64 Bartlet Street

Architectural Description: 

Colonial Revival elements, grand round front porch, railings.
Unique construction, structural terracotta block walls with stucco veneer.

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once owned by the Trustees of Andover Theological Seminary and Trustees of Phillips Academy on May 1, 1908. The land was part of the Seminary farm pasture. The land was parceled off into house lots in 1908 and sold off with deed restrictions. The restrictions delat with the cost od the homes built, setbacks, out buildings and use as a single family home.

The lot, parcel #1, was purchased by Dora W. (Barry) Jealous on April 1, 1910. Dora W. was the wife of Vaughn Jealous b. May 1871 in England. Vaughn immigrated to the US in 1889 becoming a Naturalized Citizen. He married in 1898 to Dora Barry b. Dec. 1869 in Pennsylvania. Vaughn was a Wool Broker and seller for the American Woolen Co. He became head of that department and work for AMCo. until 1923. Vaughn then went into business on his own and they moved to Brookline, MA. They had two daughters, Dorothy V. b. 1904 who married John Scudder of New York and Charlotte D. b. 1907 woh married James Maher of Providence. RI.
Dora died in Brookline on Oct. 18, 1925.

Dora W. Jealous estate was administer by Vaughn Jealous who then sold the Andover home to Alfred W. & Flora L. S. Hurlburt on April 5, 1926. Alfred W. Hurlburt was born in 1866 in Nova Scotia, Canada and immigrated to the US in 1887. Albert was a Carperter, Builder and contractor. He married Mrs. Flora L. S. Rellingberg, widow. Flora was born in 1887 in MA. SHe had one son Carl S. Rellingberg b. 1920. Alfred Hurlburt died on Apr. 14, 1938 and a few months later Flora sold the property to James S. Eastham on Nov. 19, 1938.

James transferred the deed to Marcia Dana Eastham on Nov. 20, 1940. The Easthams owned the property for 19 years then selling to
the Trustees of Phillips Academy on June 8, 1957. Phillips Academy then used the house for faculty housing and student dormitory space. The Academy used the house for 17 years before selling to the Andover Committee for a Better Chance on June 4, 1974.

Andover Committee for a Better Chance or ABC was organized about 1967 to become a sponsor organization, funded by the Town of Andover, to bring exceptional students from inner-city environments to attend four years at Andover High School. Originally it was all male students and then transitioned to all female. The house was used briefly as ABC House with the a sponsor family and students.

The Town acquired the house at 138 Main Street on the corner of Morton St. as a new and large ABC House and the property was sold to Harry A. & Frances McCormick on July 13, 1977. Fran McCormick is an artist and was an art teacher in the Andover Public Schools. He husband Harry A. McCormick died on March 9, 1983. Fran later resigned her teaching job at Andover High School and worked independently for a few years before returning to the classroom as an art instructor at Phillips Academy. Fran retired from teaching and later sold the property to James C. & Robin L. Buhrer in Sept. 2010.

James C. & Robin L. Buhrer completely renovated the home from basement to attic in 2011 bringing the house up-to-date for 21st century living. Their sensitive renovations and attention to original details won the recognition with a Preservation Award in 2012.


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Inventory Data:

StreetBartlet St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameVaughn & Dora Jealous House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1910
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/TrimStructural terracotta block/stucco
Roofasphalt - hip
Major Alterations2011 - House entirely gutted and rebuilt
Acreage0.57484 acre
Map and parcel40-91
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 12, 2015