6 Clark Road

Architectural Description: 

Vernacular mill worker housing

Historical Narrative: 

6 Clark Road (formerly 10 Clark Rd.)

John Mann owned this property when he sold to Lucinda Wardwell on March 20, 1848 for $160 with buildings. John Mann’s wife Zoa had purchased 2 Clark Road where they lived.

Lucinda (Wood) Wardwell was a Widow when she purchased the property in 1846. Lucinda was born Mar. 3, 1796 in Andover, daughter of John & Esther (Nickerson) Wood. Lucinda’s marriage intentions were recorded on April 8, 1813 to Joseph Wardwell b. July 27, 1784 in Andover, son of Ezekiel & Damaras (Faulkner) Wardwell. The union produced ten children; Eliza Lawrence b. 8/31/1813, Mary Adams b. 2/4/1816, Samuel b. 10/16/1818, Enoch b. 2/26/1822-d. 11/23/1822, Harriot b. 8/22/1823,
Pamela Frye b. 1825–d. 3/9/1827, Permelia Frye b. 4/1827, Joseph b. 9/27/1829-d. 3/12/1830, Martha Maria b. 10/1/1832 – d. 4/19/1848 and Joseph Warren b. 11/9/1835.

Husband Joseph died on Aug. 15, 1841 at age 57 years and is interred at South Parish Cemetery. The 1850 Federal Census lists Lucinda age 55, Eliza 36, Permelia 23 and Jos. Warren 15 Laborer residing in this home. The 1850 Valuation in West Parish lists Lucinda Wardwell’s Dwelling house and lot at $400. West Parish District was all land west of the Shawsheen River.
The 1860 Census lists just Lucinda age 65 and Permelia F. age 35 Weaver, most likely in the Bradlee Mill in Ballardvale. 1860 Valuation; ½ acre and house $425. Lucinda died of consumption on June 8, 1865. The 1870 Valuation lists Parmelia [sic] Wardwell – South District – House $375 1/8 acre $75 = $450.
J. Warren Wardwell Center District – Stable Stock $500

From the 1920 deed of sale it states that son Joseph Warren Wardell was the heir of the property but never resided in the house as an adult. Joseph had married on October 16, 1860 in North Andover to Harriet E. Needham, but sadly she died two months later in December 1860. The 1860 Census list Warren J. Wardwell age 25 Hostler (stable keeper), in South Reading working for Arthur N. Bean stable keeper. The 1855 Mass. Census list Arthur N. Bean in Ballardvale next to the Wardwells. Joseph age 19 is a Laborer. Joseph served during the Civil War with the 35th Massachusetts Infantry, Co. F Volunteers from 1862-1865.

Joseph remarried on August 4, 1862 in Lawrence, to Mary Ann Lacost b. Jan. 16, 1834 in Canada, dau. of John & Margaret Lacost. They had three daughters: Harriet Frances b. 1866 – d. 10/13/1901, Mary Emma b. 1869 and Eva Etta b. 1874 d. 1877. The Mass Census 1865 lists Joseph with Samuel Bean who owned the Elm House and stables in Elm Sq. The 1870 and 1880 Census also lists Joseph living in Andover Center near Elm Sq. The 1885 Directory has Wardwell at 33 Main Street, working for Job Pray.
Joseph W. took three mortgages with the Andover Savings Bank the 1st in July 1887 for $300, 2nd $100 in 1888 and 3rd $250 in 1889 which included the house lot and a 2nd adjoining parcel once owned by Orin Barnard, son-in-law and husband of Eliza L. Wardwell. Joseph moved back to the Ballardvale house about the time of the loans. Jos. Warren died on Feb. 19, 1895 of heart failure in the barn while attending his horses. His daughter Permelia Kneeland, the only family member home at that time found him. His Widow Mary Ann died on July 1, 1902.

Joseph’s daughter Mary Emma (Wardwell) Desmond, widow of John Desmond Jr. was the sole heir to the Wardwell estate when it was sold to Patrick Dowd on Sept. 8, 1920 which included the three mortgages owned by the Andover Savings Bank.

Patrick M. Dowd was born 1871 in Ireland, son of Andrew & Catherine (Quinn) Dowd. Patrick immigrated in 1889 to Cambridge and was listed as a Paver when he married on Jan. 28, 1897 in Arlington, MA to Julia Tobin b. Apr. 30, 1870 in Galmay, Kilkenny, Ire, dau. of Patrick & Mary (Tynan) Tobin. They had one daughter Grace Mary Dowd b. 2/1/1898 in Cambridge but died young. Patrick worked for the Boston & Main Railroad by 1910 as a Section hand and they lived in Ballardvale. Dowd may have rented the Wardwell house as they are listed on Clark Road in 1916. Patrick became a Switchman in 1920-1930 and then Gate Tender at the Ballardvale crossing. Julia died in 1939 and Patrick the following year in 1940.

The property was sold in 1941 to Frederick T. Cronin. A dispute over the north boundary line of the property with abutter Christine Forsythe went to Land Court in Lawrence in 1941 and was ruled in favor of Cronin. The deeds then changed to Document and Certificate recordings.

The 1941 Directory lists William J. Cronin and wife Anna M. William is listed as an electrician in Boston. Patrick T. Cronin is here in 1953.


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Lucinda Wardwell estate – died June 8, 1865
Wardwell heir, son Joseph Warren Wardwell - 1865
Joseph W. Wardwell estate died Feb. 19, 1895 intestate.
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Inventory Data:

StreetClark Rd
PlaceBallardvale Center
Historic DistrictBallardvale Local Historic District
Historic NameLucinda Wardwell House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1846
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresconnecting ell and rear addition,
Major Alterationsaluminum siding, replacement windows. renovations in 2010.
Acreage0.186 acre
Map and parcel138-59
Recorded byRuth A. Sharpe, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered17 Aug 1996, 3/16/2016