435 North Main Street

Architectural Description: 

headroom in basement 8'

Historical Narrative: 

Themes - Architectural, Community Development

This property was once owned by Tarbell W. & Catherine S. Robbins in 1871 and sold to Sylvester Smith of Worcester, MA on Sept. 1, 1871. The deed reference lists the parcel as "on the lower road to Lawrence from Frye Village". (now named Union St.) Sylvester Smith died "seized" intestate and his widow Louisa Smith, J. Walter Smith widower and Cleora L. Sumner, wife of Edwin A. Sumner, all of Worcester were the heirs of the property through Probate in 1890.

George E. Murray purchased the lot on Sept. 10, 1890 and most likely Murray is the property owner who built the home for himself and wife Cora. Murray owned Murray Brothers grocers in Lawrence and are listed here in 1893 Andover Directory. The family owned the home for 39 years. George Murray died intestate, and Cora inherited through probate.

William A. & Mary Hopkins then purchased the property from Cora Murray on July 6, 1939. William Hopkins was a dental surgeon. They owned just five years then selling to Frank & Elsa P. Turrisi. Turrisi held for six years then sold to John F. & Stephanie Scuderi on Nov. 20, 1950. Scuderi was a merchant and acquired the second parcel connected with the deed. In 1960 a portion of the property was taken to widen the street when construction of Interstate 495 began. Prior to the highway both North Main and Union Streets were open to two-way traffic. It was only after completion that both streets were made one way. North Main to south bound traffic from Lawrence, and Union St. north bound from Andover and Shawsheen Village. Although this home was not built as part of the Shawsheen Village 1919-1924 it is still considered within the Shawsheen district.

John F. Scudiri b. 1915, died on Sept. 7, 1971. Stephanie Scuderi, b. 1918 widow and heir then sold the following year to Kevin C. Sullivan of Tewksbury, MA on July 11, 1972.

Domenic & Louise Nicolosi purchased the home on Mar. 30, 1981 and owned for 25 years. Domenic b. 1938 is a tailor and wife Louisa b. 1950 a seamstress. The home appears to have been divided into a two family in 1981 as Warren H. & Lorraine Cormier are also listed at this address with children Kim, Warren Jr, Scott W. and Cathy L.


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Inventory Data:

StreetNorth Main St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameGeorge E. & Cora M. Murray House
Present Useresidence - two family
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1891- 1892
Architectural StyleOther
Roofslate gable roof
Major AlterationsConversion to two family residence
Acreageless than one acre; 16,514 sq. ft. 65' approximate frontage
Map and parcel34-6
MHC NumberANV.410
Recorded byStack/Mofford
OrganizationAndover Historical Commission
Date entered1975-77