68b Main Street

Architectural Description: 

The corner K&D Block or Merchant’s Building architecture was mirrored in the new addition, matching the existing lines, materials and scale of the original building.

Historical Narrative: 

The current building at #68, now housing the CVS Pharmacy was constructed in 1990-91. The Barcello’s Brothers closed their grocery store at this location in March 1990 and razed the former CO-OP 1959 addition. Construction began by the Double D. contractors of Westminster, MA in the fall and after contractual issues was completed by Channel Building Co. of Haverhill. The corner K&D Block or Merchant’s Building architecture was mirrored in the new addition, matching the existing lines, materials and scale of the original building. A new glass entrance way to offices on the second floor divides the old from the new. The older section was completely renovated and interior gutted at the same time. CVS was the first tenant in the new addition relocating from its former store at 58 Main Street in late 1991. Shawmut Bank occupied the ground floor of the original building that November. The Shawmut Bank was purchased by Bank of America which consolidated this branch with the main branch at 28 Main Street. Barcellos’ then remodeled the space for CVS which took over the entire first floor of the building in 2008. A new store entrance nearer the corner was created at this time. Several professional offices, beauty solons, etc. occupy on the upper floor.
See number 64 & 70 Main Street for additional information.

Historical information.
This site once housed the wheelwright shop of Major Joseph Rice.
April 24, 1868 AA The valuable real estate of the late Major Joseph Rice, on Main St. will be auctioned on Wednesday April 29. The lot of land is eligibly located, but a few rods from the town house and furnishes a very desirable site for a dwelling house, store or mechanics shop. The buildings upon the premises will be fitted up, and remain or be removed. The auction advertisement; land and Wheelwright’s Shop – 11,000 sq. feet of land – excellent site for dwelling or business.
On Wednesday the real estate of the late Major Joseph Rice, on Main St. sold for $1631. Purchaser, Eben B. Tyler.
September 18, 1868 AA – Eben B. Tyler has demolished and removed the old buildings on the “Rice Estate, Main Street” with a view of erecting a dwelling house upon the premises the present fall. The house to be built will be 23’ x 40’, with modern improvements - Builder Geo. L. Abbott.
April 17, 1874 AA. Eben B. Tyler has opened a boot and shoe store and repairing shop in his building on Main Street. Everyone knows “Mr. Eben” to be a right down honest and worthy man. Tyler’s advert. states – he intends to keep for sale a full assortment of the best articles in his line of business. Repairing done at short notice. A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. May 22, 1874.
Eben Tyler learned his trade of shoemaker from Thomas Holt. He was described as an industrious fugal man, strictly temperate habits, and quiet demeanor with numerous friends. His wife Nancy Tyler was a seamstress, who after her husbands death on July 18 1880 remained at home until a fall crippled her. She sold the property to Dr. Charles & Frances Abbott in May 1886.
Dr. Abbott’s first office was located in the Barnard Block at 29 Main Street and later in the former shop of Tyler’s shoe shop attached to the left side of this house. Dr. Abbott was also a State Representative legislator, a history enthusiast and charter member of the Andover Historical Society. He served as the first president of the organization from 1911 - 1926. After his death in 1932, wife Frances continued to live in the home and sold in 1945 to Dr. Charles A. & Margaret Currier. Dr. Currier moved his practice here until selling to Rochdale Realty in 1959. The Andover Townsman offices also shared the house with Currier locating to the second floor in the 1950’s.
The house was razed in April 1959 for a new one story addition to the Andover COOP grocery store and a customer parking lot. The addition provided for a new main entrance. Partially below grade, patrons descended into the store on a short interior ramp. A community bulletin board on the right posted all sorts of events, lost and found items and general notices. The exterior sixties style façade was of glass, aluminum and enameled panels of two shades of turquoise and cream that wrapped across the entire building to the corner. The original front interior staircase was also relocated closer to Chestnut St. Only Hartigan’s Drug Store remained with its original interior. After it closed in 1978 the period interior was sold and removed by a company in Texas. The original marble bar and soda fountain is said to be in a private home in Scottsdale, AZ.
A portion of the property on the extreme south boundary once held the Shawsheen Engine Company firehouse and “Shawsheen #1” pumper. It remained at this location until 1883 when a new brick firehouse was built behind the Town House on Park Street. The Engine house was the first structure in town to raise an American flag at the beginning of the Civil War. The Town sold the land and building at auction in April 20, 1883. Nancy M. Tyler owner of #68 at that time purchased lot 24’x 64’ for $345. The firehouse was sold to Geo. S. Cole for $270 who moved it to 78 Maple Ave. in May and converted it into a barn and carpenters shop. It has survived to this day as a garage on the property and has recently been restored.

Andover resident’s reminisces;
“Eben Tyler's house and shoe shop was next door, now Dr. Charles E. Abbott's home and office. Mrs. Tyler was a seamstress, at times acting as a shroud maker.
Then the Fire Engine House, a plain 2 story wooden building, with its little cupola and big bell which announced the fires with its fearful clang, housing the first town fire engine, the “Shawsheen #1.” E. Kendall Jenkins

“…Dr. Abbott’s office, home & barn. Every Saturday morning we children took flowers to the barn and Mrs. Abbott sent them to the Little Wanderers Home in Boston.” Florence Abbott

“Where the present CO-OP building changes roof level, there was a driveway break in the wall, then it resumed at a thirty-inch height. A stair break allowed access to Dr. Charles Abbott's office. The wall curved out around an elm tree and then broke again for a driveway to the doctor's front door and on to the barn. All that remains of the wall is the highest section (three and a half feet high) in front of the Barnard Arms.” F. Tyler Carlton.

Additional Lots
July 18, 1850 – Samuel Abbott & William Abbott to Town of Andover
b. 442 p. 188 Salem Registry of Deeds (Firehouse lot?)
Aug. 10, 1870 -Nancy Tyler to Town of Andover – b. 5 p. 272
Small parcel 9’ wide & 24’ long abuts Tyler & Tracy land
March 31, 1880 - David Richardson strip of land to Nancy M. Tyler b. 59 p. 157
56’ south of Chestnut St. on Main 8’ wide & 102’ long abuts Poor’s on west.
March 5, 1883 Town Meeting vote. Town of Andover to Nancy M. Tyler land of the former Firehouse.
July 18th 1883 b. 72 p. 522, lot 24’ x 64’ x 24’ x 64’ paid $345 at Auction on April 20, 1883. The Firehouse was sold to Geo. S. Cole for $270 who moved it to Maple Ave. in May to convert into a barn and carpenters shop.

Time line:
1854 Engine company
1872 Doctor's residence
1884 Residence
1896 Not listed
1906 Residences
Nov 12 1924/1925 New building opening reception
1926 Andover Supply Company
1930 Stores
1932 Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company?; Hartigan's Pharmacy
1943 Andover Consumers Corporation, Inc
1953 Andover Consumers Co-op, Inc.
1975 - 1990 Barcelos Market
1992 CVS Pharmacy

Barcelos Plaza named by Joe & Carlos? Barcelos


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Inventory Data:

StreetMain St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameBarcello Building
Present UseCVS Pharmacy (1992)
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1990
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderChannel Building Co. of Haverhill.
Major Alterations1990 addition to Merchants building at 60 Main St.
Settingcommercial business district
Map and parcel39-38
Recorded byBrian Lee (cwo), James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJuly 1992, 4/2014