50 Walnut Avenue

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne style, a slate gable roof (1976) 3 fireplaces, shingles and clapboards create visual texture
Interesting pairing of double windows.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development
Formerly #26 Walnut Street renumbered #50
Original owner: Joseph M. Bradley

This property was once owned by John H. Flint who developed Carmel Ave. Flint sold this corner lot to Joseph M. Bradley of Lawrence, MA for $500 on June 30, 1886. Bradley had the home built. Joseph Bradley was a clothing merchant and proprietor of a store at 13 Main Street.

June 2, 1887 Andover Advertiser AA – pg 2 - Mr. Joseph Bradley has built an entrance to the tenement over his store, which is a decided improvement over the old one. He desires to let the tenement.
Sept. 22, 1893 – AT - The work fitting up Bradley’s building, which was recently damaged by fire, has begun and will be pushed along as rapidly as possible. Hardy and Cole will do the carpentry work and E. J. Rowe the interior decorating. The Elm Club will also refit its rooms at once.
Nov. 24, 1893 AA – The “Elm Club” has taken possession of its newly furnished rooms in the J. M. Bradley’s building. They have been thoroughly redecorated by E. J. Rowe, and the fittings are much handier since the fire. Mr. Bradley’s store is being put into shape slowly, but when finished, he intends it shall be the handsomest store in town, which means simply that he is going to put Mr. Hannon’s new store in the shade.
Nov. 24, 1893 AT – p 5- The interior of J. M. Bradley’s store, which was burned out, is to be put in better shape than ever. George E. Crawley of Boston will put in a mosaic floor, and J. A. Kennedy of Haverhill will do the decorating.
Jan. 24, 1896 AT p5 New Tailoring Firm – Burns & Crowley is the name of the new firm. Conducted by Joseph M. Bradley – March 1 – Bradley to open a new store in Lawrence, - long article about who worked for who.
April 17, 1896 AT – p1. Jos. M. Bradley has sold the building on Main Street, now occupied by Burns & Crowley and the Cutshamache Club, to John Ford of Lawrence.
In March 1896 Joseph M. Bradley sold his business to W. J. Burns & M. J. Crowley and established Burns & Crowley. It was described as, “The handsomest tailoring and gent’s furnishing goods store in the state.” They were also agents for Scriptures Laundry. The two men had worked in the trade under Mr. Bradley & Paul Hannon.

Joseph Bradley took a mortgage through Mary Jowett for $5500 on June 5, 1894. The property contained five parcels of land on Walnut and Carmel Streets. Bradley defaulted and Jowett took possession of his property. Mary sold the mortgage deed to John W. Jowett on June 7, 1897 for $5200. The property was then sold to John H. Grout, also a merchant and proprietor of a hotel in Boston. John H. transferred the property through his son Frank B. Grout in Dec. 1901 to his wife Mary G. Grout. The Grout family lived here until they purchased the former Dean - Howland home at 77 Main St. in 1910.

Mary G. Grout, wife of Frank B. Grout. May 13, 1910 AT p.1 – Old Dean place on Main St., later Howland estate sold to F. B. Grout. Aug. 26, 1910 AT - Frank B. Grout and family are moving into the house on Main Street recently purchased by Mr. Grout. The Grout family lived at 26 Walnut Ave. before purchasing the Dean House. In 1913 Frank Grout was a proprietor of a hotel in Boston and the resident directory lists two sons, John W. and Walter as students.

This home was then sold to Parmenas W. & Christine I. Partridge on Sept. 24, 1910. The Partridge family would own for 49 years. Parmenas Partridge sold the home in 1940 to his son Walter with a life residency in the second floor apartment for he and his wife. Walter Partridge had married Dorothy Trott, a teacher, who would later become the assistant principal at Andover Junior High School in the 1960's Dorothy taught Latin. Partridge sold to Ann B. Whitehouse of Raymond, Maine on June 22, 1959. Partridges then moved to Bartlet St.

Ann Whitehouse then sold to Carol C. Whitehouse also of Raymond, ME on April 22, 1960. Carol owned for three years then selling to James E. & Ruth Fox on July 31, 1963. The Fox family owned for 37 years. They sold to Stephen Jungmann & Elizabeth Clough on Aug. 14, 2000.


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Andover Townsman, July 3, 1890
Map #1806 - May 9, 1947 - Partridge

John H. Flint - land
Joseph M. Bradley - June 30, 1886 - b. 87 p. 104 - lot of land
Joseph M. Bradley - June 5, 1894 - b. 133 p. 101 mtg. loan 5 parcels
Mary Jowett, wife of William - June 5, 1894 - b. 133 p. 101 mtg. deed 5 parcels
Mary Jowett - June 5, 1897 - b. 155 p. 526 - Possession
John W. Jowett - June 7, 1897 - b. 155 p. 526 mtg. sale
John H. Grout, wife. Grout - Dec. 17, 1901 - b. 190 b. 559
James J. Sullivan - Dec. 14, 1901 - b. 190 p. 560
Mary G. Grout - Dec. 14, 1901 - b. 190 p. 561
Parmenas W. & Christine I. Partridge - Sept. 24, 1910 - b. 296 p. 243
Walter H. Partridge - Apr. 28, 1938 - b. 614 p. 591
Walter H. & Dorothy T. Partridge - May 15, 1940 - b. 630 p. 525
Ann B. Whitehouse - June 22, 1959 - b. 896 p. 117
Carol C. Whitehouse, wife of Brooks Jr. - Apr. 22, 1960 - b. 926 p. 10
James E. & Ruth A. Fox - July 31, 1963 - b. 990 p. 477
Stephen Jungmann & Elizabeth Clough - Aug. 14, 2000 - b. 5832 p. 225

Inventory Data:

StreetWalnut Av
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameJoseph M. Bradley house
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1886 - 1887
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Architect/BuilderHardy & Cole (builders)
Foundationbrick and stone
Wall/Trimclapboards - shingles
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structurescarriage house
Major Alterationsgarage/carriage house razed (1969)
Acreage0.648 acre; lot size: 28,214 sq. ft.; approx. frontage: Carmel Rd - 240', Walnut Ave - 140'
Map and parcel20-63
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 3/2/2016