34-36 Salem Street

Architectural Description: 

Second Empire or French Empire style, Flared mansard roof, scroll brackets on eaves
Double bay windows on both stories with 4 window treatment, Engaged pillar style corner boards create the high style of the period The house is the same design as 57 Highland Rd., the center however has been widened to accommodate two separate entrances.

Historical Narrative: 

34 -36 Salem Street; 41-27 0.823 acres, 35,852 sq. ft.
Known as "Moody House" by Phillips Academy it was built about 1895 for Ruby A. Carter as income property. Mrs. Carter lived at 57 Highland Rd. (24 Salem St.) and her property extended up to this location. The 1897 Andover Directory lists Frank O. Baldwin Principal of Punchard High School, in Andover at #36 Salem Street. He served twice 1888-1894 and 1895-1902 and moved to 16 Morton St. by 1899. In 1899 Rev. Lucius O. Lee, Missionary, wife Clara H and daughter Harriet, with Ruth Wilson, housemaid are at #34.

This property once belonged to William Griffin and his homestead was located at 46 Salem St. It was inherited by Betsy Town who married Ezra Hammond. Betsy’s sons were heirs and William Hammond later sold the corner lot at 57 Highland Rd to Francis Richardson on Oct. 14, 1863. In the Griffin's will, there was placed a restriction on the property as to its “use and occupation” that the land could be used for. Highland Road was once referred to as the Old road to North Andover and began on South Main Street traveled past the Case Gage and continued across Salem St. It was also referenced as Back Street.

Willie Richardson sold the property of 22,440 square feet to Ruby Carter, of Lowell, MA for $250 on April 22, 1879, The deed included the Griffin restriction and use of the property without interference from Ruby's husband George H. Carter. A few weeks later on May 7, 1879 a new deed was created on the property through William G. Hammond, removing the Griffin restriction.

Ruby A. (Munroe) Carter was born July 16, 1829 in Millbury, MA daughter of Charles & Mary C. (Corbett) Munroe. Ruby married in Lowell, MA on Sept. 2, 1856 to George Hopkins Carter, Merchant, b. 1833 in Barnett, VT son of John & Susan (Hopkins) Carter. They resided in Lowell, MA at the time she purchased the property in Andover. Ruby & George had two daughters both born in Lowell, Mary Ella b. June 10, 1857 and Ruby Isabelle b. May 26, 1860.

Ruby Carter had the French Empire style house built on corner of Salem & Highland in 1879 where she resided until her death in 1914. Her husband George died 1898. Ruby and her daughter Mary Ella ran a boarding house for Academy students and built two more apartment houses on Salem St. This house at 34 – 36 Salem Street is the same style as her home. A second three story double tenement of six apartment units was construct at 28 – 30 Salem St. and razed in October 1997. All three properties are listed on the 1906 map of Andover. These were income properties for the Carter family

Ruby A. Carter died on May 25, 1914 and the property was inherited by her daughter Mary E. Carter through Probate on June 22, 1914. Ruby’s obituary includes the following: …”with the exception of two short periods her house has ever since been open to Academy roomers and for a time to boarders. Many who have studied here in the past thirty five years will recall her kindness and the wise and efficient management of her house. She was optimistic in spirit and showed rare courage industry and foresight, the several houses which she built are testimony to her business ability. Mrs. Carter gave a scholarship to Phillips Academy for the benefit of worthy students…for many years she was connected with the Seminary Church but in 1911 removed her relationship to the Free Church.” The family is interred in Spring Grove Cemetery.

Mary E. Carter first sold 34-36 Salem St. on April 28, 1923 to Mary J. Mayer and Thomas B. Gorrie. Mary & Thomas were siblings and occupied both units, the first time the house was owner occupied. The 1926 Assessors directory list both Gorrie and Mayer at #36 and Lester C. & Elizabeth Newton in #34. Lester is a teacher.

Thomas Beveridge Gorrrie b. Aug. 15, 1887 and Mary Jenkins Gorrie b. 1890, both in Dundee, Scotland, children of William & Helen (Jenkins) Gorrie. The Gorrie family emigrated in 1903 and settled in Andover. Thomas was a pattern maker, at a machine shop, lived on Buxton Ct. which his family. Their neighbors were James & Mary (Reed) Narin who had a daughter Daisy b. 1889 in Scotland and worked for the Tyer Rubber Co. Thomas and Daisy married Dec. 27, 1912 at Free Church and had four children; William James Narin b. Jan. 1, 1914, John Edward b. Aug. 2, 1915, Everett Ryder b. Dec. 9, 1919 and Eleanor Mary b. Jan.24, 1922. The sons all graduated from Punchard High School. William worked for the Shawsheen Dairy. John worked at the Bethlehem Ship Building Corp. in Boston, Everett was a WWII Purple Heart Vet., worked for Merrimack Mutual Insurance Co., and Eleanor traveled with her Aunt Lily Ryder to Scotland in 1939 as her maid.
Thomas worked for the J. Horne Comp. in Lawrence.

Mary E. Gorrie married Dec. 31, 1906 to Charles E. Mayer b. Mar. 15, 1879 in Andover, son of Charles F. & Ruth (Wheeler) Mayer. His father was the well-known Harness Maker in town. Charles worked as a janitor at Abbot Academy for 21 years retiring in 1933 from failing health. Mary & Charles had one daughter Evelyn Reed Mayer b. July 6, 1909. They occupied #34 in 1930. The Census also lists Helen Gorrie age 70, Mary’s mother, and two boarders Anne Anderson age 80 from Scotland, and Isabella Sinclair age 65 a Cook for the Home of Aged. Daughter Evelyn graduated from Punchard High in 1927. Charles died September 13, 1937 and is interred at Spring Grove Cemetery. Widow Mary Mayer and Thomas & Daisy Gorrie sold the property to Phillips Academy on March 12, 1946 and both Mayer and Gorrie moved to 22 Brook Street.

Phillips Academy then used the house for faculty housing. The 1947 town directory lists Allan G. & Clara Gillingham at 34 Salem St. and Joseph & Elizabeth Staples at #36, both instructors at the Academy. The house has been the Academy stewardship now 75 years in 2022.

See 57 Highland Rd for additional history on Carter.


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William Griffin – 1790’s
William Griffin estate - died May 24, 1830 age 64, son of Wm.
Betsey Town heir – Aug. 1830 – Griffin homestead & 16 acres 46 Salem St.
Ezra Hammond, (wife Betsey Town) of Paris, Maine.
Heirs; Wm. and George Hammond from Henry Hammond – Dec. 7, 1850 -
George F. Hammond, wife Julia – May 1, 1857 – b. 553 leaf 165 - $850 w/blds
William G. Hammond – May 1, 1857 – b. 553 leaf 164 - $1000
William Hammond – May 15, 1862 rec. 6/30/1863 – b. 653 leaf 199 - $1000
Francis Richardson – Oct. 14, 1863 – b. 657 leaf 56 - $550 1 acre corner lot
Willie F. Richardson –
Ruby Carter - April 22, 1879 - b. 56 p. 31 $250 – lot
Ruby Carter - May 7, 1879 - b. 56 p. 32 – Griffin restriction removed
Ruby Carter estate, Mary E. Carter, heir - June 22, 1914 - Probate #118713
Trustees of Phillips Academy - Dec. 19, 1928 - b. 544 p. 332

Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameMoody House
Present Useresidence - 2 family
Original Useresidence - 2 family
Construction Datecirca 1895
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleSecond Empire
Acreage0.823 acre, 35,852 sq. ft.
Map and parcel41-27
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 1/31/2022