44 Porter Road

Historical Narrative: 

44 Porter Road is now 1 MacKenzie Ct.

The land in the area was once owned by David Blunt. It was then acquired by Henry Hayward on April 2, 1813 and remained with the Haywood family for 70 years before this parcel was divided off and sold in 1883.

The vacant parcel was purchased by Elizabeth Brookhouse Daland on May 23, 1883. It was John & Elizabeth Deland who built the home and resided here for 16 years. The property was then sold to Edward Brooks and wife Alice on Aug. 16, 1900 and included 10 acres of land. Edward Brookes purchased an abutting parcel for Elizabeth B. Bailey on Nov. 10, 1903.

Aug. 28, 1891 – AT p.2 Advert – For Sale or to Rent – Daland Estate – Porter St. Andover – House contains 12 rooms besides bathroom & laundry. Heated by furnace. Has all the modern conveniences. Barn has room for four horses, four carriages, man’s rooms, and harness room. Two wells on the place, one with windmill which supplies th house. About ten acres. Apply by person or letter to John Daland, 17 Federal St., Salem, MA

Edward Brooks was an Artist and painter and died on Aug. 9, 1931. The Andover Townsman Aug. 14, 1931 wrote the following.
Deaths - BROOKS - "The funeral of the late Edward Brooks, well known and highly esteemed resident of Andover who passed away Sunday morning at his home on Porter road, following a long illness, was held Tuesday afternoon with services at his late home at two o'clock.
Rev. Charles W. Henry, rector of Christ Episcopal Church, conducted the services.
Interment was in the family lot in West Parish cemetery. May beautiful floral offerings were received."

In Memoriam - EDWARD BROOKS - "A lover of the out-of-doors, his life was as colorful as his pictures of nature. There was nothing drab or neutral in his sensitive soul. He had the artist's urge to seize the beauty of country, of village, of seaside and of the wayside path. His brush caught the flitting cloud and held it captive.
As a young man he roamed about the world with his devoted wife, and never, even in his maturer years, did he lose his passion for change of scene. The sea was a tonic inspiration, and he never was happier than when he trod the deck of a gliding ship.
His home had the lure of a winsome personality, in whom the effervescence of witty and stimulating talk enhanced a genial welcome. One left his snug library with a lingering pull to stay. His treasured books had sojourned in his mind before they took their place on his shelves.
He was a father that always shared the youth and incited the happiness of his children. The family atmosphere was always one of free and open interchange of thought and wish, without deceit pf pious pretense. Music, art, literature, and the hearty pursuit of of healthy sport, were the common springs of contentment and fraternity.
His later years were literally darkened. He lost most of his sight - a crushing calamity for an artist. His painting was done, but his courageous spirit was unbroken. It was a grief, but an inspiration, to witness his indomitable persistence in his walks through a town that for him was wrapped in mist.
A gifted, companionable man who never forgot kindness, and never lost a friend. C.H.F."

Edward was 72 years 10m and 17 days at the time of his death. His widow Alice Shore Brooks moved to Orchard St. in 1932 and died a few years later on June 5, 1936. at age 77y 7m 16d. They are interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery along with a daughter Ada who died a 21 on April 2, 1928.

The remaining Books children, Paul Brooks wife Helen, of Pennsylvania, Alden Brooks, wife Hilma of Maryland, Gwendolen B. Reynolds, wife Arthur W. of Andover and Phyllis B. Stevens, wife of Ames, of No. Andover later sold the property to Herbert & Natalie B. Farnsworth on April 8, 1940.

Herbert Farnsworth b. 1905 was a business manager, wife Natalie b. 1904. and children Jerome b. 1937, Noel A. b. 1939, and Martha C. b. 1944. Farnsworth owned the property for 31 years then selling to Albert S. & Bernice B. Rothseid on Aug. 12, 1971. Albert b. 1916 was a Physician and Bernice b. 1918 a Social worker. The Rothseids sub-divided the property into four lots, two west of the house and one to the east and new homes were built on the parcels. The home remained on a 2.54 acre lot and contained a barn/carriage house and a small cottage house to the rear of the property. A Key-hole sub-division the the homestead lot in 2003 - 2004 created two additional house lots. The barn and cottage were razed and the homestead address was changed from 44 Porter Rd. to 1 MacKenzie Court.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPorter Rd
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameDeland - Brooks - Farnsworth House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1883 -1884
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - hip
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresBarn and small cottage to rear of property
Major AlterationsLot sub-divided now 1 MacKenzie Court Barn and small cottage razed
Acreage1.033 acres, 44,998 sq. feet
Map and parcel77-1
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered4/5/2016