68 Phillips Street

Architectural Description: 

NRDIS NRMRA; flush boarding not original

Historical Narrative: 

Daniel Poor -Perry House, "Elm Knoll", Cogswell - Torr House, "Mansion House"

Original Owner Daniel Poor, Themes - Architectural
Phillips Street was named in 1881.

Deacon Daniel Poor (b. Sept. 21, 1740 - d. June 20, 1814 age 74, son of Thomas & Mary Poor. Daniel was a prosperous farmer and deacon of South Church, when he built this house. He served 7 years in the Revolutionary army in Capt. Benjamin Ames Company. He was at Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. Married Mar. 31, 1763 to Hannah Frye b. Sept. 12, 1744 d. Jan. 16, 1824 age 79 years. and built this mansion house soon afterwards. They had 12 children. The house is especially noted for its Rufus Porter murals, two downstairs, under wallpaper for some years now, and a restored one in an upstairs bedroom. Charlotte Helen Abbot said this house was the Old Poor Tavern during the Revolution (her source, a Mrs. Brewster) but no other verification of this and Poor family. (At "Shawhin Fields", not here.) The estate went to widow Hannah and son Nathaniel Poor who inherits via probate will on Oct. 12, 1821. His mother Hannah deeds the house on April 10, 1822 and died Jan. 16, 1824.

Nathaniel Poor sells the house to Ezra Abbott, wife Hannah on Feb. 11, 1823. The deed states, Mansion house, wood, corn and chaise houses and barn also the tan yard near by. Ezra, a husbandman, held the property for 11 years then sold to Isaac Jones, wife Nancy, a Clerk on Apr. 21, 1834 for $1700. Jones had four years then selling to Peter Sidney Eaton, wife Elizabeth Ann, a Clerk, from Tewksbury. Eaton owned five years then sold to Francis Cogswell on May 12, 1842 for $2200.

Squire Francis Cogswell, Esq. born Dec. 21, 1800 in Atkinson, NH, son of William & Judith (Badger) Cogswell. Francis was living in Ossipee, NH when married on June 8, 1829 to Mary Sykes Marland, b. Aug. 8, 1806 in Byfield, dau. of Abraham & Mary (Sykes) Marland. Francis was a lawyer, cashier of Andover Bank, treasurer of Marland Manufacturing Co., and later President of Boston and Maine Railroad. After his mother-in-law's death in 1854, Squire Cogswell sold his residence at 68 Phillips St. and moved into the Marland house at 29 Shawsheen Rd. in 1855. Mary and Francis had six children: William Abraham b. May 5, 1830, John Francis b. 1835, Joseph Badger b. June 15, 1837, Mary Marland b. 1839 and twins Thomas Marland and Benjamin Punchard b. Mar. 16, 1844. Ben died on Oct. 23, 1845. They were members of Christ Episcopal Church. His wife Mary died on Dec. 28, 1877. Francis died on Feb. 11, 1880.

Captain Oliver Hazard Perry purchased the property for $8750 on Dec.1,1855. He married in 1849 to Mary Anna Mosley. He was the son and namesake of Commodore Perry, the American Naval hero who defeated the British at the Battle of Lake Erie. Capt. Oliver Perry had resigned his commission six years before moving to Andover, where he planned a comfortable country life. He added to the house, presumably putting on the ell and mansard roof. Oliver died in 1878 and his wife Mary Ann Perry inherited and sold on June 12 1879 for $9000. this property and three other parcels to Lyman A. Belknap, a Boston businessman who resided here while awaiting completion of his new house at 71 Central St. in 1889.

Belknap sold to George H. Torr on June 15, 1887 but remained here two more years. George Torr was Director of Andover National Bank, (1882-1900) and Treasurer of Smith and Dove Co. The small road in the back known as Torr Street was once called Mouse-trail, then called Piccolo Ave. after the Torr family dog of that title. The 1908 directory lists George H. Torr and Harriette M. Ward. The Ward sisters, Martha E.and Harriett M. Ward were nieces of Mrs. Torr, who inherited the house on March 1, 1912. They later moved to Newton. Martha died Mar. 16, 1916. and sister Harriet sold to J.Harry Kidder on March 30, 1916.

At this time, H. Winthrop Pierce, an Artist living in Andover, restored the murals for Kidder. In October 1923 the deed was placed in both J. Harry & Sarah Adelaide Kidder names via Margaret Walsh. In June 1925 Kidder sold to George C. & Beatrice Brown. Harry Kidder died the following year on Feb. 5, 1926. The Browns held the property for over 40 years until both were deceased. George died Feb. 28, 1964 and his wife in 1968-9. The estate was sold through Arthur Sweeney Executor on Aug, 5, 1969 to Dr, Richard A. & Elaine Katz. The Kate were both active in town affairs. The moved to town in the early 1960's first living at 1 Strawberry Hill Rd. When they moved to Phillips St. the house needed a great deal of restoration work. A new wood shingle roof for the barn, updated kitchen and the front door exterior surround rebuilt after the removal of a glass enclosed porch. Richard served on the School Committee and Elaine was active with the League of Women Voters, Andover Recycling Committee and interior decorating. Sadly a stroke took her out of her public service life but not her zest for life. Her husband Richard died in the 1990;s and Elaine remained in her home until 2012.

In 2013 the property was purchased from the Katz family by developer Doug Ahern of Andover. The 1 acre lot was divided into two separate lots. The historic property on the north and a new building lot on the south yard. In order to save the historic barn from demolition it was moved over about 15 feet. on October 21, 2013. A rear attached shed was removed.

The Historic house was purchased by Karin Osborne in 2013. Doug Ahern built a new house on the lot to the south, completed and sold in October 2014.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPhillips St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NamePoor, Dea. Daniel - Cogswell, Francis House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1763
SourceGoldsmith History Houses
Architectural StyleGeorgian Revival
Wall/Trimclapboards and flush boarded front
Major AlterationsMansard roof added. Addition ell to main house 1860's
Acreage1.05 acres
Map and parcel74-32
MHC NumberANV.434
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredAugust 1977, 3/2014