4 - 6 Temple Place

Historical Narrative: 

Temple Place and Condominiums 1973
Temple Place was created by Jacob W. Barnard and laid out 1895 between Barnard’s two properties on High St. Jacob W. Barnard was a local shoe manufacturer with his business on Barnard St. He acquired several real estate properties. The tenant housing on Temple Place began in 1897. The first buildings constructed were a stable at #2, (42½ High St.) building five #3 & #5 Temple Place and the Cottage at #1. (50½ High St.) Jacob W. Barnard died on Sept. 4, 1903. His son Henry Warren Barnard later built the last three duplexes on the court between 1913 and 1916. The site contains eight separate buildings and seventeen condo units.

Jacob had first purchased properties on High St. The first was 44 High St. house of Elizabeth (Ames) Boynton on Nov. 9, 1858 for $700. Elizabeth co-owned with siblings Ezra C. Ames and Hannah C. White, all of Haverhill, MA. The 1850 Valuation lists Ezra C. Ames of Haverhill, 1½ acre land and dwelling house $900.
The second house and lot at 52-54 High St. purchased on June 8, 1868 for $632 from Margaret (Shaw) Sherman. Margaret was the third wife of Seth Sherman, a clock and watch maker. The Andover Valuation Schedule in 1860 lists Seth Sherman; 1½ acre, Dwelling house and land $1050, ½ old house and land $350. The 1852 map of Andover shows two buildings on the Sherman site. The house at 48-50 High St is most likely the newer home. The 1870 Valuation for Jacob Barnard list the New house $1500, Sherman house $1200 on 1 1/2 acre of land. A third parcel was bought from Rev. Wilbur on Sept. 29, 1879. The 1882 Birdseye map shows these buildings on High St.

Oct. 25, 1895 Andover Townsman p1 - J. W. Barnard is to run a court into his back land from High street between the houses occupied by George W. Chandler and the next block. It will open up four or five good house lots.
Aug. 13, 1897 AT p1 – J. W. Barnard – building Temple Place – 4 house lots, one double house to be built on land this fall…….
Aug. 20, 1897 AT p1 col. 5 - Richardson & Pitman have completed construction of a stable on Temple Place for J. W. Barnard.
Sept. 4, 1897 AT - Richardson & Pitman will start work Monday, on a two tenement house for J. W. Barnard on Temple Court.
Oct. 15, 1897 AT p1 Joseph T. Lovejoy commenced grading the street with Red Spring gravel at Temple Place, this week for J. W. Barnard.
Nov. 5 1897 AT p1 John Manning has moved from Main St. to Barnard’s new cottage on High Street.
J. W. Barnard’s new house on Temple Place will be finished soon, and will be occupied by W.
Byron Morse and Mrs. Clanch [Culange] and family.

The 1899 Directory lists W. Byron Morse as a clerk at the Henry McLawlin Hardware store at 31 Main St. Walter I. Morse bought the store in March 1906 and owned until 1928. Byron and wife moved to Cambridge in 1900. Mrs. Ann Culange, a widow, born Sept. 1823 and daughter Anne H. b. Dec. 1880 in Scotland. Anne worked at Tyer Rubber Co. as a packer.

In the 1904 Directory Henry C. Hitchcock, b. July 1845 in Vermont, a house painter now occupies one of the rentals with his wife Emeroy C., b. Feb. 1848 in Maine and their daughter Ethel b. Aug. 1891 in MA. Henry died on Dec. 25, 1910 of a cerebral hemorrhage. His widow and Ethel then moved into the 46 High St. apartment. The other Tenant was Mrs. Ellen Nolan, and daughters, Ellen A. who worked at Smith & Dove, Katherine M., a teacher, and Alice M. a stenographer.

