33 - 35 Park St

Architectural Description: 

This site once had two wood framed buildings. The two story, wood clapboard building with gable end to Park St. and the one pictured behind.

Historical Narrative: 

The current east end of the Municipal parking lot behind the Old Town House building was once owned by the Town of Andover and sold to James H. Smith, an Andover blacksmith, on August 5, 1878.

Park Street was the first of the three streets of this block to be laid out by the town in 1873. Park Street was constructed in the autumn of 1873. It began at the present corner on Main and extending east to Whittier Street, which was then part of Punchard Avenue. Punchard Ave., originally called Universalist Court, went from 98 Main St. and turned left at Punchard Free School, then turned an immediate right around the south end of the Richardson pasture, now the town “Park”. It then continued north to Elm Street which is now Whittier Street today.

July 12, 1872 AA– Petition – to lay out a new street north of Town Hall from Main Street to Punchard Ave. (Whittier Street)
October 10, 1873 AA – Edward Adams of North Andover has taken the contract to build the new road from Main Street, near the Town House, to Punchard Ave. for $1300.
Oct. 24, 1873 AA – Ground has been broken for a new street near the town house on Tuesday and Mr. Adams is pushing things. The contract provides for its completion on the first of December.

Town of Andover to James H. Smith - Aug. 6, 1878 rec.- b. 52. p. 428-9. west side of Bartlet St. - Begin at NW corner of land of sd. Smith and Park Street then SW on Park Street 30’ to other land of town. Then S 87’ to point by the wall, then NE by the wall 68.5’ then by the wall and land of Smith NW 92.5’ to first bound. Containing 4220 sq. feet, Smith paid $220. for the lot. James H. Smith's lot originally extended across Bartlet St. and included the east corner lot too. Smith purchased that parcel from Sarah G. Bean in 1876. At the time Bartlet St had not yet to be constructed so most likely the road divided Smith's property into two lots at that time. James Smith was a blacksmith by trade.

May 26, 1876 AA - p.3 - Adam Frame is building a new blacksmith's shop on Park Street. Dimensions 32 x 30 feet.
June 9, 1876 AA - p 3 - Adam Frame has completed the blacksmith shop on Park Street -
Advert on page = A. R. Frame, Horse Shoer and Jobber - Particular attention paid to horseshoeing - Park St.

It is interesting that Frame built on this corner, on land he did not own. The 1882 Birdseye map of Andover locates Adam frame on this site with two buildings on the lot at that time. This site did housed two large wooden buildings about the same size as the former Dylan’s Restaurant at 18 Park Street.

James H. Smith's building was used by associated businesses to the livery trade, harness makers, through the years then became a carpenters shop.

July 8, 1887 AA - Mr. Adam Frame has transferred his business to Mr. Frank Irving of Lynn, who comes to town recommended as an excellent workman, sober and industrious, and meriting a share of the patronage. Mr. Frame retires from business in Andover after years of activity.

July 3, 1891 AT - Ad - Brainard Cummings – Carpenter & Builder - Lumber – New shop cor. Park and Bartlet, res. cor. of Park & Punchard.

East side of Bartlet at Park St. lot #1.
W. Phillips Foster –
Samuel G. & Sarah Bean of Malden – Feb. 4, 1861 p. 618 leaf 233 Salem
Sarah G. Bean – 1872 - b. 13 p. 193 mtg. Andover Savings Bank
James H. Smith - March 14, 1876 - b. 39 p. 275
James H. Smith estate, Charles S. Hotchkiss, Geneiveve S., Annie L., Thomas F. and Augusta M. Sperry , Smith heirs – Nov. 21, 1917 – b. 382 p. 162 quit claim 2 lots
Walter Coleman – Nov. 21, 1917 – b. 382 p. 162 – west corner lot #2

See plan #307 of the James H. Smith Estate Andover, Sept. 1917.
The plan shows two lots of land on the south side of Park Street. The one on the east corner of Park and Bartlet Streets measuring 69.3’ on Park St. x 161’ on Bartlet St. south by Rogers Brook 57.7’ and east side 168’ which was sold to blacksmiths Anderson & Bowman.

The second lot, #31, on the west corner of Park and Bartlet St. measuring 76’ on Park St. 68’ on Bartlet, 75.8’ on Barnard St. and 69.6” on the west side next to the town firehouse and storage sheds. This lot is the above mentioned parcel that Walter Coleman purchased from the James H. Smith estate.

Much of the area was to become a blue collar business district with livery stables, blacksmiths, harness shops, wagon manufacturing, plumbers, furniture manufacturing, paint shops and various trades including an undertaker and coffin shop. During the 20th century the former livery stables were converted to service stations and garages for the automobile industry.

The last business to operate at this location was the Park Street Garage owned and operated by Robert W. Shorten. The garage occupied a former carpenters shop on the corner. The Park Street Garage specialized in auto mechanics and general repairs but also sold "Jenny" gasoline at their pumps. When the Shortens purchased the garage from Ralph Coleman in 1956 the deed included two gas pumps. Robert’s wife Adelaide “Addie” (Webb) Shorten is remembered by locals as the clerk behind the soda fountain at Dalton’s Drug Store and later Hughes Pharmacy at 18 Main Street.

The Town of Andover took the property by eminent domain in December 1965 via a vote at a special Town Meeting held on Aug. 16, 1965. The town took the land create a parking lot next to the town fire station for municipal parking. It was thought at the time that the site might be used to expand the offices at the old Town House. The garage come down in 1966.


Essex County Regisrty Deeds, Salem, MA
Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA
See plan #307 of the James H. Smith Estate Andover, Sept. 1917.

Town of Andover – Mar. 4, 1878 – Town Meeting vote to sell lot
Sarah A. Bean wife of Samuel Bean- Mar. 9, 1876 – b. 39 p. 275
James H. Smith – Aug. 5, 1878 – b. 52 p. 428 - $220 for 4220 sq. ft. lot
Frank E. Smith Estate - September 1917
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Phebe L. Coleman - Nov. 2, 1917 - b. 382 p. 108 parcel #2
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Phebe L. Coleman life estate, Ralph Coleman - May 16, 1942 - b. 650 p. 550 & 551
Ralph W. Coleman - Oct. 31, 1948 - by will and deed
Robert W. & Adelaide Shorten - Jan. 5, 1956 - b. 827 p. 125
Inhabitants of Town of Andover - Dec. 29, 1965 - b. 1051 p. 253 land taking

Inventory Data:

StreetPark St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present UseMunicipal parking lot
Original UseLivery barn - Automotive garage
Construction Date1878
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone, granite, concrete
Roofgable - asphalt
ConditionRazed 1966
Demolition Details1966 by Town of Andover
Acreage5266 Sq, feet
Map and parcel39-1
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredFeb. 23, 2015