54 Maple Avenue
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Architectural Description: 

Federal style, window configuration may have been altered after 1880

Historical Narrative: 

The home at 54 Maple Street was moved to this location from 55 High St in February 1880. It was owned by John L. Smith who purchased the property at High St. in 1871. Smith lived in the home, then built a new house on the property in 1879. Smith purchased land to the rear of his home on Maple Ave. from John Flint in 1877. This home was then moved, turned to face Maple Ave. We now believe this home is the Mary Dillaway house built about 1822.

Dillaway house at 55 High Street:
Samuel Needham & Nathan Townsend sold a 1 acre 55 sq. rod lot to Mary Dillaway for $45 on Apr. 30, 1821. Mary Dillaway had built a home on the lot during her six years of ownership as when she sells to Joseph Faulkner, wife Lydia, on Dec. 5, 1827 for $300 it includes buildings.

Joseph Faulkner was a machinist business partner with John Smith in Frye Village, building weaving machinery for the textile industry. Falkner died suddenly on Aug. 5, 1831 at age 48. The Faulkner home was in Frye Village on south end portion of Wood Park. His widow Lydia held the property another 14 years then selling to David S. Roberts on Apr. 17, 1845. David paid $306.60 for the property.

David Sands Roberts was born in Framingham, MA, was a machinist. He married Sarah Elizabeth Frye on Feb. 5, 1834 in Andover. Sarah was born June 25, 1816, dau. of Zachariah & Sarah “Sally” Frye. They had three children; Jonathan Herbert bpt. May 30, 1841 and twins, Lydia Eliza and Sarah Elizabeth bpt. July 7, 1844 at Christ Church. Roberts owned for 23 years.
1850 Valuation – David S. Roberts – Dwelling house, barn and 2 acres $1700
1860 Valuation - David S. Roberts – Dwelling house, barn and 2 acres $1350

Arthur N. Bean, wife Abbie purchased the property on May 28, 1868 for $1000. Arthur then sold to Charlotte C. Smith, wife of James H. Smith, a blacksmith, on Oct. 3, 1868. John Barry, wife Margaret – purchased on Sept. 17, 1869 for $1200. John Barry was born in Ireland in 1830 and wife Margaret in 1832. John was a laborer. The 1870 Valuation – John Barry; House on High St. $800, barn $100, 2 acres land $600 = $1500 also farm stock $45.

John L. Smith, wife Mary E. then purchased the property on May 1, 1871, rec. 4/27/1872, for $2200.
John L. Smith was born in Scotland Jan. 7, 1837, son of John N. & Mary (Low) Smith. They came to America in 1844 when John was seven. John attended the public schools and then Phillips Academy as Punchard Free School had not yet been established. John first worked as a printer under Warren F. Draper, later for Riverside Press in Cambridge. He partnered with George H. Morrill in the printing ink business in Andover. John married Mary Elizabeth Barker on Oct. 8, 1859. Mary was b. on May 27, 1841 in Claremont, NH. They had four sons; David B. b. 1860, John Ellworth b. 1862, George W. b. 1868 and Charles F. b. 1869.

John enlisted in the Army during the Civil War serving five years and mustered out as a Lieutenant.
During his active duty he wrote hundreds of letters home to his wife Mary. In one letter to his son Davy, he included “some burned fragments from the American flag which he had clipped away while repairing the colors. He asked his son to keep the clippings in a safe place because they were “Part of the flag I’m fighting for.”

When John returned he went to work in the grocery store of Horace P. Beard in 1865 located at 8-10 Essex St. Mr. Beard died unexpectedly in July 1871 and John Smith and Arthur Manning would purchase the business.

August 25, 1871 – AA “Mr. John L. Smith & Albert S. Manning, of the late firm of H. P. Beard & Co. and Mr. Isaac S. Carruth, for many years a clerk in the store, have formed a co-partnership and will continue the business under the form of Smith, Manning & Co. They are efficient and worthy young men, and will no doubt fully sustain the popularity of the store, and merit the extensive patronage it has so long received.” The following year the men purchased also the building. John was an active member in the community. He served one year in the State Legislature, was the Chief of the Fire Department, and an advocate of the Andover Water System. He was a Trustee of the Andover Savings Bank, member of St. Mathew’s Lodge and past Master, member of the Odd Fellows Lodge, the William Bartlett GAR Post 99 and the Loyal Legion. The GAR Post 99 met in a hall above the Smith & Manning store. [see 10 Essex St.]

