5 Punchard Ave

Historical Narrative: 

This house is the oldest house on Punchard Ave. and most likely the first built on the lane about 1845-1846.

Punchard Ave was once called Universalist Court in 1829, when young James Cochrane began his apprenticeship here as a blacksmith on site of #3 Punchard Ave. Cochrane later of "Cochrane Farm", #5 Punchard, where "everyone went for fresh milk." E. Kendall Jenkins, writing of "Main Street in 1853: "next was Merrill Pettingill's blacksmith shop, later J. H. Cochrane's shop, still later, home of Capt. Joshua Ballard" (#1 now). Site of old blacksmith shop of Sam Pettingill, moved here in 1880's and razed in 1892.

James H. Cochran(e) purchased the 2 acre 148 rod parcel of land from Samuel Abbott & William Abbott of Charlestown, MA on May 27, 1845 for $585. The parcel extended from Bartlet St to the Marland House property at #1 Punchard Ave. James learned his trade with Merrill Pettingill in his shop located at the site of #1 Punchard. The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule lists James H. Cochran's assessment: Dwelling house, Shed, 2 acres land and blacksmith shop $1300. Personal Estate Cow $20.

James Hanson Cochran(e) was born on Aug. 31, 1815 in Reading, MA son of James & Mary "Polly" (Emerson) Cochran. James came to Andover and apprenticed under Merrill Pettingill as a Blacksmith. James married on Dec. 25, 1839 to Sarah S. Towne, b. Jan. 27, 1819 in Andover, MA daughter of Daniel & Hannah (Harris) Towne. James & Hannah had eight children, of which three survived to adulthood; John W. b. Apr. 2, 1841 - d. Nov. 22, 1916, Hartwell E. b. 1843 - d.?, James Calvin b. Jan. 1845 - d. Apr. 24, 1877, Parker Emerson b. Jan. 19, 1845 - d. May 11, 1909, Rufus H. b. Nov. 1849 - d. Feb. 5, 1850, William "Willie" b. June 1857 - d. May 18, 1859, S. Estella b. Feb. 1860 - d. Sept. 2, 1861 and C. Arthur b. July 1862 - d. June 24, 1863.

James H. is listed as blacksmith and also farmer also owning pasture and woodland in Andover. James retired in 1887.

May 20, 1887 AA p2 – Two young men known in Andover, John Anderson and Charles Bowman, have formed a partnership, and purchased the blacksmith business and good will of James H. Cochrane, who has done business for many years on Punchard Avenue. They are both competent workmen, the former has been employer both by Mr. John Faulkner, and later by Mr. Harriman; the junior member served his apprenticeship under Mr. Cochrane. See “ad”
“ANDERSON & BOWMAN” - Successors to James H. Cochrane – Blacksmithing, Horse Shoeing and Jobbing done with promptness and dispatch. Particular attention paid to the treatment of interfering and over-reaching horses. Punchard Ave. Andover Mass.”

May 27, 1887 p2. AA – Mr. James H. Cochrane who sold his blacksmith shop last week, to Andover & Bowman, has worked in that shop for 56 years. He learned his trade there and owned it upwards of half a century.
May 4, 1888 AT - Anderson & Bowman have already out-grown the accommodations of their shop on Punchard Ave. and this week have moved into the old stand of A. R. Frame on Park St. Here they have increased faculties not only for their shoeing, but for general jobbing and carriage work.

March 25, 1892 AT - p.1 C. A. Booth, who now resides on Bartlet Street has purchased of James Cochrane the lot of land occupied by the old blacksmith shop on Punchard Ave. He will have a house erected there. [5 Punchard Ave]

Apr. 1, 1892 AT – Apr. 1, 1892 AT p.1 – The clanging of the anvil and the music of the blacksmith's hammer will probably never be heard again on Punchard Avenue; certainly not in the old shop which ad become almost a landmark, in its many years of occupancy by blacksmith Cochrane. But a dwelling house demands the site and the old shop has been torn down the past week, and soon a more modern building will probably stand where the “Old Blacksmith Shop” has stood for so many years.
Sept. 2, 1892 AT – C. B. Mason has the contract to build the new residence for Mr. C. A. Booth on Punchard Ave. W. P. Reagan is the architect.
Oct. 7, 1892 - Contractor C. B. Mason has begun work on the new residence for C. A. Booth on Punchard Ave.

James died on Nov. 21, 1895 and is interred at Spring Grove Cemetery. Sarah died on May 15, 1899.
Nov. 22, 1895 AT Obit. p 5 – The death of James H. Cochrane

Nov. 29, 1895 AT Funeral services for James H. Cochrane were held at his home on Punchard Ave. Sunday afternoon. A large number of friends and neighbors gathered to pay last homage to a good citizen. Rev. W. E. Gibbs of the Universalist Church, Lawrence conducted a very impressive funeral service. Remains placed in tomb at Spring Grove – burial in the spring at South Cemetery. (Interred at Spring Grove Cemetery in family lot)

Sons John W. and Parker E. Cochran inherit the estate. John W. Cochran, a silversmith, married on May 7, 1899 at age 58 to Ella M. Whittaker age 48, b. May 4, 1850 dau. of Lawrence & Catherine (Palmer) Whittaker. John would deed the property to his brother Parker. John W. & Ella lived on Tewksbury St. in Ballardvale. Ella died of a cerebral hemorrhage on May 2, 1910. John died Nov. 22, 1916.

The former barn was moved to 64 Summer St. at the corner of Pine St. and the empty lot was then parceled off and a two family home was built at 7 Punchard St.

Parker E.Cochran b. Jan. 19, 1845 - d. May 11, 1909 was a Printer. He lived in the home at 5 Punchard Ave. Parker never married. AT May 14,1 909 p. 4 Obituary. "Parker Emerson Cochran - Late Tuesday morning, Parker E> Cochran died at his home on Punchard Avenue. Death was due to apoplexy. He was born in Andover Feb. 28, 1843, (different from AVR) and was the son of John Cochran, who long had a blacksmith shop on Punchard avenue. After his school days in the public schools and Phillips Academy, he learned the trade of a printer, under the late W. F. Draper. For many years he followed his trade in Boston and at one time had a business of his own in that city. About fifteen years ago he returned to his home town and has since lived quietly at the family home.
A man of quiet tastes and a wide reader, he employed himself with his books and the tasks about the place. ...."

In Parker's Will he left $500. to his only brother John W. Cochran. The Property was left to two cousins, Ella Gatchell 1/4 share and Annie M. Cross 1/4 share. The remainder 1/2 of the property was left to "my honored housekeeper Nellie Dennehy," who was also appointed Executrix of his estate. Nellie was born in May 1875 in Ireland.

Nellie deeded this property to the cousins of Parker, Ella Gatchell and Annie M. Cross, who owned jointly. Nellie took the second home located at #9 Punchard. The barn was later removed and the property sub-divided again for the construction of the house at #7 Punchard Ave. The Cochran house was used a rental property by Gatchell & Cross until sold to Victor R. Woods on Aug. 12, 1924. Victor age 33 is listed as a Clerk. Woods held for just one year then sold to Joseph N. & Harriet P. Aston, and Ethel F. Brown on May 21, 1925. The lived next door at #7 and the home returned to rental income property.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPunchard Av
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameJames H. Cochrane House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1845 - 1846
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimclapboards/vinyl siding
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterationsrear additions, vinyl siding, replacement windows Former barn at east end of house moved to 64 Summer at corner o f Pine St.
Acreage0.185 acre
Map and parcel39-71
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMar. 20, 2016