69 Salem Street

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Building Marker 1994

This property was once owned by Asa Albert Abbott who lived at 15 Porter Rd. in the double house with his brother Sylvester Abbott. They both had extensive farms. Asa Abbott sold this lot to Daniel Cummings on January 14, 1857.

Daniel Cummings was born on March 13, 1828 in Albany, ME, son of Francis & Lois Cummings. He was living in Andover in 1850 working as a farm laborer. Daniel married on May 2, 1854 to Hannah A. Holt. b. Nov. 16, 1826 in Andover, daughter of Moses & Lydia Holt. In May 1859 Daniel took a mortgage on his property through the Trustees of Ministerial Fund at South Church. This loan was probably the money needed to build the home. Daniel was a farm laborer and later lists Gardener as occupation.
Daniel & Hannah had two daughters; Luella A. b. 1856 and Lydia Holt b. Dec.1861 - died April 21, 1863. Luella married Frederic H. Perry and lived in Somerville, MA.

Cummings bought an adjoining strip of land on Oct. 11, 1876 for $50 from George Gutterson. Daniel defaulted on his mortgage and the Trustees of Ministerial Fund of South Church took possession of the property on Nov. 1, 1880. Daughter Luella Perry paid off the loan of her parents. Daniel Cummings died on Jan 11, 1897 and Hannah A. on March 31, 1907 just 50 years since the purchase of the property. Both are interred at South Parish Cemetery.

Luella (Cummings) Perry inherited her mother's estate and sold the property to Alice M. Harrington, wife of Virgil D. Harrington on June 4, 1907. The Harringtons borrowed $1500 from Luella Perry for the purchase at the time of the sale and paid he back in Oct. 1907. Harrington then took a loan from the Trustees of Phillips Academy for $2000 which was paid off in 1911. The Harringtons may have added to the size of the house during their ownership on eleven years.

The property was sold to Winfield Bradford Knowlton on July 31,1918. Winfield B. Knowlton was b. May 18, 1877 in Lowell, MA, son of G. Winfield & Etta (Watson) Knowlton. Winfield married on Apr. 28, 1903 in Lawrence, MA to Minnie Belle Arundale, b. 1881 in Gifford, IL. daughter of Joshua & Elizabeth (Barnes) Arundale. Winfield was a draftsman, and a Mill construction engineer, worked for the American Woolen Co. in Lawrence. The Knowltons first lived at 328 Ames St. in Lawrence before moving to Andover in 1918.

W. B. Knowlton was the designer of the Shawsheen Mill complex in Shawsheen Village and involved with the construction of other A.W. Co mills. It is said that the Knowltons enlarged the house, adding the two story wing on the north side, the entry porch, a bedroom and upper sun porch to the rear.

Winfield & Minnie had one daughter Marjorie b. Jan. 5, 1909. (written as Irene in Lawrence VR) Winfield died Feb. 17, 1931. Minnie Knowlton sold to her daughter Marjorie K. Hollis, wife of Charles H. Hollis on Feb. 26, 1955. They had been living in the house in 1940 Census. Marjorie graduated from Abbot Academy. Hollis owned for 9 years selling to Robert C. & Margaret L. Ramsdell on June 17, 1964.

Emil C. & Mary K. Hervol purchased the property on Oct. 5, 1964. Emil was an architectural structural engineer and partner with Le Messurier Associates in Cambridge who were hired for the construction of the new Bancroft School. The Firm also did the Boston City Hall, Boston Aquarium, and the Corbusier Building at Harvard. The Architect for the unique Bancroft School was William Warner of Providence, RI. When the school opened in 1969, there was a steady stream of architects and visitors to tour the school. The design was awarded a National "Gold Medal" by the American Institute of Architects in 1970. Mary K. Hervol became the official tour guide for two years. Mary K. then returned to her teaching occupation and taught Kindergarten at Bancroft School. All three of the Hervol children, Michelle, Mark and Eric attended school at Bancroft. The building was razed in the summer of 2014, replaced by a new and larger Bancroft School.

Sadly Emil died in April 1974 at age 45. Mary K. continued to teach, raised her children and entertained often with her culinary skills. Her energy and positive outlook on life are her endearing qualities. Michelle and Mark graduated from Andover High School and Eric from Phillips Academy. All three attended college and moved west. Mary K. Hervol downsized to a condo in Middleton, MA and sold the house in November 1985.

Elizabeth M. Steele and Sandra L. & Thomas H. Fitzpatrick were the next owners. The held for nine years. Leslie H. Curley bought on Aug. 1, 1994, married James E. Kain and they owned four years.

Geoffrey P. & Mary T. O'Donoghue purchased the property on May 15, 1998.
The O'Donoghues have done extensive renovations to the house with an addition to rear to enlarge the kitchen and a re-design of the southwest ell. Mary is a local Realtor and active in Town government as a Selectman and former Finance Committee member.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameDaniel Cummings House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1857 - 1858
Architectural StyleColonial Revival
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures2 car garage and barn
Major Alterations1922 additions, barn razed abt. 1990, rear addition 2004
Acreage1.26 acres
Map and parcel58-1
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1985, updated 3/7/2015