43 High St.

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival - Italianate
granite windowsills; elaborate brickwork and front porch

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: architectural; community development

This Victorian brick house is similar in style to the former Punchard - Barnard house at 8 High Street built in 1848 and the first Punchard High School built in 1856. Gable end to the street, as the Greek and Gothic styles of the same period, the details were exuberant in the craftsmanship of the brickwork. Quoining on the corners of the house, railings on the porch roof and bay window and the delicate porch columns make this early Victorian home a standout on the street. Every effort has been taken to replicate the original look of the house in style and materials during its ongoing restoration.

The land was once owned by William Ferguson in 1836 and contained two adjoining lots on High Street. William Ferguson took a mortgage loan from William Foster for $550 on Jan 1, 1836. Ferguson was sued by Amos Griffin of Methuen for $32 owed him by Ferguson. The courts ruled in Griffins favor and forced the sale of this lot to pay off the debt. Moody Bridges, sheriff, auctioned off the second parcel two acre lot on August 22, 1838. Charles Abbot was the highest bidder at $76. Charles then sold the lot on Dec. 5, 1839 for $88 to Herman Abbot Jr, Yeoman, of Andover and Benjamin F. Abbot, Printer, of Boston. Herman became a Cabinet Maker and Benjamin Abbot, a Physician in Melrose, MA.

The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule lists Herman Jr. & B. F. Abbot with 2 acre lot $200. The 1852 map of Andover center does not show this house as built yet. It was Herman Abbot Jr. who then had the house built on this lot. Herman operated a furniture business on the site of Memorial Hall Library for many years. Herman and Benjamin sold the property was sold to Orlando S. Morse on August 23, 1855. for $1175. Mr. Morse was a contractor who opened a nursery on his 2 acre lot and built a greenhouse in 1858. He advertised fruit trees in the local paper of the period.
Andover Advertiser Saturday July 24, 1858 - Orlando S. Morse on High Street is building a green house near his residence, 20 by 60, with span roof, posts 6 feet in the west end there is to be a furnace from which a brick flue is to run the entire length of the building. One side and one end is to be plastered — the remainder of 6 by 8 glass. The whole expense will not fall short of $800.

Mr. Morse has about two acres of land and is now devoting his whole time to the cultivation of fruits, trees and flowers. His sales the past season have amounted to more than $500. From a few rows of vines set out last year he has this summer picked one hundred boxes of strawberries. Having made a good beginning, .there can be but little doubt of the success of his undertaking. His knowledge of Horticulture has been obtained from the best works on the subject, and his example furnishes a striking illustration of the great amount of valuable information a mechanic or other laborer can acquire by husbanding his spare time and appropriating it to judicious study.

George R. Waterman and his wife Lucretia acquired the home in 1874. Mr. Waterman worked for the Pacific Mills in Lawrence. The property was subdivided during their ownership.


William Ferguson, wife Lucretia - Jan. 1, 1836 - b. 287 leaf 303 - mtg. on land $550
William Ferguson court case with Amos Griffin - $32 debt. - Aug. 1838
Charles Abbot - Aug. 22, 1838 - b. 310 leaf 172 - $76 at auction - 2nd lot 2 acres
Herman Abbot Jr. & Benjamin F. Abbot - Dec. 5, 1839 - b. 317 leaf 54 - 2 acre lot $88
Orlando S. Morse - Aug. 23, 1855 -b. 518 lf. 64-65 Salem Deeds
Margaret Morse widow O. Morse died Oct. 19, 1869
Moses Foster, Exec. - Dec. 7, 1869 Probate Morse estate - Two acres with brick dwelling house and other buildings
John L. Smith -June 3, 1870 - b. 5 p. 33-34 Lawrence deeds, Pd $5625 at auction
Albert P. Ware - April 28, 1871 b. 10 p. 217 - $7000
George R. Waterman - June 3, 1874 b. 29 p. 7 - $8000
Pacific Mills of Lawrence - Sept. 26, 1877 -b. 48 p. 420
Lucretia R. Waterman - Nov. 24, 1877 - b. 49 p. 266
Wife of George, portion of property paid $3150
James S. & Sarah E. Dennison -Jun. 14, 1893
b. 126 p.180
Harry S. Wright - Nov. 7, 1899 - b. 173 p. 494
Andover Savings Bank - April 9, 1909 - b. 271 p. 170 mtg.
Albert F. King Jr. - July 5, 1913 b. 333 p. 16
Anna B. Wright - July 5, 1913 b. 333 p. 17
Jennie May Hall - Oct. 15, 1919 b. 410 p. 262
Died 1/19/1954
Hall Estate, heirs - Jan. 19, 1954 - by will probate
Helene H. King, Frances M. Graham, Ruth Hall Graham
James & Janet G. Gerraughty & Mar. 14, 1955 b. 814 p. 40
Anna M. Gillen
Bruce & Ann F. Patterson - Nov. 24, 1975 b. 1274 p. 83
Ann F. Patterson - Mar. 10, 1989 b. 2898 p. 81
Ann Fessler Patterson estate - Sept. 20, 2007 b. 10917 p. 234
Eric D. Patterson Administrator
Minh Thanh Huynh & Huong Phan Feb. 24, 2004 b. 8587 p. 107

Andover Advertiser - April 3, 1858 – Fruit Trees – O. S. Morse – at nursery on High Street.
July 24, 1858 – Orlando S. Morse – building a greenhouse at his residence on High Street. long article.

Inventory Data:

StreetHigh St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameHerman Abbot Jr. House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence & nursary
Construction Datecirca 1852 - 1855
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleItalianate
Architect/BuilderHerman Abbot Jr.
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimbrick, wood trim
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structurescarriage house/barn
Major AlterationsExterior Restoration in 2011, original front porch design recreated by the owners. Preservation Award 2011
Acreage0.421 acre
Map and parcel38-106
MHC NumberANV.246
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, updated 12/2013