43 Whittier Street

Historical Narrative: 

43 Whittier Street – (formerly Punchard Ave) 39-123
Whittier Street was named after Nathaniel Whittier who lived at 10 Summer Street and much of the property along the route was part of his homestead. This street was an extension of Punchard Ave originally extending around the south and east side of the “Park” and through to Elm Street. All early deeds state Punchard Ave.

Lydia Abbott Faulkner was born on March 22, 1810 in Frye Village, Andover, oldest of three children of Joseph & Lydia (Russell) Faulkner. Her siblings were Joseph Warren Faulkner Oct. 27, 1812 and Mary Poor Faulkner b. July 10, 1817. Lydia purchased this lot on July 21, 1869 for $125. Andover Advertiser – July 23, 1869 Lydia Faulkner has purchased of Daniel Shannon a lot of land on Punchard Avenue and intends to erect a cottage house upon it the present season. The 1870 Census list Lydia age 60, keeping house, with neighbors Daniel Shannon on one side and Nicholas Howe on the other. Lydia later purchased a small strip of land 16.5’ wide adjoining her lot on June 10, 1872.

Lydia is listed as a graduate of Abbot Academy 1828, then graduated Bradford Academy for Young Ladies in 1832. The 1880 census reveals Lydia was diagnosed with Melancholia and became a patient in the Northampton Lunatic Hospital. Lydia died in Northampton, MA on June 22, 1881.

Lydia’s father Joseph was the first business partner of John Smith and Warren Richardson who established a cotton machine manufactory in Plymouth in 1822. Through Faulkner’s friends in Andover they purchased the water privileges in Frye Village and moved to Andover in 1824. John Smith built a mill on the northeast side of the Shawsheen River. The John Smith & Co. began building cotton machinery which was very successful. Partner Warren Richardson died in 1829 and Joseph died on Aug. 5, 1831 at age 48. The firm continued with John Smith, his brother Peter, and John Dove. In 1833 they abandoned machinery production and established a flax processing mill under the name Smith & Dove Company.

Lydia’s mother Lydia, age 46, was left with a comfortable inheritance and home. Lydia R. died on Dec. 2, 1865 of consumption age 80. None of the siblings married. Lydia A. and Mary P. list their profession as teachers in 1860 census. Brother Joseph Warren went to Yale his freshman year but did not return. He suffered from Epilepsy and bouts of Mania. He was institutionalized at Worcester State Lunatic Asylum prior to 1860 and died there on Oct. 12, 1871.

Lydia A. left her estate to her sister Mary P. Faulkner. Mary was also a graduate of Bradford Academy in 1833 and Abbot Academy 1836. In 1879 Mary was living with her cousin Dr. Charles Russell in Fayette, ME. In the deed of sale in 1890 Mary P, now insane, has a guardian E. Francis Holt, who sells on her behalf. E. Kendall Jenkins who lived at 39 School St, purchased the property Nov. 20, 1890. The Faulkner home was income property.


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Daniel Shannon -
Lydia (A.) Faulkner – July 21, 1869 – b. 777 leaf 125 - $125 lot Salem
Lydia A. Faulkner – Aug.16, 1869 – b. 779 leaf 194 deed correction
Lydia Faulkner – June 10, 1872 – b. 15 p. 271 - $50 strip
Lydia Faulkner estate, died June 22, 1881, Mary P. Faulkner heir
E. Kendall Jenkins – Nov. 20, 1890 – b. 109 p. 414
Nellie H. Farmer – June 23, 1919 – b. 402 p. 209
Samuel G. & Muriel L. Wright – May 15, 1945 – b. 673 p. 64
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Norman & Anna Berner – Oct. 18, 1985 – Ctf. #9838

Inventory Data:

StreetWhittier St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameLydia A. Faulkner House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1869
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Wall/Trimclapboard/wood/vinyl clad
Major AlterationsVinyl siding covers original wood clapboard and window trim.
Acreage0.236 acre
Map and parcel39-123
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered28 Feb 1980, 11/16/2019