59 Essex Street

Historical Narrative: 

This building was once the clubhouse for the Niotus Club that leased a field at the present site of the Wholefoods Grocery store at 40 Railroad Street. That property was owned by the Marland Manufacturing Co. - M. T. Stevens Co. on Stevens Street. The sports club used the field for baseball and tennis courts. The club was a popular venue in town from 1888 to 1895.

June 20, 1890 Andover Townsman AT- Niotus Field Day - People began to gather at the handsome grounds on Railroad Street. (A complete description of the events and the day.)

Apr. 22, 1892 AT - The Niotus Club will continue this year to make lawn tennis the special feature and the courts will be put in the best condition. The club has also decided to admit ladies to membership.

May 13, 1892 AT p1 – Niotus Club – Annual Meeting - Names of officers, etc, several applications for membership were made including some ladies. Both tennis courts will be put into good shape and a lively season is anticipated.

June 10, 1892 AT - The membership list of the Niotus Club was increased by eight new members at a recent meeting. A second court is being covered with clay and will probably be ready for the tournament June 17th.

Sept. 20, 1895 AT p 1 – A track to be laid soon across the field which had been occupied by the Niotus Club, to a new coal dumping place for Marland Mills.

The Niotus Club folded and the clubhouse was put up for auction.

June 26, 1896 Andover Advertiser AA - Wm. F. Trulan has bought the Niotus Club house. He is having the hillside above his present home and store dug away to make room for the club building, which is to be moved there the last of this week. Mr. Trulan will transfer his store & business to the new quarters. He has a general store, in which about everything of everyday home use is to be found.

July 3, 1896 AT p5 - The Niotus Club house has been moved to the Trulan place this week.

July 3, 1896 AA - The Niotus Club house was moved Tuesday to its new location in Abbot Village, where it will be used for a store.
Andover Directory of Residents 1896-97 - William F. Trulan Variety Store, 65 Essex St. bds. 63 Essex St. - John H. Trulan emp. Marland Mills bds. 63 Essex St. - Mrs. Mary (WM.) Trulan - 63 Essex St.

William Francis Trulan was born in Andover on March 7, 1862, son of William & Mary (McCusker) Trulan. His father was a carpenter with Hardy & Cole when he died in Aug. 1886. William F. had apprenticed with his father as a carpenter but switched careers opening a variety store in their home on Bakers Lane about the time his father died. In 1900 just William age 38 and his brother John H. 32, both single continue to live and support their mother Mary now age 55.

William married Nov. 29, 1905 at age 43 to Jessie Gowans Cuthill 29, b. 1876 Scotland daughter of Robert & Maria (Mills) Cuthill. They married at South Church. Sadly William died just eight months later of Typhoid fever on Aug. 11, 1906. His wife Jessie continued to run the store living upstairs. She re-married on Oct. 4, 1913 to Fred O. Brackett b. 1870 Newmarket, NH son of John & Martha (Haron) Brackett. They were married by Rev. W.E. Lombard of the Baptist Church. Fred was working for the Lawrence Express at that time but Jessie he continued the variety store business until 1941. For a brief time about 1937-1940 George F. & Loretta Lannan are listed as grocer at 61 Essex. St.

Willam F. Truland and brother John H. are interred at Spring Grove Cemetery. Their father William is buried at South Church Cemetery in the Trulan family lot. Their mother Mary died on Aug. 14, 1911 and is interred in St. Augustine's Cemetery.

The family heirs sold to James J. & Rose Sullivan on May 22, 1941. It is interesting to note that Rose Sullivan at #59 is also listed as running a grocery at 44 Washington Ave. The Sullivans held the store for eight years selling to Chickery & Lula Zarsour in Feb. 1949.

The store was re-named Chick's Variety Store and they sold many grocery items as well as soda (called tonic locally) candy, tobacco and newspapers.
"As my grandmother, Elizabeth Ferrier lived at 82 Essex St. in the late 1950's and 60's, I remember running many errands and visits, as a small boy, up to Chick's or "Chickies", as she, with her Scottish brogue, called it. Chick was always accommodating to the kids in Abbott Village. The store had a wooden floor that squeaked as you walked across the room, and the scent of the boxed fruit and fresh tobacco in the air. On the other side of the tracks was Ricky's Variety Store, less friendly to kids, and off limits to cross the tracks." (Jim Batchelder)

The Store was still there in the late 1960's but the building was sold to George & Paul Durant in July 1964. Lulu Zarsour sold the property on May 19, 1969 to Harold A. Rutter Jr.. Rutter placed it in the 1825 Realty Trust in Feb. 1983. But by this time the Variety Store was no longer in business.

Maureen Bailey purchased the property in July 1987 and opened a Beauty Parlor - hair salon which continues to do business there in 2014. The Baileys keep the place inviting with their green thumbs and their exquisite window boxes packed with flowers of the season. The building has changed little other than vinyl siding and a few small additions.


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Inventory Data:

StreetEssex St
PlaceAbbott Village
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameNiotus Clubhouse - Truland Store
Present UseResidence and retail
Original UseNoitus Clubhouse
Construction Date1889
Foundationstone and brick
Wall/Trimclapboards/vinyl covered
Move Details1896 from Railroad Street
Acreage0.004592 acre
Map and parcel54-60
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 5/2014