45 Ballardvale Road
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Architectural Description: 

"Central " chimney is off center; 7 fireplaces; 9 rooms; double hung sash; 2 brick ovens; (one capacity for 75 pies)

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: aboriginal, architectural, agricultural, community development, exploration/settlement
Original owner: Capt. Stephen Abbot

On an original land grant from King George III, farm originally extended from Reading Road to Woburn Street, and was in the Abbot family for nine generations to the 1920's. There were extensive flax fields and houses were built with lumber from the farm. The present house, was built in 1825, was the third one on the farm.

The first house sheltered Arcadians. Jonathan Abbot had built a second house across the road in 1756; twenty-two Arcadians from Nova Scotia were brought to Andover. The families of Jacques and Charles Esbert stayed in the first house, then vacant, of Jonathan Abbot. (354 So. Main St.) These were the first Roman Catholics and foreigners in Puritan Andover and they were not received with enthusiasm. However, their diligence soon won them friends here and when they moved on to settle in Springfield, they were missed.

Asa Sheldon, a Wilmington farmer wrote of being hired out to work for Capt. Stephen Abbot in the spring of 1811.

John B. Abbott b. 1813 married Caroline D.Woodbridge b. Aug. 1, 1822 dau. of Samuel & Dorcus (Russell) Woodbridge. John B. & Caroline had three children: May Caroline b. 1845 - d. June 28, 1917, Stephen Eugene b. Apr. 5, 1849 and Martha G. b. 1859. Caroline died on Mar. 10, 1898 and John B. on on Feb. 14, 1900.
Son Stephen Eugene Abbott would inherit the farm. Stephen married on April 28, 1875 to Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ryley b. Dec. 1850 daughter of Daniel & Mary Elizabeth Ryley. They had one son Stephen Edward Abbott b. 1876 - died Nov. 15, 1905 age 29. Stephen worked the farm and was a milk dealer. In June 1913 Stephen & Mary sold the farm to Helen F. Dyke, wife of Chalmer P. Dyke and retired to Orlando, Fl. They are interred in South Parish Cemetery.

Dyke held the property eight years then sold the homestead to Ruth M. Jenkins on Nov. 20, 1920. The property would remain in he Jenkins family until 2001. Ruthetta Maude (Baker) Jenkins was the widow of Henry Smith Jenkins b. Dec. 1838. Ruth b. Dec. 16, 1867 in Roxbury, MA was the daughter of John H. & Angeline L. (Kidder) Baker. Henry & Ruth married on Oct. 11, 1893 and had lived in New Hampshire and Mass. Henry's occupation is listed as "Capitalist" in 1900 census. Henry died on July 31, 1912 in Concord, NH. Henry & Ruth had two children; Henry Kidder b. Dec. 25, 1895 and Evelyn b. May 1897.

Ruth deeded the property over to her two children on Apr. 23, 1942. Henry K. Jenkins married Eleanor Carlton Reed b. 1913 daughter of Albra L. & Emma J. (Blackstone) Reed. Evelyn later sold her share of the property to her brother Henry in 1957. Mrs. Ruth Jenkins found religious artifact in her garden, probably brought from Europe, 1743 (by French Canadians?). Indian relics also unearthed here near a spring of water, indicating site of Indian village. Henry & Eleanor had one son Jonathan S. Jenkins. Henry died on Mar. 20, 1988 and Eleanor on Dec. 17, 1993. Jonathan then inherited the property for the estate.

Jonathan later sold the homestead to Beverly J. Macleod, wife of William on June 15, 2001. Macleod had no interest in restoring the period home. It was hoped at that time that the home could be moved just west of its original location by sub-dividing the property. The land was just a few hundred square feet shy of creating two conforming lots and the project was denied. This home was then purchased by Michael Ristuccia and moved to 375 South Main Street to save the home from demolition. This home and property became the catalyst for Andover's "Special Dimensional Permit" process for saving historic properties. The home was originally sited facing south at the NW corner of Ballardvale & Sunset Rock Roads.

Major alterations January 2002: removal of central chimney and summer kitchen in basement associated with moving the building; New owner Michael Ristuccia restored both during renovation; completed 2006. Ristuccia, an Andover native and contractor dismantled the center bay of the house and moved it in two sections on Feb. 24, 2002 to his property on 273 South Main Street. Ristuccia lived in and had restored the Holt house. The Abbott house sat vacant for three years until the By-law was passed at town meeting.

Acreage on Ballardvale Rd prior to move; 1.4 acres; approx. frontage Sunset Rock 235', Ballardvale Rd. 320'


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The house lot at 375 So. Main St.
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Inventory Data:

StreetBallardvale Rd
PlaceBallardvale - Scotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameStephen Abbot House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence, farm - flax fields
Construction Date1825
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone - granite
Wall/Trimwood clapboards
Roofasphalt shingles
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall shed and garage razed 2002
Major Alterations1/2002: removal of central chimney and summer kitchen associated w/moving the building; owner restored both during renovation; completed 2006
Move Details2/24/2002 to 375 South Main St.
Acreage1.4 acres; approx. frontage Sunset Rock 235', Ballardvale Rd. 320'
Map and parcel98-8
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 4/20/2016