68 Central Street

Architectural Description: 

The home is built in the style called French Second Empire popular from 1855-1885. The mansard roof is the defining characteristic of the period style and many older Andover homes had their roofs converted to this high style look, most notably the America House on Main Street and the Gleason brick house on Essex St. The roof provided for an additional full story above the second floor but was taxed at a lower rate as it was still considered attic or garret space.
Exterior chimney added and porch now enclosed

Historical Narrative: 

This home was built for Mrs. Anna Foster on land conveyed to her by Daniel Abbott in 1870.

Mrs. Anna Matilda (Barrows) Foster was born on Jan 22, 1842 in Middleborough, MA dau. of Homer & Sarah Barrows. Anna married on June 22, 1863 to William Phillips Foster b. Jan. 21, 1830, son of William & Sarah (Kimball) Foster. William’s first wife Jane C. Kimball died on May 20, 1859. Wm. & Jane had three children; Anna Jane b. 1867-d.1861, Wm. Phillips b. July 11, 1856 and John Charles b. Feb. 7, 1859. They lived in the old Foster place (formerly 96 Central St. now 2 Abbott Bridge Rd).
Anna & William had two children; Sara Anna b. Aug. 24, 1865 and Homer Francis b. April 7, 1867. William P. died on Feb. 24, 1871. Anna purchased the lot on Nov. 9, 1872 and had the home built. The 1880 Census lists Anna age 38, Sarah A. 14 and Homer 13, both attending school. Anna’s sister Harriet A. Barrows age 43 and their parents Homer, 73 and Sarah, 70 reside with Anna.
Daughter Sarah A. married Fred Davis Greene and son Homer Francis married Mary J. Sweet and became a Civil Engineer. Francis Foster, Civil Engineer, listed resident in 1889 Directory of Andover. (Same as owner of Ballard-Foster House #96)
Anna M. Foster owned the property for 28 years then sold to Samuel Lester Fuller on Oct. 1, 1901. She died in South Pines, N.C. on Jan. 29, 1917.

Samuel L. Fuller transferred the deed to his wife Constance on May 21, 1906. Samuel Lester Fuller b. June12, 1875, in Middleton, CT, son of Dr. James Robert & Josephine Brown (Lester) Fuller. Samuel graduated from Phillips Academy in 1894. He married on April 19, 1900 to Constance Pelham Greenough b. Aug. 31, 1876 in Brookline, MA, dau. of Charles P. & Mary (Vose) Greenough. They had three sons, Samuel L. Jr. b. Nov. 3, 1900, Charles P. G. b. May 14, 1902 and James Constant b. Sept. 13, 1906 in Andover. All three sons graduated from Phillips Academy. His parents were renting 41 School St. when he was attending the Academy. Samuel was a banker and broker on Wall Street and lived in NY and CT. Samuel was a Trustee at Abbot Academy and gave money, along with other family members, to build the Memorial Bell Tower at Phillips Academy. He also purchased the Morton House at 23 School St. on July 25, 1906 as investment property.

On Nov. 2, 1907 Samuel & Constance deed the Central St. house to his parents Dr. James R. & Josephine B. Fuller. James Robert Fuller was born on March 19, 1848 in Middleton CT, son of Rev. Samuel Fuller the first minister of Christ Church in Andover in 1854. James graduated from Phillips Academy in 1867 with his brother Samuel Richard Fuller. James went to Trinity College, and was a physician in NY and CT. James married on Oct. 16, 1872 in Ohio to Josephine Brown Lester b. Sept. 7, 1850, dau. of Samuel Fuller Lester & Cornelia Eliza Brown. They had two sons; Samuel L. and James Greenleaf Fuller b. Nov. 14, 1885 in New London, CT. James also graduated from PA in 1903 and died of pneumonia on Mar. 30, 1905 in Andover. James and Josephine lived in Andover and wintered in Washington, DC.

"I Take a Walk with My Memory" By F. Tyler Carlton, May 1961 (excerpt)
F. Tyler Carlton – 1904 - 1968 - b. 1904 d. August 14, 1968 age 64. F. Tyler Carlton, grew up at 67 Central Street, was a native of Andover,
Number 68 was Dr. Fuller's place. Yes, I remember the doctor but the one who leaves an impression was Mrs. Fuller. I recall her, even in her eighties and nineties, starting out for church or downtown, often for the mailbox at the corner of Phillips Street, with a firm, purposeful step. She lived to within three months of one hundred years. Her son, Sam, gave the carillon tower on the hill. Her grandsons Lester, Greenough, and Jimmy were my playmates when they visited their grandmother.

James and Josephine deed the property back to Samuel & Constance on Sept. 11, 1929. James died on Dec. 11, 1931 in Andover at age 84 years. Services were held at Christ Church and burial was in Indian Hill Cemetery in Middleton, CT. Josephine continued to live in the home and died on May 14, 1949.

The house was then deeded to daughter-in-law Julia P. (Pirie) Fuller on Jan. 16, 1952, widow of James Constant Fuller who died on Nov. 17, 1940 in NY. James was also a broker. They had two children; Samuel Pirie b. July 23, 1937 and James Jr. b. Nov. 16, 1938 both in NY. James Jr. is listed as a student in 1953 Andover Directories. The Fullers held the property for 63 years until 1964

The former side rear addition was completely gutted and replaced during the Christine & Curt Von Brawn ownership 2004-2010 with the sympathetic addition that mimics the original look of the house. The entire house and garage were also renovated and restored during construction and updated for 21st Century living.


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Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NameAnna Foster - Samuel Fuller House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Datecirca 1873
Architectural StyleSecond Empire
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresFine mansard carriage house
Major AlterationsRemodeled 1972, Rear ell razed and rebuilt 2009 garage remodeled 2009 Preservation Award 2011
Acreageless than one acre; 23,230 sq.ft.; approx. frontage 119'
Map and parcel74-4
MHC NumberANV.120
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77/updated 12/2012