5 Wolcott Avenue

Architectural Description: 

Craftsman bungalow style; wide eaves and rafter stick work; stucco and half timbered under gable. use of field stone on porch wall combines natural textural design elements. Possibly a Frank Lloyd Wright bungalow plan according to the Fields.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Agricultural, Architectural, Community development

Wolcott Avenue was laid out in March 1902 by engineer John E. Smith Map #96. It is said to have been named for Governor Roger Wolcott former Lt. Governor 1893-1897 and then Gov. from 1897-1900. The street had 29 house lots and was a portion of the 25 acre Samuel B. Locke estate at 70 Elm St. The farm extended down to Maple Ave and was bounded by Walnut and Elm Streets. Anne H. Locke, wife of Samuel B., held the deed on Apr. 12, 1876. Anne sold off some of the first lots on the Ave before naming her daughter Florence M. Locke her Trustee on June 2, 1909. Florence then had charge of selling the remaining house lots. Annie and Florence had life tenancy in the Locke homestead at 70 Elm St.

All the deeds came with restrictions. Only one home per lot, either single or a two family. The home had to cost at least $3000 above the foundation. The cost was later raised to $3500. A set back of 30’ from the street and all garages in the rear of the property. By the 1920’s they restricted one story bungalows.
Wolcott Ave has a diverse mix of styles including modified Queen Anne, Shingle style craftsman, Bungalow craftsman, Four Square, Colonial Revival and Dutch Colonial homes.

This parcel "lot # 3 - 0.19536 acre, 8425 sq. ft. was sold to Annie M. Barton, wife of Elisha R. on Mar. 16, 1911. The home was built in 1911 but not for Nellie (Russell) Carter as previously noted. The Carters owned across the street at #6 Wolcott. Andover Townsman - Aug. 25, 1911 - "Work on E. R. Barton's new bungalow on Wolcott avenue has been completed, and Mr. Barton and his family will move in next week." The Bartons are listed here in the 1913 Andover Directory. Elisha R. Barton was born in March 1865 in Massachusetts, son of John & Sarah L. Barton. Elisha married in Lawrence, MA on July 26, 1884 to Annie M. Holmes, born May 1863 in Manchester, England, dau. of Thomas & Lea Holmes. Annie immigrated in 1872. In 1908 they are living at 75 Elm St. Elisha was a machinist for the Tyer Rubber Co. They had three children; Frank H. b. 1884, Minnie E. b. 1885 and Ella b. Feb. 1888.

Daniel P. Webster, wife Mary A. purchased the home on June 26, 1914. Daniel P. Webster was born 1868 in Nova Scotia, Canada, was a Teamster with his own business. His wife Mary A. (Elliot) Webster was born in New Brunswick, Canada. They had two sons, Guy E. b. 1897 and Elliot b. 1903. Webster owned four years.

Arthur P. Phillips purchased on the home on Mar. 23, 1918. Arthur Page Phillips was born Nov. 17, 1878 in Bradford, MA, son of Charles & Edith A. (Page) Phillips. He was a mechanical designer working for Crosby Steam Gage & Valve in Charlestwon, MA when he moved to Andover. Arthur had married Alice M. Day on Oct. 15, 1907 in Haverhill, MA. Alice b. 1880 daughter of Eugene W. & Alice A. (Kimball) Day. They lived in Haverhill. Alice died and Arthur married in 1918 to Caroline M. b. 1896. They had one son, Arthur P. Jr. b. 1918. Sadly Arthur Sr. died on Sept. 24, 1918. Leaving a young widow and infant son.

The 1920 Census lists Caroline M. at 5 Wolcott Ave with 2 year old son Arthur P. What is also unusual is Caroline lists two boarders, Chester Berry age 1 year 8 months and Alice M. Strickler 11 months old. The 1920 Valuation list Arthur Phillips estate heirs; House $2200, garage $100, 8425 sq. ft. of land $900 = $3200 assessment. Caroline M. Ingram, legatee of Arthur, inherited on Nov. 7, 1918. Caroline remarried to Thomas F. Ingram.

Caroline owned and occupied the home for 16 years then selling to Leon A. & Pauline G. Field on Oct. 15, 1934.


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5 Wolcott – 38-193 - Lot 3 - 0.19536 acre – 8425 sq. ft.
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Inventory Data:

StreetWolcott Av
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameElisha R. & Annie M. Barton House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1911
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleCraftsman/Bungalow
Major Alterationsbay window on north facade not origianl
Acreage0.19536 acre; lot size: 8425 sq. ft.; approx. frontage: 75'
Map and parcel38-193
MHC NumberANV.590
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 4/22/2018