34 Park Street
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Historical Narrative: 

34 Park Street - Thirty Four Park Building 1996

The current shopping center was built in 1996 by the Barnett Realty Trust, Paul St. Hilaire, Betty Maillet and Aurele Cormier trustees. The building contained three separate stores when constructed and the first tenants were Lillian Montalto, Reality company, the Rugged Bear children’s clothing and Salon Marc Harris hairstyling salon.

The Rugged Bear closed in 2013. The owners of the building then looked for a new tenant and converted the former space and the Harris Salon into a restaurant space. Salvaltore's Italian restaurant of Lawrence opened in the renovated space in 2014.

Historical information;
This site housed one of the largest stables in town. in the late 1800's. Park Street transitioned in the mid-teens of the 20th century from horse stables, carriage rentals and blacksmith shops to automobile and truck garages.

In 1880 Sarah and Samuel Bean of the Elm House Stables sold this portion of their livery stables and barn to David Snow who operated the business until his death in 1888. It was purchased by William H. Higgins in April 1895. Higgins continued to improve and enlarge the business. Higgins sold to Thomas Morrissey in May 1911. Morrissey continued the livery business and taxi service. In July 1922 the business was sold to John McDonough.

John McDonough’s livery building was destroyed by fire on Dec. 3, 1923. Andover Townsman - Jan. 18, 1924 pg. 1 The cottage house on Park St. belonging to the J. W. McDonough property, and which was miraculously saved from being burned in the fire which destroyed the McDonough Stable, will be moved to a lot on Carmel Road owned by McDonough & remodeled.
The Townsman on Dec. 7, 1923 gives a complete report on the fire but also included a comment about the site becoming a site for a Veterans Memorial which had been talked about. The plan extending Bartlet St in a V formation on through to Elm St.
McDonough re-built on the lot a large brick modern garage building used as and automobile service shop and gas station.
AT - Jan. 8, 1926 - pg. 1 New Construction in 1925 - "McDonough garage on Park Street .... is a brick building with concrete floor of fireproof construction 95x 195 feet. It will accommodate 300 pleasure cars and 50 trucks. There will be display and salesrooms for Hudson and Essex Motorcars. It is planned to have two repair shops, one for pleasure cars and on for trucks. The garage will be ready for occupancy about Feb. first."

The building was later to house the Andover Recreation Center, the large brick building held candle pin bowling alleys and pool and billiard rooms. The building was converted from a former automobile and livery garage by Roy E. Hardy and James Ross, co-partners of Hardy and Ross.

Both local men, they opened one of Andover’s first bowling alleys in 1916 at 5 Essex Street just east of the Colonial Theatre, renamed the Andover Playhouse in 1937. The site is now the rear addition to the Memorial Hall Library. The site had a small one story wooden building which was converted to created four bowling lanes. Both men were avid sports enthusiast and expanded the Andover operation to 32-36 Park Street about 1943, with 8 lanes, billiards, and ping pong.

Hardy and Ross also opened the Lawrence Recreation Center which had candle pin, duck pin bowling and billiard tables. In total they advertised 72 lanes and 13 billiard tables. In 1956 the alleys were made fully automatic. In 1963 the building went through a total renovation inside and out. New lanes were added bringing the total to 15, four new bulliard tables installed and complet air conditioning was added. The exterior had a facelift, with a white paneled facade, a stone faced pillar at the center entrance and a very 1960's zig zag awning over the main entrance and continuing down the left side of the front facade. The “Andover Rec.” as locals called it, went under new management at this time. Edward Jones an Andover resident instituted several new programs. In addition of to the bowling league, a pony league for youngsters on Saturdays was added and a Father & Son league on Sundays. The lanes closed in the early 1980’s. and the building was stripped back to its original brick facade and the interior gutted after it was sold.
Plans to re-hab the building fell apart as the lack of on site parking became a zoning issue. The vacant building was finally demolished and the current building built with ample parking on the site of the old Rec.
32-36 Park Street - The 34 Park Street Building
Andover Homes.com
Lillian Montalto/Rugged Bear/Salon Marc Harris
Sal's Restaurant

Livery & Automobile Businesses
Sarah & Samuel Bean stables - 1861-1880
David Snow Livery & Stables - 188- -1895
Willam H. Higgins - Park Street Stables - !890 -1911
George S. Fuller, veterinarian
Thomas F. Morrissey - 1911 - 1920
Walter J. Morrissey - 1920 - 1922
John McDonough - 1922 - 1931
A.M. Colby, Harnesses
Blacksmiths: Morrison (formerly on Punchard), Dennis Sweeney, Matty Burns, Frank Irving

Andover Lanes Bowling Alley/Andover Recreation Center
Hardy & Ross Bowling Lanes, 32-36 Park, original location on Essex Street in Andover
Lane’s End Ice Cream, Bakery, Confections, 36 Park Street
Mrs. Louis Resnik, dry goods, 34 Park (1926)
William Holden, painter
J. E. Pitman, painter, 36 Park Street
James F. McGovern, horse undertaker
Morrissey’s Taxi
Gouck’s Service Station


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Additional lots connected to the property;
John H. Campion
William H. Higgins - Nov. 18, 1905 - b. 226 p. 126

Inventory Data:

StreetPark St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present Usecommercial business
Original UseLivery barn
Construction Date1996
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt/gravel- flat
Demolition DetailsAndover Recreation Center razed 1990's
Map and parcel39-7
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1/25/2015