5 Liberty Street

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne period, modified style, Fish scale cedar shingle bands decorate the front and side gables. Scroll work on front entry porch, bay window

Historical Narrative: 

The house is in the Shawsheen Village National Register Historic District, surveyed in 1977 and created in 1979. It was designated a National Register Historic District in 1980 by the Massachusetts Historical Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Shawsheen Village was named after the Native American name for the river Shawshin, which means Great Spring. Prior to Shawsheen Village this area was known as Frye Village. The Town of Andover gained a right of way through the property in 1898 for the construction of the town’s sewer system and filter beds for leeching. The road was named Filter Bed Rd. from Haverhill St. to its terminus at the beds. The south end of the street from Sutherland to Haverhill Strees is now known as Liberty St., first appears in town directories in 1930. This property at #5 boarders the road on the east and north sides.

This property numbering is a challenge as it was once listed as 80 Haverhill St. in the late 1800's and also appears as 78 and 78 1/2 in 1926 & 1928. The 1922 map of Shawsheen Village lists this house as the Holt property. As the Shawsheen Village took shape the numbers where changed as new lots and homes were built along Haverhill St.

Map #708 created in Sept. 1927, at Registry of Deeds, Lawrence, shows Haverhill St, Filter Bed Rd., Enmore and Carlisle Streets. #76 Haverhill St. (now 4 Liberty 2014), is listed as parcel lot #22. Map #877 June 1932 lists that lot as #38. The American Woolen Co. acquired that former Warwick property, #76 Haverhill St. in 1920.

This property and house was once occupied by Issac M. & Sybel Hardy in the 1870's. A William Peters held a mortgage on the property which Sybel Hardy purchased, after the death of Issac, for $294.26 on Sept. 9, 1874. Sybel held the property which contain two lots; the house lot on 1 1/2 acres and a four acre 48 rod parcel on the south side of Haverhill St. across the street, now occupied by 79 - 81 - 87 Haverhill St.

Sybel sold the property to Charlotte A. Thomas of Andover, widow, on Nov. 11, 1885. Charlottte held for 7 months then selling to Henrietta B. N. Bosworth of Portland, ME, wife of Louis on June 11, 1886. This was investment income property for Bosworth. She owned for three years then sold to George Mander on Sept. 23, 1889.

George Mander was born Feb. 1833 in England. He emigrated to the US in 1873 at age 27 with his wife Mary Ann b. 1844 and three children, Sarah A. b. 1866, Lizzie b. 1869, and Piety b. 1872. They settled in Andover and George worked as a gardener for George W.W. Dove on the Dove estate "The Croft" on North Main St. in 1885. George & Mary had five more children Caroline b. 1876, John H. b. Mar. 1878, Mary B., b. June1881, Marion b. Nov. 1884, and Thomas who died on Nov. 1, 1885. Wife Mary Ann Mander died on April 7, 1889 at age 45.

George, now 57, remarried on March 26, 1890 to the widow Eliza J. (Grieve) Leslie. Eliza was the daughter of James & Betsey (Middleton) Grieve, b. in Aug. 1858 in Scotland. and immigrated in 1881 at age 19. George was a gardener and kept a small farm growing vegetables and flowers. In 1900 census George & Eliza have his three youngest children, and two of Eliza's children Grace and Philip Leslie all now of age and working, sharing the home. A 5 year old cousin Leslie M. Christenson is also listed.
George died on July 5, 1920 and is interred at Spring Grove Cemetery.

Of the children of George Mander; Caroline married Llewelln D. Pomeroy, lived in Chstnut St., Piety married Wilson Knipe an Andover Plumber and George lived out his days with them on Walnut Ave. Marion L. married Frederick Wilkinson who died young at 27 in Nov. 1907. Marion then lived with her father with her two daughters Marion and Mary. Jon H. Mander never married and Mary B. married a Manning. Lizzie married Wm. Scott lived in CA. There is also an Annie who married john Flanagan and lived in Boston.

George Mander sold the property to Frank L. Holt, wife Esther on Apr. 15, 1914. Holt owned the property for 29 years. Frank is listed as a Caretaker living at 80 Haverhill St.
In 1928 Frank & Esther are at #78 1/2 Haverhill and John & Evelyn Winters are at #78. John is a Caretaker. 1930 directory we find #6 Liberty St. with Earl D. & Helen M. Batchelder residents. Earl is a Serviceman and in 1932 working for the American Woolen CO. From 1935- 1943 Clyde & Anne N. Barlow lease the home. Clyde is an electrical engineer in Lawrence.

Holt sells the property to Siegfried E. & Selma Baer on Nov. 15, 1943. Bear owns from 1943 - 1977.


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Inventory Data:

StreetLiberty St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Historic NameIsaac Hardy - George Mander House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence, farmhouse
Construction Date1870 - 1872
SourceERDS, ENRDL, assessers' rec./style-njs
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Roofasphalt - gable
Map and parcel18-31
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 8/26/2015