49 Salem Street

Architectural Description: 

Style: Federal
Center entrance five bay house, fan light over front entrance.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development

This Federal style house contains 15 rooms and has five bedrooms. The property is one acre and was owned by Edward Payson in 1855. Payson sold to William H. Foster on Oct. 22, 1855. The Foster family owned the property for 81 years.

William Henry Foster was born May 25, 1824 in Andover, son of Daniel & Berthia (Hayward) Foster. William married on Oct. 27, 1846 to Rhoda Jane Luscomb b. 1848 in West Parish Andover, daughter of Richard & Rhoda Luscomb. William lists his occupation as Printer at the time of marriage. In the 1860 census Foster is boarding Charles G. Warren 23, Printer b. NH and James Cutler Jr. 19, printer's apprentice. In the 1870 and 1880 census William is listed as a Librarian.

"The Public Library of the City of Boston, A History", by Horace Greeley Wadin notes the following; "William H. Foster, after 30 years' service, died at his home in Andover, Nov. 2, 1888. He had devoted much time ro the careful revision and proof-reading of the catalogues of the Lower Hall and Branch Libraries, thereby by promoting accuracy of form and statement in these important publications."

William H. Foster died intestate and his his estate went to his wife Rhoda.

William H. and Rhoda had four children; George C. b. 1849, Ella H. b. 1851, William R. b. 1853 and Carrie H. b. 1859. William R. died young, and the remaining children took care of their mother, all continued living in the home. Rhoda Foster died on Dec. 8, 1911. The three children inherit the property.
George Foster died on Oct. 10, 1921 and Ella H. Foster died March 24, 1929. All are interred at South Parish Cemetery, Andover, MA

Carrie M. Foster sold to J. Emery Trott, wife Emma on Jan. 16, 1936. The Trotts owned for 12 years then selling to Anette L. Curran on June 15, 1944.
Annette was the wife of Maurice Curran Jr. and held the property for 10 years.

Curran sold to Samuel S. & Ann G. Rogers on May 11, 1954. Rogers held for 21 years thebn selling to Theodore J. & Katherine D. Ongaro on Oct. 10, 1975.
Ongaros lived here for 18 years before selling to Peter C. & Wendy B. Cowie on July 1, 1993. The deed was placed in Wendy's name in Sept. 1993. The Cowie family owned for 23 years selling on March 4, 2016 to Jeryl A. Williams, wife of Ned Williams.


Essex County Registry Deeds, Salem, MA
Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA

Edward Payson - owned in 1855
William H. Foster, wife Rhoda - Oct. 22, 1855 - b. 522 leaf 264
Willaim H. Foster estate - died Nov. 2, 1888 - intestate - Probate
Rhoda J. Foster, widow, heir - 1888 - 1911
Rhoda J. Foster estate, heirs; George C., Ella H. & Carrie M. Foster - 1911
George C. Foster estate, heirs; Ella H. & Carrie M. Foster - Oct. 10, 1921
Ella H. Foster estate, heir; Carrie M. Foster - Mar. 24, 1929
Carrie M. Foster - 1911 - 1936 - by inheritance
J. Emery Trott, wife Emma - Jan 16, 1936 - b. 596 p. 579
Annette L. Curran - June 15, 1944 - b. 665 p. 262
Samuel S. & Ann G. Rogers - May 11, 1954 - b. 791 p. 243
Theodore J. & Katherine D. Ongaro - Oct. 10, 1975 - b. 1269 p. 506
Peter C. & Wendy Cowie - July 1, 1993 - b. 3772 p. 114
Wendy Cowie - Sept. 27, 1993 - b. 3843 p. 326
Jeryl A. Williams, Mar. 4, 2016 - b. 14552 p. 178

Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameWilliam H. Foster House
Construction Dateca. 1798
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresstable at rear
Major Alterationsdoorway replaced Remodeled (1930's)
Move Detailsno
Acreage1 acre; approx. frontage: 180'
Map and parcel58-8
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 3/6/2015