61 Highland Road

Architectural Description: 

Late Greek Revival/Picturesque

Complex form.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: architectural, community development

William & Ellen Watson sold this property to George B. Frost , wife Amelia on Aug. 14, 1909. George was an ordained Minister but lists his occupation as House Carpenter in the 1910 Census. George, wife Amelia and son Elliot also have three lodgers staying with them, most likely Theological Seminary students.

George B. Frost was born in Durham, NH in Oct. 1854 son of John Simpson & Sarah Runnells (Chesley) Frost. George was the youngest of four sons. His father died on Aug. 19, 1858. His mother remarried Nathaniel Emerson and they lived in New Castle, NH.

George B. learned a trade as a carpenter but enrolled at the Andover Theological Seminary, graduating in 1882, becoming a Congregational Minister. George married on April 10, 1881 in Chelsea, MA to Amelia A. Betts b. Jan. 1854 in Amherst, Nova Scotia, daughter of Elliot B. & Lavinia W. Betts. His wife also became an ordained Congregational Minister. They served as ministers in Littleton and Hudson, MA. George & Amelia had two children, one survived, son Elliot Parks Frost b. Jan. 9, 1884 in Oxford, MA.

In 1909 they returned to Andover and purchased property at 29 Highland Rd. George had retired and in 1910 gives his occupation as carpenter. They took in boarders attending Phillips Academy. Amelia died on Mar. 24, 1915. The following year George's son Eliot married on June 3, 1916 to Elizabeth Hollister, the celebrated poet. Eliot was a Professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester in NY. He sadly died on June 3, 1916 at age 42. Eliot & Elizabeth had one son Granger H. Frost b. Oct. 1917 in Rochester, NY.

George remarried to Dora Messer about 1917. They sold the Highland Road home to the Trustees of Phillips Academy in 1928 and moved into the newly renovated former carriage house at 50 Chestnut Street. The Frosts are listed in the 1928 directory, 1930 & 1940 census as residents of the Chestnut Street home . Dora's brother Oliver M. Howe age 64 is also living there in 1940. George Frost died on October 2, 1945 at age 90.


Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA

William & Ellen Watson -
George B. Frost , wife Amelia- Aug. 14, 1909 - b. 277 p. 372
George B. Frost, Amelia- Oct. 28, 1909 - b. 281 p. 303
George B. Frost, Ameila's estate - March 1915
George B. & Dora Messer Frost - 1917
Dora M. Frost - Aug. 25, 1926 - b. 525 p. 153
Trustees of Phillips Academy - July 1, 1928 - b. 540 p. 380

Inventory Data:

StreetHighland Rd
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameFrost House - Phillips Academy
Present Useresidence
Construction Datec.1840s - 50s
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Map and parcel41-22
MHC NumberANV.266
Recorded byStack/Mofford
OrganizationAndover Historical Commission
Date entered1975-77