On July 13, 1877 Smith purchased the large parcel to the rear of his property on Maple Ave from John Flint who developed the avenue. This lot now houses 54, 56-58, 60-62, & 64-66 Maple Ave.

Dec. 19, 1879 AA - John L. Smith's fine new residence on High Street (#55), built by Abbott & Jenkins is nearly complete and he expects to occupy is about the first of February.

Feb. 27, 1880- AA - John L. Smith has moved into his new residence on High Street, and the house vacated has been removed by George Wilson of Methuen, to Maple Avenue where it is to be fitted up and occupied by Louis G. Hardy. Ezra Farnum puts in the cellar for the house on Maple Ave and also the cellar for the barn at Mr. Smith's new house."

John L. Smith held both houses until 1913 when he subdivides the lot and deeds the Dillaway house with 12,833 sq. ft. lot to Margaret E. Jackson, wife of Stephen Jackson on July 3, 1913. The 1906 Map of Andover Center lists this house as #28 Maple Ave. The 1898 Directory lists the Jackson family at 28 Maple Ave. Stephen, a carpenter, J. Gertrude a kindergarten teacher, Arthur a clerk at T.A. Holt’s general store under the Baptist Church and Ruby working at Tyer Rubber Co. The 1900 Census lists the Jackson family renting the house.

Margaret E. (Main) Jackson was born in May 1854 in Hants, Noel, Nova Scotia, dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth Main. Margaret married on May 16, 1876 at Windsor, N.S. to Stephen Jackson b. June 21, 1846 in Rockville, Hants, Nova Scotia, a ships carpenter. Stephen worked at Smith & Dove Co. as a carpenter. They had six children: Jean Gertrude b. May 14, 1878, Arthur Roland b. May 15, 1879, Ruby Merle b. Oct. 1881 all in Hants, NS, Caleb Lawson b. May 22, 1885-d. Aug. 22, 1885, Albert Stephen b. Jan. 12, 1888-d. Feb. 20, 1888 and Harold Stanley b. Feb. 13, 1889 in Andover. They immigrated in 1883.

Margaret transferred the deed to Stephen on Oct. 15, 1918. Stephen transferred ownership to his daughter-in-law Mary Rita, wife of son Harold Stanley on May 27, 1920. Margaret died in 1923.
Harold S. married Sept. 28, 1914 in Lawrence to Mary Rita Lane b. 1889 in Ireland, dau. of Timothy & Hannah (Coughlin) Lane. Harold worked for Tyer Rubber Co. Harold & Mary J. had two children; Harold J. b. 1919 and Barbara Bradley b. Sept. 28, 1921.

Stephen Jackson died on May 11, 1935. Harold died in 1944. Mary J, placed the deed jointly with her daughter Barbara in 1946. Mary J. died in April 1948. Barbara B, who had married Robert Foster, sold the home to Albert J. & Katherine Guerin on Dec. 3, 1948.
The Guerin family held the property for 51 years selling in 1999


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55 High Street 38-103 – 0.55976 acres
Samuel Needham & Nathan Townsend – 1821
Mary Dillaway – Apr. 30, 1821 – b. 229 leaf 4 - $45
Joseph Faulkner, wife Lydia – Dec. 5, 1827 – b. 246 leaf 246 $300 w/blds
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David S. Roberts – Apr. 17, 1845 – b. 353 leaf 211 - $306.60 land
Arthur N. Bean, wife Abbie M. – May 28, 1868 – b. 745 leaf 279 - $1000
Charlotte C. Smith, wife of James H. Smith, - Oct. 3, 1868 – b. 758 leaf 159 - $1000
John Barry, wife Margaret – Sept. 17, 1869 – b. 782 p. 198 - $1200 w/blds
John L. Smith, wife Mary E. – May 1, 1871 rec. 4/27/1872 – b. 14 p. 48 - $2200 – 1a 55 rods
John L. Smith - July 13, 1877 - b. 47 p. 566 - $850 - High St. & Maple Ave

54 Maple Ave – 38-156 0.29461 acre
Margaret E. Jackson, wife of Stephen – July 3, 1913 – b. 332 p.22
Stephen Jackson – Oct. 15, 1918 – b. 392 p. 386
Mary Lane Jackson, wife of Harold S. – May 27, 1920 – b. 424 p. 216
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Inventory Data:

StreetMaple Av
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameMary Dillaway House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1822-1824
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimclapboard/wood/vinyl clad
Major Alterationsvinyl siding, replacement windows
Move DetailsMoved from 55 High Street Feb. 1880
Acreage0.295 acre
Map and parcel38-156
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJanuary 20, 2019