59-61 Stevens Street

Architectural Description: 

Federal Period, One and a half story, 8 room two family house with 4 bedrooms. Facade, symmetrical and simple. Front entrance, centered with 6/6 lights, small granite lintels (over and under) windows. Corners plain.

Historical Narrative: 

Certificate from MA Historical Commission on file.

The land along Stevens Street was once large pasture and meadow and extended to Abraham Marland’s homestead estate at 29-33 Shawsheen Rd. Marland established a cotton mill in 1807 on the Shawsheen River at Abbott Village which continued until 1811 when he began production of woolen goods. In 1821 “Marland leased from Peter C. Brooks of Boston a mill privilege on the Shawsheen, together with new buildings erected on the site of what had been a powder mill. This is now known as Marland Village.
The buildings, which were leased for a term of twenty years, comprised a brick mill, the oldest of the present buildings, and a row of brick tenement houses.”
In 1828 Marland bought the entire property, his purchased including the mill privilege, old paper and grist mills, and thirty acres of Land. In 1834 the business was organized under the name Marland Manufacturing Company. Abraham Marland was the president until his death on Feb. 20, 1849.
Nathan Frye succeeded Marland as the company president from 1849-1879.
The company defaulted on an 1873 loan from the Andover Savings Bank and the mill was sold at auction to Moses T. Stevens on North Andover in 1879. Stevens began improvements at the mill in 1884 relocating the road, building a causeway across the mill pond, a new bridge, and operative housing on North Main Street and Stevens Street.

August 8, 1884 AA pg2 col 7 Article on Marland Village, new tenements and new road and bridge.

In 1896 the Marland Mill operation employed 200 operatives and manufactured 875,000 lbs. of wool yearly. In 1902 the company was now M. T. Stevens & Sons, Co. and later became known as J. P. Stevens & Co. Inc. When the purchased the Marland Manufacturing Company, the property included the tenement housing on Marland Street, later renamed Stevens Street in 1904. In 1953 the Stevens Co. divested itself of all its housing stock in Marland Village which was then subdivided into separate parcels and sold to public residents. Approval of the subdivision plan #2620 was by the Andover Board of Appeals in Nov. 1952.

John A. & Bertha T. McKee purchased the property on Mar. 4, 1953 which is lot#8 on the survey map #2620. In the 1943 Andover Directory John McKee is renting #59 from the J. P. Stevens Co. John A. is listed as a mill worker at the Marland Mill. His wife is Bertha T. McKee. Next door renting #61 id John & Rolande R. McAllister. John is also employed at Marland Mill as a worker. They owned for two years on May 31, 1955 they sold to Irving M. Leoff the owner and president of Clark Motor Co. who had their business on Park Street in Andover. The deed was placed under the company name.

Joseph C. & Sandra L. Lasonde purchased the property on Mar. 31, 1961 and owned about 1 1/2 years selling to
Clarence J. & Marsha M. Pomerleau and Gary H. & Susan V. Hobbs on Sept. 27, 1962. Each family owned a half share in the property. Kathleen A. Franz then bought in Nov. 7, 1967 and the Franz family owned for 16 years.


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Inventory Data:

StreetStevens St
PlaceMarland Village
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameMarland Mills Double Worker Housing
Present Usetwo family house
Original Usetwo family mill tenement
Construction Datecirca 1820
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimbrick, painted
Roofasphalt, two chimneys on ends
Major Alterationsporch added
Acreage0.202 acre
Map and parcel54-114
MHC NumberANV.1156
Recorded byMrs. D.B. Woodworth, J. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1968, Aug. 2014