35-37 Elm Street
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Architectural Description: 

Original double house built as such in 1790's; double entrance removed early 19th cent.

Aug. 28, 1975 - Real estate listing Andover Townsman - Circa 1790 Ames - Burtt Residence - $68.000 - Beautifully restored Antique located Intown and featuring a spacious, wooded rear yard. Eleven rooms - 4 -5 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces - Bake ovens - Beamed ceilings - Gunstock corner posts plus many special features too numerous to list. Own this home and experience the warmth and charm of yesteryear.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community Development, Military
Original owner Capt. Benjamin Ames

This historic home was razed in 1986 and the property annex to the lot at 41-43 Elm St.

The house was sited very close to Elm St. and was a two family house with an entrance on each end. Elm Street was the main road to Haverhill in the 18th century and the deeds refer to the road from Haverhill to Boston. Before Main Street (Essex Turnpike) was constructed, about 1806, Central St. to Abbot St and Woburn Streets was the way to Boston. Later Foster's Tavern on Elm Sq. also known as Mayo's Tavern and the Elm House was the point of reference on many deeds.

Nathan Parker owned in 1773. Once also known as Ballard Pasture. Entire length of Elm Street was land granted originally to Nathan Parker, who resided in North Parish of Andover. This is believed to be homestead of Capt. Benjamin Ames who led company of South Parish men to Bunker Hill and the Revolutionary War. He moved to Andover from Lexington, and was the only Ames in Andover at the time.

Benjamin Ames Jr., an Innkeeper, sold the property to Willard Lane, wife Rhoda, on May 8, 1804. Willard, a Blacksmith from Boxford, MA paid $1000 for the 120 square lot south west of the blacksmith shop. Lane owned for seven years then selling to John Mitchell, a blacksmith, on Mar. 26, 1811 for $400. A year later Mitchell pays Lane an additional $1000. for the same property.

John Marston of Methuen, also a Blacksmith, wife Mary purchased the property on Sept. 28, 1814 for $1500. Marston then in turn transferred the deed to Nathaniel Whittier, of Andover a Gentleman. Nathaniel Whittier held the property until his death on June 11, 1817. Ebenezer Whittier Administered the estate selling at action for $225 on May 11, 1818 to Nathaniel's son Nathaniel Whittier, a wheelwright, wife Hannah of Andover. Nathaniel would build a new home at 10 Summer St. for his family. Whittier became involved with the construction of the Andover - Wilmington Railroad.

Nathaniel Whittier sells the property to Nathaniel B. Favor & Moses Clement both carpenters and partners on Oct. 31, 1834 for $1200. It is quite possible that Favor & Clements enlarged the house to make it a two-family or double house. A year later the home is sold to John Foster 4th and Henry Burtt on Oct. 6, 1835. Foster & Burtt were Saddle & Harness makers. John Foster and wife Sarah (Burtt) lived on the east side of the house and Henry Burtt, wife Abigail (Harding) on the west side.

John Foster 4th was born July 23, 1802 son of John & Sarah (Burtt) Foster. John married Sarah Burtt b. 1805 -d Jan. 25, 1867. John died at 47 years of age on Sept. 3, 1849.

The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule lists Foster & Burtt - Dwelling house & Barn$1700, Work shop $425, Paint Shop, $350, 1 1/2 Land $200. Henry Burtt is assessed $1000. for Horses and Carriages. Sarah W. Foster, Adx. Farm stock $160, 18 R. R. shares $900. Henry listed his occupation as Stabler.
John Foster estate, Wid. Sarah Foster and Henry Burtt - probate will

Henry Burtt b. Feb. 1, 1807 son of Jedediah & Sarah Burtt. Henry married Abigail Harding b. 1803 died Apr. 27, 1856. Henry bought out Sarah Foster's share of the property on Aug. 12, 1865. Henry remarried to Hannah E. and had a daughter Mary W. Burtt who later inherited the property. Henry died on Feb. 27, 1881. Widow Hannah E. Burtt and Mary continued to lived in the home. Hannah Burtt was taxed for property at 35 Elm in 1900, with house shed, and barn. Hannah died on Feb. 9, 1914. After 112 years of Burtt ownership, Mary W. Burtt sold the property on Aug. 28, 1947 to Donald L. & Marietta Battles Amy.

Donald L. & Marietta Amy did some restoration to the old home. Donald Amy died on Mar. 2, 1964. Marietta, an artist, continued to live in the home an gave art lessons to school children. Mrs. Amy sold the property to Richard A. & June W. Grant on Jan. 14, 1974. The Grants owned for 12 years then sold to Donald I & Barbara L. Richmond on May 23, 1986.


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House lot now combined with 41 - 43 Elm St.

Inventory Data:

StreetElm St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameAmes, Capt. Benjamin - Henry Burtt House
Present Useresidence - two family
Original Usedouble house and blacksmith shop at rear
Construction Date1777
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs, owner's title search
Architectural StyleGeorgian
Roofasphalt - gable
Major AlterationsRaised in 19th cent. c.1830's Front double entry removed 1912 Storage building moved
ConditionRazed 1986
Demolition Details1986
Acreage17,500 sq. ft., 85 ft approximate frontage
Map and parcel39-15
MHC NumberANV.174
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 2/3/2016