385 North Main Street

Architectural Description: 

Cape Style home

Historical Narrative: 

This house and three identical homes were built by John Smith president of the Smith & Dove Co. Smith purchased the land at the corner of North Main, Lowell and Poor Streets on December 29,1841 in Frye Village. Today this area is the Wood Park and the private road on the west side of the park was the former route of Poor St. which joined No. Main near the current site of the Christian Science Church.

John Smith's Flax company needed housing for the operatives and their families, so he began construction to house them. The house was located on the corner of Lowell St. and Poor St, the NW corner of the Wood Park. The row of Cape Cottages were referred to as the Back Row houses.

Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. was deeded the property by John Smith on July 1, 1864. By this period the company was shifting operations to Abbott Village (Dundee Park) but maintained production in Frye Village until 1890's. Smith & Dove then began divesting their property in Frye Village and sold much of their holdings to George H. Carlisle on May 31. 1907. Carlisle then sold off each home separately. This house was purchased by Robert W. & Catherine Taylor on Oct. 28, 1908.

Robert & Catherine Taylor would own this home for 41 years but in three different locations. The 37 Poor St. "Back Row" site was home from 1908 to 1922. William M. Wood, President of the American Woolen Co., had been purchasing property throughout Frye Village with a plan to build the model community Shawsheen Village. Construction began with the end of WW1 and nearly every structure in the center of Frye Village was moved or razed.

The Taylor house was moved in 1919 to #352 North Main St., now the location of the southern most end of the Aberdeen-Merchant's Building. Of the other three cottages, one is now located at 19 Balmoral St. and two are at 7 & 9 Canterbury St. Wood moved another house (Leith) to the SE corner of Windsor St. and built two new homes. In late 1921 plans were changed to build the Merchant's Building "The Aberdeen" at this location and the four houses were then moved in 1922 to Kenilworth St. on the east side of No. Main St. Taylor's home was sited on the corner facing No. Main at #385. Wood carried the cost of relocation of the homes.

Robert Wilson Taylor was born on Jan. 9, 1862 in Johnstone, Scotland, son of Daniel & Margaret (Steele) Taylor. Robert married about 1884 to Catherine Davis b. April 2, 1864 in Kilmarnock, Ayershire, Scotland. They had three children born in Scotland before immigrating to America in 1887. It appears that Robert came first and his wife and family followed shortly after. They first settled in Lawrence, Robert became a machinist in the Washington Mills. By 1897 the Taylors had moved to Andover and were renting the 37 Poor St. cottage. The 1900 census list them back in Lawrence, but they returned to Frye Village in 1901 now renting 33 Poor St. where they remained until purchasing #37.

The Taylor children; Jane L. b. May 1885, Margaret S. b. Sept. 1886, Daniel b. 1888 in Scotland d. 1888 in Lawrence, MA, Thomas D. b. Sept. 1893 and Robertina W. b. May 1, 1897. Daughter Jane work as a Doffer in the Wool mill, then married James J. Haphey. Margaret S. worked as a Reeler in the mill & married George Cilley. Son Thomas D. followed his father as a machinist. He married Ida Bosquet. Robintina W. married Arthur Jowett and for a few years sharred the home with her parents.

Catherine Taylor died on Aug. 10, 1951 at age 87 and Robert died on Feb. 6, 1959 age 97. Both are interred at Spring Grove Cemetery, Andover, MA as are other family members.

The Taylors sold their home to Thomas B. & Catherine Noyes on June 28, 1949.

Andover Townsman news items;
Oct. 31, 1919 – Frye Village - The cottages which stood on Poor Street are being moved up Lowell Street, near the sand pit. [7 & 9 Canterbury St.]
Sept. 8 1922 - Thomas & Ida Taylor of 352 North Main Street.
May 18, 1923 – Progress at Shawsheen
Mr. & Mrs. Taylor of No. Main St.[352] are occupying the house at 10 Riverina Rd. during the
time their house is being moved. [1920 #37 Poor St., 1919-1923 #352 No. Main, 1926 - #385 No. Main


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Inventory Data:

StreetNorth Main St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Historic NameTaylor House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1842 - 1845
SourceShawsheen Walking Tour
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimclapboards/vinyl covered
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterations1919 renovated when moved, roof dormer added then
Move Details1919 and 1922
Acreage0.149 acre; corner of N. Main and Kenilworth in Shawsheen Village
Settingresidential/professional offices
Map and parcel52-33
MHC NumberANV.1356
Recorded bySean Craft
OrganizationAndover Historical Society
Date entered6/7/91