381 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival farmhouse

Historical Narrative: 

381 Lowell Street - Samuel Gilman Bailey house

Samuel Gilman Bailey was born on June 7, 1827, son of Samuel Bailey 2nd and Prudence (Farmer) Bailey. He was the oldest of four children and known as S. Gilman Bailey. His siblings were Charles Kimball Bailey b. June 9, 1830, John Brown Bailey b. Nov. 15, 1832 and Abbie Orrilla Bailey b. Dec. 1, 1837. His parents home was at 125 Bailey Rd.

S. Gilman married on June 2, 1859 at Lowell, MA to Caroline “Carrie” Priscilla Gilchrist born April 18, 1834 daughter of Amos & Hannah Gilchrist. They had three children; Lilla Eva b. Apr. 18, 1860 - d. Dec. 26, 1916, Charles Lincoln b. Aug. 5, 1862 - d. Sept. 18, 1949 and William Kimball b. Aug. 19, 1866 - d. Jan. 28, 1883 age 16.

Gilman’s occupation is listed as shoemaker in the 1855 Sate census but later "farmer" in the federal census records. He however owned and operated Bailey’s Grove on Haggett’s Pond, known as “Shady Side Grove”. It was a popular daytime picnic resort on the pond that was rented out to local residents, groups and organizations for family gatherings, church picnics and to businesses for employee outings. Bailey purchased the Grove a 10 acre 10 sq. rod parcel from Isaac & Anna D. Carruth on August 27, 1856.

The 1885 town directory lists Gilman Bailey as Proprietor of Shady Side Grove on Haggett's Pond, his wife Carrie as the Proprietor of the Shady Grove Restaurant and son Charles L. as the assistant manager of the Grove.

In 1870 Gilman Bailey completely renovated Bailey’s Grove. The Andover Advertiser (AA) May 27, 1870 - Shady Grove done over – new saloon, cook house, enlarged dance hall…. article gives good description with dimensions.

In January 1872 Bailey takes a $1000 mortgage from the Andover Savings Bank for additional improvements. March 2, 1872 AA – S. Gilman Bailey improves his grove at Haggett's Pond – built an ice house capable of holding 50 tons of ice also to enlarge dance hall & build a new stable.

June 18, 1875 – AA Friday - Mr. Bailey is brushing up Shady Side Grove at Haggett’s Pond for the season, and is now ready to entertain.

June 5, 1885 AA- S. Gilman Bailey has removed for the summer into his buildings in Shady Side Grove.
He had quite a number of small parties at his place on Saturday.

In 1889 the Town of Andover took control of Haggett’s Pond as it main source for drinking water and swimming was then banned in the pond. Shady Side Grove however continued operation and remained a popular summer time spot. S. Gilman Bailey died on May 22, 1900 of heart failure at nearly age 73. His Carrie and son carried on the business. Charles L. and his sister Lila Eva (Bailey) Cooley were also heirs of the estate.

Aug. 30, 1901 AT - pg. 4 Fire at Haggett's Pond – Three buildings destroyed. Dance hall, bowling alley & dining hall.

On January 30, 1911 - The Bailey heirs sold the Shady Side Grove portion of their property to William M. Wood, president of the American Woolen Co. The Grove contained 7.94 acres leaving the house lot of 1.9 acres with the Bailey family.

Lila, wife of Edwin W. Cooley, died on Dec. 26, 1916 in Beverly, MA. At that time her mother Carrie was also living with her in Beverly. She died the following year on Dec. 28, 1917 at age 83. Charles Lincoln Bailey, then sole heir and unmarried, sold the family homestead to George M. Wallace on September 6, 1922. George Wallace was the personal secretary to William M. Wood, president of the American Woolen Co. Wallace lived at 300 North Main Street in “Aberfoyle” next to the Wood estate “Arden”. Wallace had acquired the Shady Side Grove property from William M. Wood in Aug. 1918 and named his retreat home “Brae Loch” now #15 Geneva Rd.

It is interesting to note that Charles L. Bailey married in the 1920’s to a Lucy B. Hibbert b. 1877 in Lawrence, MA. In 1926 they are living at 7 Hillside Ave. in Shawsheen Village. Charles Bailey is now an overseer working for the American Woolen Co. Charles died on Sept. 18, 1949 and is interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery in the Bailey family lot.

George Milton Wallace and his new bride Agnes (McAulay) Wallace were both Scottish immigrants from Glasgow who arrived in Boston in 1909. George Wallace was first hired by William M. Wood about 1917 as an agent for the American Woolen Company’s “Swift Mills” in West Medford. Wallace later advanced the overseer for the Riverina Mills in Medford, MA. Wallace became Mr. Wood’s private secretary and moved to Andover about 1918. George Wallace was a trusted employee and friend to the Wood family. George & Agnes had three sons, James G. b. 1911, George W. b. 1912 and Duncan Alexander Wallace born at “Aberfoyle” on Feb. 9, 1924. After the death of William Wood on Feb. 2, 1926, The Wallace family moved to “Brae Loch” and then to Brookline, MA in 1928. “Brae Loch” remained in the family until 1939 as a summer home and retreat.

In 1924 George Wallace transferred all his property over into his wife Agnes name. Parcel #2 was the S. Gilman Bailey lot. In total 95.64 acres of which 88.39 acres were on Haggett's Pond east shore line. The Wallace family never lived in the home at 381 Lowell St. but used it as rental property. In Jan. 1934 the property was transferred back into George Wallace name.

The Bailey homestead was sold to John K. Hill on Feb. 1, 1936. Hill owned for 12 years then selling to Thomas D. & Sylvia L. Burns on Sept. 15, 1948. Burns owned for 9 ½ years then sold to John R. & Florence Wallace Jan. 18, 1958 .

Willie G. & M. Virginia Hartford purchased the home on Dec. 14, 1959 and remained for 5 years. Hartford sold to Richard W. & Lottie S. Allen Sr. on Sept. 4, 1964. The Allen family held the property for 14 years before selling to Donald L. & Christine K. Michelinie on Dec. 14, 1978. Micheline owned for 12 years then sold to Neil S. & Barbara M. Murphy on June 29, 1990. The Murphy family continues as the owners in 2014 and are, second only to the Bailey family, in years of ownership.


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See #300 North Main for more Wallace history
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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - Osgood District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameSamuel Gilman Bailey House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Datecirca 1840
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall barn
Acreage1.194 acres
Map and parcel175-2
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77 updated Dec.2014