60 Elm Street

Architectural Description: 

Posts of granite fence across front: interesting door surrounds porch like Merrill House - #36 High Street

Historical Narrative: 

Themes - Architectural and Community development.

Originally this home was a story and a half cottage connected by a shed to the barn. Later 2 1/2 stories were added in front with Greek Revival windows and a piazza around two sides. The old story and half ell was torn down 1894/95. Barn had a long carpenter's shop and was constructed with wooden pegs.

The 9 1/2 acre parcel and house was formerly owned by Richard F. Fletcher. A mortgage discharge from the Andover Institution of Savings was given on May 12, 1849. The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule lists Fletcher's assessment: Dwelling house, Barn and other buildings $2100., 10 1/2 acres adjoining, and 15 1/2 acres "Carmell" $2300. Personal Estate; farm stock $220. Asa Fletcher conveys the property to to Gilman S. Low and wife Abby of Boston for $6000. on Apr. 16, 1853. Low owns for two years then selling to Gilbert Barnard on Feb. 17, 1855 for $6500.

Barnard then turns the property over to Samuel G. Valpey for $6600 on Feb. 17, 1855. The property consisted of two parcels, the first was the house lot with 9 1/2 acres on Elm (the road from North Parish to South Parish) and the second was a 11 acre parcel,called "Carmell", off Elm St. on the road leading to the Andover Poor Farm, most likely Walnut Ave. to Burnam Rd. The deed mentions the B & M Railroad, which is High St. today, the former location of the Andover - Wilmington R R bed to Haverhill.

Samuel George Valpey was b. April 12, 1819, son of Samuel S. Valpey & Elizabeth Abbott. Samuel G. owned a butcher shop in Andover in the Brick Block on Elm Square. He married on Nov. 7, 1840 to Sarah Church Holt, b. April 1, 1821 in NH, dau. of Ezra & & Elizabeth G. (Wardwell) Holt. Samuel & Elizabeth had four children; George Harrison b. Aug. 3, 1841, Sarah C. b. Sept. 17, 1843, Ezra Holt b. July 26, 1846 and Charles Abram b. Sept. 22, 1849. Samuel died age 44 on Nov. 13, 1863. Wife Sarah died on Aug. 30, 1864.

Samuel's brother, Rev. Thomas Gilbert Valpey, was named guardian of his two sons Ezra H. & Charles A., both minors at the time. Thomas was licensed to sell off the estate at auction on May 15, 1866. Son George H. Valpey, wife Ellen F. (Dodd), was the highest bidder at $3350. The following year Ezra Valpey receives his one undivided 1/4 share of the property. The Valpey brothers George & Ezra owned a successful meet market in Andover at 2 Main St. the last of three locations. The Valpey family were members of Christ Episcopal Church and are interred in the Christ Church cemetery.

Besides Ezra Valpey it has been stated that William Lemon, a Valpey cousin, who later owned the Wayside Inn, Sudbury and Clarence Gold also had a share in the Valpey estate. [not substantiated as of this update].

George H. Valpey and Ezra H. Valpey later sold the property to John H. Flint for $8000. on August 23, 1873, which included the house and out-building with nine and half acres. Flint divided off some of the Valpey estate, then sold to William G. Goldsmith, reserving the carriage house and ice building for himself. William Gleason Goldsmith bought this home and 34,280 sq. foot parcel for $4500. on March 23, 1874.

William Gleason Goldsmith was born Nov. 18, 1832, son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Gleason) Goldsmith. William married Joanna B. Holt b. Sept. 19, 1845. They had three children: Clara G. b.Feb. 16, 1866 d. Mar. 4, 1873, Clarence b. May 29, 1874 and Bessie Punchard b. Nov. 11, 1882. William graduated from Harvard and would become the Principal of Punchard Free School, (Andover's high school), from 1858-1870 and 1871-1883. He was also first President of the Andover Village Improvement Society, AVIS, and taught briefly at Phillips Academy as well as interim head master. His daughter, Bessie Punchard Goldsmith, who grew up in this house, inherited it along with her brother Clarence. Bessie was a competent local historian, a teacher, charter member of the November Club and the Andover Garden Club and served on the Andover Police Force. Bessie state that the "House was slightly damaged by fire March 3, 1952"

William G. Goldsmith died on Oct. 7, 1910 and his wife Joanna B. on Feb. 1, 1922. Bessie P. Goldsmith was deeded the property on Oct. 4, 1920 from her brother Clarence. Clarence was married to Ethel Southwick, b. Sept. 5, 1876 dau. of Amos & Nancie Southwick. Ethel died on Nov. 6, 1932 and Clarence on Oct. 12, 1964. Bessie never married
but was a unique presence in town. AVIS Goldsmith Reservation is named for her family, of which she was the warden for many years. Bessie placed her estate with the Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co. as Conservators. The property was sold on June 26, 1970 and Bessie died on Nov. 8, 1974 just shy of her 92nd birthday.


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Inventory Data:

StreetElm St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameSamuel G. Valpey - William G. Goldsmith House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Datepre 1830
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresLarge barn at rear - cupola has corner plasters
Acreage0.852 acre; 37,100 sq. ft.; approximate frontage 167 ft.
Map and parcel38-190
MHC NumberANV.180
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 2/5/2016