42 School Street

Historical Narrative: 

Simeon Putnam was born Dec. 4, 1784 in Grafton, MA, son of Rev. Benjamin & Martha “Patty” (Mason) Putnam. Simeon was a teacher for many years in the Classical School in the North Parish of Andover. He married Nov. 21, 1816 to Abigail “Abby” Brigham Fay b. Sept. 18, 1790 in Concord, MA dau. of Jonathan & Lucy (Prescott) Fay. Simeon & Abby had three sons all born in Andover; Charles Simeon b. Nov. 29, 1817, John Newton b. Dec. 26, 1822 and Samuel Prescott Phillips b. Mar. 20, 1829 – d. July 24, 1833 age 4. Simeon Purchased the 1 acre 60 roods lot on June 1, 1821 for $500 from Mark Newman.

The 1820 Census lists Putnam in Andover and most likely was in the North Parish at that time. Simeon died of Consumption on May 11, 1833 and is interred at the Chapel Cemetery at Phillips Academy. His youngest son Samuel died two months later. The property went to his widow Abby. The 1850 Valuation Schedule lists Wid. Abigail Putman; Dwel. House, barn and 1 ½ acre $3000. Personal estate 2 Bank shares $180. Estate of Simeon Putnam 20 shares Andover Bank $1800. The 1852 map of Andover Center lists Mrs. Putnam here. Abby died in Charlestown, MA on Nov. 11, 1857. Charles and John are heirs of the estate.

Son Charles S. graduated from Union College, went to Episcopal divinity school in Virginia and the Andover Theological School and was an Episcopal Minister in Litchfield and New Haven CT and at the Church of the Redeemer in Brooklyn, NY. He married Sara Filer b. Aug. 11, 1828 in NY, dau. of Osborn & Puella (Hanford) Filer. They had two sons Charles R. b. 1848 and William Crosswell b. 1852. Charles died at his brother’s home at Dartmouth College on Jan. 19, 1860 of consumption age 42y. He is interred at the Dartmouth College Cemetery. His widow Sara inherits his estate and moves to LeRoy, NY.

John Newton Putnam graduated from Dartmouth College and was Professor of Greek there in 1850. He married Sarah Gilman Chamberlin b. Nov. 21, 1829 in Hanover, NH, dau. of Professor William Chamberlin at Dartmouth. John later became Professor of Green Language and Literature. John died at sea of consumption onboard the Steamer Alpha off Halifax, NS returning from Europe to Boston on Oct. 20, 1863.
Excerpt from Tribute to John Newton Putnam by Kate Sanborn:
His character was perfect; his face of rare beauty shone with kind and helpful thought for everyone. I see him, as he talked at our mid-week meetings. One could almost perceive an aura or halo around his classic head; wavy black hair which seemed to have an almost purple light through it; large dark eyes, full of love. What he said was never perfunctory, never dull. He was called "John, the Beloved Disciple." Still he was thoroughly human and brimming over with fun, puns, and exquisitely droll humour, and quick in seeing a funny condition.

With the death of his brother Charles the estate property in Andover was sold to Caroline U. (W) Horton on Sept. 24, 1860 who held the property one year then sold to John Abbott & Nathan B. Abbott on Nov. 12, 1861.

The Rev. Charles Smith purchased the property on May 28, 1864. Charles Smith was the minister of South Church twice, first from Oct.28, 1852-Nov.28, 1853 and then Dec. 18, 1861-April 20, 1876.
Charles Smith Jr., was born Aug. 10, 1818 in Hatfield, MA son of Charles & Orethia (Morton) Smith. Charles graduated from Amherst Academy and then Amherst College in 1841. He enrolled at Andover Theological Seminary 1845 and was ordained in Warren, MA in 1847 where he served for five years. Charles married in Salem, MA on Dec.6, 1849 to Caroline Louisa Sprague b. Jan. 2, 1827 in Salem, dau. of Joseph C. Sarah L. (Bartlett) Sprague. Charles and Caroline had three children; Edwin Bruce b. Sept. 1850, Charles S. b. 1852 and Caroline Reed b. Sept. 30, 1857. He retired in 1876 and made his home in Andover. He was a member of the Theological Church. His died on Oct. 29, 1887 from peritonitis of burst appendix. Charles is interred in the Chapel Cemetery at Phillips Academy as are his wife and daughter. Caroline would sell the property the six months later to Janette C. Cable on April 24, 1888.

