37-39 Pearson Street
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Architectural Description: 

Two family tenement apartment house.

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once owned by Eliphalet Pearson. His estate was administered by Trustees Ephriam Abbot and Stephen Gardner on Sept. 12, 1826. The trustees sold this portion of the estate to Joshua H. Ward of Salem, MA who purchased five separate parcels containing several house lots on Dec. 25, 1830 for $1267.

Mathew Culley purchased this parcel on Aug. 28, 1841, rec. 6/25/1842 for $75 and built his home at 41 Pearson just west of this house. This lot was a portion of his original parcel. Mathew Culley died on March 21, 1865 and his estate was sold and the money in trust for his widow Rebecca (Dane) Culley.

Lewis M. Edge of Lawrence purchased the property on Aug. 26, 1865 for $1700. It appears that Mr. Edge then rented the home to Rebecca Culley until her death on Jan. 27, 1869. Edge the sold to John Stack on Jan. 14, 1869 for $1800.

Stack lived at 41 Pearson and this two family home was built by the Stack family about 1907 and remained in the family until 1948. The 1900 Federal census has John Stack age 82 and and his wife Mary age 88 as owners of the property. Renting at #39 Pearson St. is his son Michael J. Stack b. Dec. 1858 age 41 a Teamster, wife Katherine b. May 1867 age 33, and four young children; Twins Elizabeth and Annie b. July 1893 age 6, John J. b. June 1895 age 4, and Esther b. Apr. 1898 age 2. The Cully house may have been divided into an apartment for both Stack's son.

The property was deed to Michael J. Stack on Apr. 26, 1902. A 1906 map of Andover does not list the double house, only an empty lot. Michael died on May 1, 1938 and his wife Katherine Stack heir through Probate #192107.
Katherine Stack held the property from 1938 – 1942 then deeded to her daughters Annie M. Stack & Elizabeth C. Stack on May 4, 1942.

Elizabeth C. Stack died on March 30, 1945 and Annie M. Stack became sole heir of the property. Annie M. Stack died in 1948 and her estate was administered by May E. Cox, Executrix on Sept. 7, 1948. At this time the property was divided into two separate parcels with lot A being the apartment house and lot B, the old Stack homestead. See Map #1928 - Sept. 1948 -

This property was sold to John N. & Florence P. Coussoule on Sept. 7, 1948. 37-39 Pearson St. Coussoule held the property for seven years then sold via two deeds, to Edward D. & Theresa L. Sullivan on Apr. 26, 1955.

Sullivans owned for seven years then selling to Theodore F. & Shirley Delaney Oct. 15, 1962. Shirley E. Delaney held the deed on Nov. 15, 1971 and with her death the property went to her children heirs; Judith A., Daniel F., David I. Delaney & Linda Gailey. The Delaney heirs then sold on Nov. 1, 1982 to
Charles A. & Sandra E. Galley. Galley later placed the property into the
Xena Realty Trust with Sandra E. Galley, trustee on May 21, 1992.

In 2007 the Town of Andover took the property by eminent domain, purchasing the land and house with future expansion of the Town Yard as the goal. The
Town of Andover has held the deed since Aug. 23, 2007.

The Andover Youth Services had been raising money to build a new youth center and were quartered in a room in the town office building. The town turned the Stack home over the the Youth Services as a temporary home until such time as the money could be raised for a youth center.

In 2014 ground was broken behind Doherty Middle School and construction begun on the new Cornier Youth Center open in the spring 2016. This former home was razed by the town after a sight visit from the Andover Preservation Commission of Dec. 20. 2016. The house came down on December 22, 1916.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPearson St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameStack Double House
Present UseAndover Teen Drop-in Center
Original Usetwo family mill tenement
Construction Datecirca 1907
Architectural StyleOther
Roofgable - asphalt
Acreage0.251 acre
Map and parcel38-3
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 1/5/2015