33 Florence Street
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Architectural Description: 

Four Square, two family, hip roof with attic dormer, two story porch supported by Doric columns

Historical Narrative: 

Florence Street was constructed in 1885. The south end portion (Park St.) of two acres and 28,045 sq. ft. was owned by Hannah W. Foster, wife of Joseph W. Foster. Hannah sold the parcel to William Wood, a carpenter for $1900 on March 13, 1883. Wood built his home at 66 Park St. and house lots extended on both sides up to #21 and #24. The north end portion (Elm St.) on the east side was the former Moses Abbot Jr. homestead at #49 Elm St. Owned by his son George T. Abbott, also a House-wright, who was partners with William S. Jenkins in the firm Abbott & Jenkins. The Abbot parcel extended to #20 Florence. St. The west side of Florence St. from Elm St. to #17 was owned by the Henry Burtt estate formerly at #35-#37 Elm St.

Oct. 2, 1885 Andover Advertiser - pg. 2 col. 9, “The new way between Park and Elm has been completed by Nathan F. Abbott, the contractor, and accepted by the Selectman. Several names have been suggested……”

House lots were then created and sold to a variety of residents. William Wood sold off four lots to Charles O. Stevens, wife Abbie on Mar. 22, 1886. Stevens took a loan from the Andover Savings Bank on Mar. 19, 1887 but was declared insolvent a few months later on May 8, 1887. The bank then sold the mortgage to Andover Dentist Charles H. Gilbert on July 11, 1887 for $400. The bank then sold the mortgage to Andover dentist Charles H. Gilbert on July 11, 1887 for $400. Gilbert then sold off the corner lot at Park & Florence Streets to John Cornell on Aug. 13, 1887.

The lot extended down Park St . 168 ft. and included the land occupied by the business block at 44 Park St. formerly the Krinsky Junk Yard. John Cornell was a Wood & Coal for heating dealer and he owned two other properties on Park St. Cornell was a highly respected citizen in town. John died in 1892 and his estate went to his niece Eliza Gleason, wife of Frank E. Gleason on Mar. 22, 1893. Eliza deeded the property over to Frank who took over Cornell's business. Gleason sold off the east end of the property on the corner of Florence & Park St. creating a 50' x 100' lot to Ira Buxton and Walter Coleman. Ira sold his share of the property to Coleman on Nov. 15, 1912 just 15 months after then had purchased. The deed was not recorded until May 10, 1920.

Walter H. Coleman sold the lot to Edwina M. Miller, wife of Henry E. Miller on May 10, 1920. Henry Miller was the owner of Miller's Shoe store on Main St. They lived at 12 Florence St. in the Hannon house which they would later purchase. The Miller's built the two family house at 33 Florence St in 1921. A large four stall garage fronted on Park Street. In the 1943 Directory we fine Clement T. Dame and wife Gertrude R. renting one apartment. Clement was employed by Stone & Webster in Boston. Gertrude Dame was the owner of the Dame Shop at 50 Main St., a popular women's store. The other apartment was occupied by S. Annie Dane, widow of Lewis Dane who had lived at 17 Florence St. Miller owned the property for 37 years then selling to Hyman Krinsky on June 1, 1957.

Hyman Krinsky b. 1890, was a junk dealer and had his salvage yard on the adjoining lot on Park St. now #44. After his death, his son Morris b. 1916 carried on the business. They lived at 41 Elm St then moved to this home after he purchased. With the death of Morris Krinsky the estate went to the Temple Emanuel. The parishioners sold the property and all the buildings. The house and all adjoining buildings were razed to make way for the new professional business block.


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Inventory Data:

StreetFlorence St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameMiller - Krinsky House
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Roofasphalt - hip
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresfour car garage facing onto Park Street
Map and parcel39-9
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 12, 2017