1830 map - not listed
1852 map - Mrs. Putnam
1872 atlas - Rev. C. Smith, no barn, pastor Cong. Church
1884 atlas - Rev. C. Smith, clergyman, photo at South Church
1888 map - J. C. Cable - a fourth rear portion is shown
1906 atlas - Dr. Chamberlain Estate, 2 bay windows and wrap around, west corner porch along with a free standing barn
1926 atlas - Dr. Chamberlain Estate , same as 1906
1930 - no name projecting central section and free standing barn.
Directories - 1985, 1977, 1969 Joshua and Phebe Miner and Phillip Scarff III. (Joshua founder of Outward Bound, teacher at Phillips Academy). 1966 vacant. 1964,1965, 1945 James and Georgeanna Selden and Margaret E. b.1886. 1935 James K. and Anne E. Selden (many Seldens in Lawrence). 1923 Edward G Selden boards, George L. Mrs. Selden house. James K Selden h. 118 Main Street, Katherine Selden boards 42 School - Boston Landscape Arch. , Marion Selden boards 42 School St.


Essex County Registry Deeds, Salem MA
Essex Norhtern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA
maps, atlas, directories at Andover Historical Society

Mark Newman, wife Abigail - land 1829
Simeon Putnam, wife Abigail - June 1, 1821 - b. 255 leaf 129 - $500 1 acre 60 rds. lot
Simeon Putnam estate d. May 11, 1833, wife Abigail
Abigail Putnam estate - d. Nov. 11, 1857, hiers Charles S. & John N. Putnam
Charles Simeon Putnam estate, d. Jan. 19, 1860, Sarah wid. John N. & Sarah G. Putnam heirs
Caroline U. (W) Horton - Sept. 24, 1860 - b. 613 leaf 8
Caroline U. (W) Horton, Peter Ayers attorney - 1861
John Abbott & Nathan B. Abbott - Nov. 12, 1861 - b. 630 leaf 39
Charles Smith - May 28, 1864 - b. 719 leaf 35 - parcel 1
Charles Smith - Nov. 17, 1865 - b. 719 leaf 34 - parcel 2 from John Aiken
Charles Smith estate, d. Oct. 29, 1887, heir Caroline S.(L) Smith heir by will Probate
Janette C. Cable - April 24, 1888 - b. 95 p. 174
Janette C. Cable estate, Florence C. Canfield heir by Probate
Horace J. & Florence C. Canfield
Anne G. Chamberlain, wife of Cyrus N. - Mar. 30, 1894 - b. 131 p. 248
George L. & Mabel K. Selden - Oct. 28, 1911 - b. 311 p. 215
Mabel K. Selden estate - March 1, 1929
Selden heirs; Edward G., & James K. Selden, Katherine S. McDuffie, & Marion S. Nash
Irene M. Robinson - Aug. 27, 1930 - b. 554 p. 82 - deed transfer
James K. & Anne (Everett) Selden - Aug. 27, 1930 - b. 554 p. 83
Anne E. Selden estate, James K. Selden Heir - May 20, 1948 - Probate 224,123
James K. Selden, wife Georgeanna G.
Joshua L. & Phebe S. Miner - b. 1052 p. 38
Joshua L. Miner III - July 21, 1992 - b. 3511 p. 24
Joshua L. Miner III Nominee Trust of 1999 - May 4, 1999 - b. 5431 p. 24

Inventory Data:

StreetSchool St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameSimeon Putnam House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1833
SourceBessie Goldsmith, pg. 65 The Townswoman's Andover
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Acreage1.390 acres
Map and parcel55-131
Recorded byBarbara Thibault, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMay 1988, 12/22/2015