62 Haverhill Street

Architectural Description: 

Two Family Duplex

Historical Narrative: 

The house is listed in the Shawsheen Village National Register Historic District, surveyed in 1977 and created in 1979. It was designated a National Register Historic District in 1980 by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Shawsheen Village was named after the Native American name for the river Shawshin, which means Great Spring. Prior to Shawsheen Village this area was known as Frye Village.

The original two-acre parcel of land with a house was part of the current property at 58 Haverhill Street in Shawsheen Village. The house, set back from the road, is sited at the corner of Haverhill Street and Fleming Avenue about 200’ east of the Boston and Maine Rail Road tracks. The small cottage sits high above the street and fronts on an access way connecting Fleming Ave. (formerly Hillside Ave.) to Haverhill Street. The former lot included numbers 58,60 & 62 Haverhill St. and 15, 19 & 25 Fleming Ave. running north about 435 feet deep with the west boundary now the east side of Fleming Ave. The east boundary is the Carlisle St. pass through.

On an 1856 map of Andover, there are two houses marked near this location, the first structure is owned by William Lawson (4 Fleming Ave.) and just east of him is John Robinson. The 1850 town valuation lists John Robinson, 2 acres and house at $400. In 1860 a John Thomas is listed here with a property value of $520. Alexander E. Cohen of Lawrence purchased the property with buildings from Charlotte A. Thomas on September 12, 1861. Alexander E. Cohen died on April 14 , 1888. [see #58 for Cohen story]

John S. Gile, the public administrator of Lawrence, was appointed to settle the Cohen estate. On June 1, 1888 Cohen’s house was leased to Joshua Bailey for three years. Mr. Bailey completely renovated the house and moved his family in on Saturday, June 17th. At the end of the lease the Cohen real estate was sold on November 17, 1891 at public auction. John Barrett of Andover purchased the two acres of land and house for $550. On the 1888 map lists J. Barrett as the owner of the property adjoining Cohen’s at #4 Fleming Ave.

John Barrett, a farmer, rented the former Cohen house until 1900 when it was sold to Mary A. Keleher, who later married George A. Black. The house was then sold to Alexander & Elizabeth Mura on March 7, 1901. Mura family are listed at 58 Haverhill Street in the 1900 Valuation, House $300, Barn $100, and 3 ½ acres of Wilson land at $250. Alexander Mura worked at the Washington Mills, Marland Mill and then Pacific Mills in Lawrence by 1908. The Mura family sold to Leonides Hamel in August 1908.

Hamel was a carpenter & box maker, his wife Delphine a housewife. Treffle Hamel is also listed in 1916 at 58 Haverhill St. In 1926 the Hamels own the small variety store at #54 Haverhill Street and are living at #62 Haverhill Street. The Town Chief of Police, Frank M. Smith and his wife May E. Smith are renting the other unit. Albert, Germaine M. and Treffle Hamel are residing at #58 and a John J. & Edith Ready are also given at #58. One may be the Cohen house and the other #60. Hamel acquired several more acres in the neighborhood and subdivided the Cohen lot. first to build a new house for his family at 60 Haverhill Street.

Delphine sub-dived the lot in March 1943 and sold #60 Haverhill St. to Benjamin & Mary Gallo on Apr. 24, 1943. The property at 62 Haverhill remained with the Hamel family until Delphine's death on July 16, 1945. Her children were heirs to the property; Treffle Hamel, Germaine Beaulieu, and Alida Ouellette were Probated the properth and then sold to Arthur & Agnes I. Margerison on Nov. 27, 1946.


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Inventory Data:

StreetHaverhill St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Present Useresidences - 2 family condo
Original Useresidence - 2 family
Construction Date1920 - 1922
SourceERDS, ENRDL, assessers' rec./style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimclapboards/vinyl covered
Roofasphalt - hip
Major Alterationsvinyl siding covers original wood clapboard siding and trim. replacement windows, porches would have been open or screened in, now enclosed
Acreage0.386 acre
Map and parcel18-15
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 8/21/2015