The 1906 map of Andover Center shows building #5, now #3 & #5 Temple Place, as the only new two family home completed. The cottage at 50½ High or #1 Temple Pl., now building #6, was the house occupied by the Manning Family. John Manning b. 1851 in Nova Scotia, was a gardener for a private family. He immigrated in 1890 with his sons James Arthur b. 1889 and Benjamin. James married to Gevevieve, was a clerk and bookkeeper at W. I. Morse’s Hardware store at 31 Main St., formerly McLawlin’s.

Jacob Barnard converted the three homes on High Street at 44-46 48-50 and 52-54 into multiple rental properties. Mar. 18, 1898 AT The house on High Street owned by J. W. Barnard, recently vacated by George W. Chandler, is being repaired and improved by the addition of bathrooms. The stable is being made into a tenement. Richardson & Pitman are doing the carpentry work. Wm. H. Welch the plumbing and Michael O’Connor the cellars. [Chandler lived at 44 High Street]
The stable or barn is now 46r High St. Unit #4 and 2 Temple Place Unit #3.

The 1910 Census lists Manning #1 Temple and at #3 Temple is John A. O’Connell, b. 1858 in MA, Tyer Rubber Co.worker, wife Annie b. 1860 in Scotland, and four of their five children; Annie W. b. 1883 woolen mill, May W. b. 1885, Smith & Dove, Charles H. b. 1887 plumber, and Florence b. 1900. The remaining residents on Temple are Humphrey Burton b. 1888 MA, a Druggist, wife Mona b. 1890 and son Earl K. age 1 year.
Joseph Bolieau b. 1875 in NH, a barber, wife Sophia M. b. 1886 in England and a boarder Cecelia Malone b. 1892 in England, packing at Tyer Rubber Co.

At the time of Jacob’s death in1903 he was the largest real estate owner in Andover with additional holdings in Boston, Lawrence and Newmarket, NH.

Jacob W. married Eliza Jane Foster and had two children; Henry Warren born Nov. 5, 1868 and Gertrude who married Francis Bergstrom. Eliza Died on May 10, 1918. Henry and wife Mable (Paradise) Barnard then moved into the mansion house. Their home at 12 High St was built in 1897directly behind his parent’s home. Henry W. became a partner in his father’s firm and J. W. Barnard & Son was established in 1894. with Henry in general charge of the company. Henry and Mable had three children, Marion Paradise b. 1895, Foster Carnes b. 1896 and William Shirley b. 1901. His two sons were also associated with the firm before establishing the real estate and insurance company. Henry W. died on November 8, 1938 and his wife Mable on May 20, 1942.

The Barnard Trust held the property on High St. and Temple Place until 1971 when they sold off these properties to L. John Davidson on Sept. 2, 1971. John was an Andover developer who rehabbed several properties on Main St, Elm and Essex Streets creating much needed retail and professional office space.
All the former apartments were rehabbed, updated and converted into the Temple Place Condominiums on Aug. 28, 1973.

Andover Townsman - July 19, 1912 - Andover's Big Building Year ... Temple Place, off High Street, the Barnard estate is putting in two double tenement houses of twelve rooms each. William Dougherty is the contractor, and H. S. Wright & Co. are doing the plumbing." The final three duplex homes constructed are now buildings #2, #3 and #4 or 4 -6, 8-10 and 7-9 Temple Place.

The apartments on Temple Place were home for many families employed by the local mills of Smith & Dove manufacturing Co., Tyer Rubber Co., Marland Mill J. P. Stevens Co, and American Woolen Co. in Shawsheen Village as well as the multiple trades and office positions in the downtown area.


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4 Temple Place – 38-68-5 Building 5 Unit 2
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6 Temple Place – 38-68-6 Building 2 Unit 6
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Inventory Data:

StreetTemple Pl
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameTemple Place Building 2
Present Useresidences - 2 family condos
Original Useresidence - 2 family
Construction Date1912
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architect/BuilderWilliam Dougherty/Builder
Roofasphalt/gambrel & gable
Major Alterations1972 Condo conversions, exterior modifications, replacement windows
Acreage1.310 acres
Map and parcel38-68
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 12, 2018