59 - 61 Park Street
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Historical Narrative: 

59 – 61 Park Street
Built 1884 – The Bakery Building

Robert Hodge stands at the door of his “Andover Bakery” circa 1891-1901 and shows off his store, property and delivery wagons of his successful business.

Hannah Foster, wife of Joseph W. Foster, sold this lot on the south side of Park Street to Thomas Howell in May of 1883 for $850. The land contained 1 acre of 5906 sq. feet. It was located between Charles S. Parker’s land on the west (right side in photo) and Charles P. Rea to the east (left side). Fronting on Park Street 236’ x 224’ x Rea, 246’ on the south by David Richardson’s land and 190’ 3” by Parker’s lot. Howell divided the lot and sold on May 19, 1883 to Newell R. Brown of Reading for $500. The new lot was 75’ wide on Park St. and 212’ deep on both sides, extending to Rogers Brook on the south also 75’.

Newell Brown and wife Nancy built the building on the lot and later sold to Frank A. Dinsmore for $1525 on May 20, 1890. Dinsmore then leased the building to J. D. Driscoll which contained a bakery. When he sold the building four months later to H. Samuel Banton in September 1890 the deed stipulated that the "bakery equipment was leased to J. D. Driscoll", but was included with the property. It also carried a $1500 mortgage. Banton sold the property with bakery to Robert Hodge of North Andover in February 1891 and he was the owner for 10 years. Hodge then named it the Andover Bakery.

July 22, 1898 AT P4. Andover Bakery Changes Hands. Run by Robert Hodge sold to Thomas E. Rhodes – short history on Hodge – Rhodes will keep both shops on Park & Main Streets.

Hodge later sold the property to George & Sarah Piddington in 1901. George was a florist and wife Sarah a piano teacher. They lived on School St. across from Lupine Rd. The property was then sold to Augusta C. Thompson, wife of Andrew Thompson in June 1902 and she held until 1909.

Raymond L. Buchan and Joseph Myerscough became co-partners and purchased the property in 1909. They established their business Myerscough & Buchan here dealing in automotive supplies and mechanical service. Their shop was very successful and in 1913 they built a new and modern garage at 90 Main Street and sold their property to Charles Buchan and Charles Francis of Buchan & Francis.

Buchan & Francis owned and operated a furniture & upholstery business at 10-12 Park Street in 1896, in the Howell Block, and later relocated to 12 Main Street into the new Barnard Block in 1911.

The building was then leased to Clyde A. White and Albert Hall who continued with an automotive service garage. White & Hall later purchased the property in May 1919 and operated their business here until selling out to John & Mary Shea in 1923.

AT Mar. 30, 1923 - p.4 - John Shea Buys White-Hall Garage - The land and buildings belonging to the White Hall garage on Park street were purchased by John Shea of Lawrence at a public auction held on the premises Thursday afternoon. Mr Shea was also a large purchaser of other property offered for sale including automobiles and accessories.
Mr. Shea is now engaged in the hay, and gran business in Lawrence, having branch stores in Methuen, North Andover, and on Essex street in Andover. The Andover store will be removed as soon as possible to the new location on Park street, where the greatly enlarged quarters will allow for an expansion of business and room to carry a larger stock of supplies, thereby giving better service than ever before to the Andover customers.
Clyde H. White & Alfred Hall purchased the Park street property from Raymond Buchan after he moved to his new building on Main street. In August of this year they would have completed four years of service to automobile owners at this stand.
John Shea operated a grain & feed store from this location and continues to advertise in the 1943 directory.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPark St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameAndover Bakery Building site
Original UseFurnture - Bakery building
Construction Date1885
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimwood clapboard
Roofcedar shingle/gable
Map and parcel39-101
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1/25/2015