5 - 7 Locke Street

Architectural Description: 


Unique double mirror image apartment building with exquisite features. Twin curved glass bays on the first floor.
Porch and roof fencing, sunset widows in dormers. Eyebrow doormer in center roof line with railing.
Deep eaves with extensive corbel brackets.
Modified steep hip roof broken up mass with gable dormers.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, community development.

This parcel was once part of the larger Amos Blanchard homestead property at 97 Main St. (now the home of the Andover Historical Society) The Blanchard lot extended along Main St. from Locke Street to 77 Main Street. The Edward Taylor family owned the Blanchard house and land from 1849 - 1893. Edward Taylor died on May 23, 1893 and Oliver B. Taylor, was appointed Executor of Taylor's estate June 12, 1893 - probate court. Oliver Taylor began selling off house lots north and south of the Taylor homestead.

Ovid Chapman purchased the lot from Taylor on July 21, 1897 and built the double apartment house as income property. Oct. 15, 1897 AT p1 – "Work on O. Chapman’s new double house on Locke Street is progressing rapidly." Chapman was a real estate developer and built several homes in the neighbor hood. Chapman Ave is named for him. Ovid mortgaged the house in July 1902 for $4250 to William H. Wade. Chapman however defaulted on the load and his daughter Harriet (Hattie) Chapman purchased the outstanding mortgage of $3000. from Wade. Hattie's father deeded the property to her in May 1908. Harriett and her mother Rose A. Chapman held the property form 1908-1926.

Chapman sold to David Hartigan on Oct. 20, 1926. David Hartigan had first purchased a house at #1 Hartigan Ct. (Clarks Ct.) from Justin Clark on July 23, 1904 which was rental income. David would later acquire all four properties on the court. David was born in Oct. 1855 in Lawrence, son of Irish parents Michael & Maria Hartigan. David was a finisher in the Wool mills. David married on April 16, 1885 to Mary Ann O’Brien b. Dec. 1855 in Scotland, dau. of James & Kate (Callahan) O’Brien. Daniel & Mary had three children Gertrude b. Jan. 1890 adopted, John Joseph b. Sept. 19, 1893 and Daniel Augustus b. Sept 7, 1894. They moved to Andover by 1900 and lived at #202 North Main St., later at #188. David Hartigan and family moved to 5 Hartigan Ct. in 1916.

Sons; John J. was a physician and Daniel, a pharmacist, opened Hartigan’s Drug Store in the new K&D Merchant’s Block at 64 Main St. November 1924. The drug store entrance was located on the corner of the block. Handsome mahogany fixtures, a marble soda fountain with mirrored back bar and mahogany & stained glass telephone booth were installed in the pharmacy. Hartigan’s remained the longest tenant closing in the 1978 - (now CVS).

David Hartigan purchased 5 Locke St. on Oct. 20, 1926 and sells all the properties to son Dr. John J. Hartigan on Dec. 2, 1935. Wife Mary died on Jan. 4, 1932 and David moved to Locke St. with his son John and his wife Celeste. David died in 1937. John J. held the properties on Hartigan Court until August 1945 when all the lots were sub-divided and sold off separately. John then sold the Locke Street house.

Raymond & Ruth Wilkinson purchased the property on Aug. 23, 1945. and held for ten years selling to Dorothy S. McBride in June 1955.
Joseph B. & Mirium Doherty bought on September 16, 1963. Dennis A. Doherty got the property in Feb. 1976 and held for 27 years.
On Jan 10, 2003 Darlene Raza acquired the property.


Essex Registry Deeds, Salem, MA
Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA
See Map 1541 Aug. 1945 - John J. Hartigan

Rev. Amos Blanchard Jr. - 1849 - by Will
Edward Taylor - Mar. 5, 1849 - b. 408 lf. 192-194
Edward Taylor Estate - died May 23, 1893
Oliver B. Taylor - Executor - June 12, 1893 -probate court
Ovid Chapman - July 21, 1897 b. 156 p. 595 lot
William H. Wade - July 1, 1902 - b. 196 p. 352 mtg.
Ovid Chapman - May 9, 1908 - b. 260 p. 556 possession
Harriett Chapman & Rose A. Chapman - May 9, 1980 - b. 260 p. 557
Daniel Hartigan - Oct. 20, 1926 - b. 526 p. 515
John J. Hartigan - Dec. 2, 1935 - b. 594 p. 298 - first parcel
John J. & Celeste Hartigan - Aug. 23, 1945 - b. 676 p. 17 small triangle piece
Raymond & Ruth Wilkinson - Aug. 23, 1945 - b. 676 p. 19
Dorothy S. McBride - June 28, 1955 - b. 815 p. 412
Joseph B. & Miriam Doherty - Sept. 16, 1963 - b. 994 p. 34
Dennis A. Doherty - Feb. 3, 1976 - b. 1275 p. 175
Darlene Raza - Jan. 10, 2003 - b. 7429 p. 178

Inventory Data:

StreetLocke St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictMain/Locke Streets NRH District
Historic NameChapman - Hartigan House
Present Useresidence-apartments
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1898-99
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderOvid Chapman
Wall/Trimwood shingles, vinyl cladding clapboards
Acreage11,060 sq. ft. Approximate frontage 70'
Map and parcel55-121
MHC NumberANV.282
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77 02/17/2006, 3/2014