54 Salem Street

Architectural Description: 

Style: Queen Anne - shingle style
Bracketed eaves, rounded corners on second story projection over main entrance. Handsome wrap around front porch, double pillars, bay windows, decorative stone work on foundation and entrance stairway.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development
Historical significance: 1906 map, G. Cannon

Themes: Architectural, Community development

This property was owned by Silas Richardson in 1873 and included the house lot at now #54 Salem St. Silas and wife Charlotte lived in #52 Salem St.,sold the property to Rhoda Barddock on Feb. 14, 1873. Rhoda died in 1881 and her estate went to her heirs Carie B. Hart, Henry C. Hart and Harry G. Hart all of East Orange, NJ.

The Hart heirs then sold the property to Samuel S. & Martha M. Richardson. After Samuel died, Martha sold to Ellen P. Richardson for $700 on June 9, 1896.

Ellen P. Richardson held the property for a year then selling to Sarah I. Cannon of Lawrence, MA. Sarah was the wife of Gordon Clark Cannon who established Cannon's Commercial College in Lawrence, MA, located in the Bay State Building on Essex Street. It catered to secretarial occupations teaching penmanship, stenography and typing.
AT June 18, 1897 – The Richardson house on Salem Street has been purchased by G.C. Cannon of Lawrence who will occupy the house. Mr. Cannon will also erect a new house on the land. The Cannons took out a $5500 mortgage on the property and may have included the construction of their new house at #54.
AT July 16, 1897 - G.C.Cannon’s new house on Salem Street is being constructed by contractor Stevens. The plans are from the office of architect Ashton of Lawrence.
AT July 20, 1897 - Work on the frame of C.C. Cannon’s new house on Salem street was completed this week.

Gordan C. & Sarah Cannon had two sons Gordon Roderick b. Jan. 23, 1883 and Carl Winfred b. April 12, 1885 both born in Lawrence. They attended Phillips Academy and taught penmanship at the college. Gordon C. died on Dec. 6, 1916. Son Carl W. then took over the family business. Carl married on June 27, 1911 to Bessie Agnes Monk b. Nov. 21, 1883 in St. Paul, MN, daughter of Frederick E. & Elizabeth C. (Barrie) Monk. Bessie was a student at the college and later is listed as Principal of the stenography department.

Sarah Idelia Cannon was born April 10, 1858 and died Dec. 1, 1923. Her two sons were the heirs and co-owned the property until 1929 when it was sub-divided into 2 separate lots. ( plan #756). Oldest son Gordon R. & wife Helen E. Cannon got the house at #54. Brother Carl W. and wife Bessie were deeded the house and property at #52. Both properties were deeded over on June 10, 1929.

Carl W. & Bessie Cannon then and sold #52 to Dorothy M. L. Murray that same day. Carl & Bessie then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Gordon Roderick Cannon married on Nov. 14, 1914 to Helen Elizabeth Bailey b. Aug. 7, 1888 in Andover, daughter of Samuel H. & Elizabeth B. (Abbott) Bailey of 17 Porter Rd. Helen is listed as a stenographer in the 1910 Census.

Gordon R. later left teaching at his father's school and became an antiques dealer and restoration work. Gordon and Helen had one son, Gordon Bailey Cannon born Dec. 4, 1923. Gordon R. died on March 13, 1944. The property went to Helen E. and son Gordon B. who held the property until 1961. Gordon B. Cannon married Barbara Ann Smyth b. May 20, 1924. Helen E. died in 1979 and is interred with her husband in the Bailey famity lot at West Parish Garden Cemetery.

Edwin G. & Shirley R. Otto purchased the property from Cannon on June 20, 1961. The property was then placed into the S & R Realty Trust, Thomas A. Nixon, Robert S. Kereage,Trustees on Sept. 22, 1961. The Trust sold the home to Donald I & Barbara Richmond in Dec. 28, 1971. The deed is now in the Arco Properties, Donald Richmond, Tr. June 26, 2007

The 20 room house was converted into apartments in the 1960s and now contains six units, 6 bedrooms, 6 baths.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameGordon C. Cannon House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1897
Architectural StyleShingle
Architect/BuilderAston of Lawrence/ Stevens bldr.
Roofasphalt - hip
Acreage0.834 acre; lot size: 36,320 sq. ft.; approx. frontage: 88'
Map and parcel41-50
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 2/28/2015