5 Washington Avenue

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne style home. This home combined clapboard and shingles with field-stone porch foundation and an unusual corner double bay window on the south side creating a tower appearance.
A second double bay two story toward the rear. Bracketed eaves and paired porch posts, (now single posts). Elements of Shingle Style with variety of wood and stone features.

Historical Narrative: 

Washington Ave. was constructed in 1889 and named on the Centennial of George Washington’s visit to Andover in 1789. Constructed over farm land of Charles O. Cummings, house lots were then sold off to residents and developers. By 1906 eighteen new homes had been built. Interesting to note that five new owners, Tyler, Lewis, Gray, Stiles and Caldwell were House Carpenters and Cummings and Wardwell were developers at each end of the avenue.
Aug. 30, 1889 Andover Townsman p. 4 - The new street, Washington Ave. is progressing rapidly, and from all appearances it is likely to be a good piece of road. The ledge at the Elm Street end had been blasted sufficiently, and the men are now engaged cutting down the ground above the grad and filling in the lower places. Quite a piece stretching from Summer Street is ready for the finishing touches.
October 25, 1889 AT – The new street Washington Ave. is beginning to look like a very good piece of road. The top dressing of red spring gravel is being put on.
Nov. 1, 1889 p.1 AT Commissioner Hayward has finished putting the top coat of Red Spring gravel on Washington Ave. and one sidewalk has been made the entire length.

AT – Oct. 15, 1897 – Wm. C. Nutting of Lawrence has been given the contract to build a residence for Herbert F. Chase on Washington Avenue. The plans are from the office of J.L. Ellis of Lawrence. The batters were put up this week. (#5 Washington Ave)

AT Mar. 18, 1898 – Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Chase held their first reception at their new home on Washington Avenue, last evening. About 100 relatives and friends gathered and spent an enjoyable evening…. The spacious rooms were tastefully decorated with palms and potted plants…

Herbert Fairbanks Chase, born June 30, 1859 in Springfield, VT, son of Albe & Miriam (Chase) Chase. Herb moved to Andover and worked as a machinist for Smith & Dove Manuf. Co. for six years before establishing his own business in athletics and bicycles in 1891. Herb married on Jan. 20, 1898 to Margaret Leslie Abbott b. Jan. 20, 1874, Andover, dau. of Nathan F. & Margaret (Smith) Abbott. Herb and Margaret had one son, Abbott b. Dec. 1898.
AT Aug. 21, 1891 - H. P. Chase has moved into his new quarters in J. W. Barnard's building on Post Office Avenue (13 Barnard St.)
Sept. 9, 1892 AT - H. F. Chase has a novel sign over his shop door in the shape of the representation of a large bicycle wheel.
Chase had a very successful bicycle business and shop as the agent for Colombia’ cycles. He expanded into athletic equipment and sporting gear, providing team uniforms for all the sports at Phillips Academy, and many of the league teams in the area. When the Musgrove building was completed in June 1895 he moved his store to that location, again the first tenant, and in Sept. 1907 to the new ARCO Building also as the first tenant there.
AT Aug. 30, 1907 Editorial Cinders – It is an interesting incident associated with the removal of H. F. Chase to the new Arco Building, that he was the first to occupant of the Barnard Block [13 Barnard St.] on the corner of Main & Barnard streets 17 years ago, the first occupant of the new Musgrove block when it was completed, and is now the first occupant of the Arco Building. May continued success and prosperity follow him in his latest move.

Herb sold his new home to Herbert H. Hill and Hannah J. Williams on Oct. 30, 1903 and moved over to 95 Elm Street with his brother Omar P. Chase.

AT July 16, 1942 p. 6, Obit. Herbert Fairbanks Chase, “well known to thousands of Phillips Academy athletes whose teams he outfitted for nearly forty years as proprietor of the local sporting goods store now managed by William Poland…..He was affectionately known as “Herb” to everyone connected with sports locally for several decades….During his long career as a local merchant he became in integral figure in local sports circles.”

Herbert H. Hill b. Aug. 21, 1866 in Andover, son of Henry A. & Abigail A. (Blake) Hill. Hill was educated in the public schools, graduated from Cornell University and Kentucky State Univ. as a textile chemist. He was employed at Washington Mills in Lawrence. Herbert married Agnes Jane Wells, b. 1872 in London.
Herbert and Agnes had two children, Herbert Wells b. Oct. 10, 1902 and Ruth Bond b. Feb. 7, 1904. Sadly Herbert died on Dec. 25, 1905 of peritonitis, age 39 and is interred in South Parish Cemetery. It appears that Hannah J. Williams was a business partner in the property with Hill and took ownership after Herbert’s death. Williams, living in Lawrence, sold the property to Agnes W. Gillen, wife of James on Dec. 14, 1907.

The Yunggebauer family purchased the property in 1915 and continue as owners of record in 2020 now 104 years. Yunggebauer owned a provisions & meat market located at 10 North Main Street in the Daly Block. The business relocated to the Elm Block at #5 Elm St. in 1920. Marie A. & Gustav Yunggebauer purchased the “Elm Block” property at 5-7 Elm Street, which included an empty lot to the east on June 30, 1920 from Frances A. Flint, widow of John H. Flint. The Yunggebauer store was called the “Andover Cash Market” when it first opened, later known as the “Andover Market”. In 1923 Gustav & Marie are listed as the proprietors and Fred Yunggebauer as a clerk. The Andover Market remained in business from 1920-1960’s. In 1922 G. A. Yunggebauer built a new business block on his empty lot. This is the Andover Spa building today.

Gustav Adolph Yunggebauer was born in Bavaria, Germany April 2, 1871, son of August & Helen (Motz) Yunggebauer, emigrated with his parents in 1874. He later had a butcher shop in Lawrence. Gustav married on May 28, 1895 in Lawrence, to Marie “Mary” Alma Emmert b. Jan. 1876 in Saxony, Germany, dau. of Julius & Bertha Emmert. They had two children Gustav Emmert b. Nov. 19, 1896- d. mar. 19, 1915 and Helen b. Apr. 9, 1905. Both Gus and Mary became naturalized citizens, 1893 and 1896 respectively. Gustav died Dec. 3, 1939 in Andover.


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Inventory Data:

StreetWashington Av
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameHerbert F. Chase - Marie Yunggebauer House
Present Useresidence - 2 family
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1897
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Architect/BuilderJ. L. Ellis Architect/William C. Nutting builder
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimclapboard/wood/vinyl clad
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresgarage
Major Alterationsvinyl siding, porch double columns removed to singles, conversion into a two family home
Acreage0.229 acre
Map and parcel21-80
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 4/12/2016, 1/30/2020