-70
MHC NumberANV.380
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 4/6/2015, 3/30/2022