75 Highland Road

Architectural Description: 


L-shaped, 2-story gable roof building. 1-story gable roof wing is attached at the right. Front facade is asymmetrical with two bays. Entrance porch is partially enclosed to form a small square bay. Porch support is a turned post with bracket. Windows have molded trim and the cornices are boxed with returns. On the front facade one row of scalloped shingles marks the change in level.

Historical Narrative: 

Sited close the the road, small yard area in front & left; side yard with 6' high hedge abutting Highland; trees and undergrowth in back yard

This property was once owned by Catherine Nolan who sold this lot of land to Hugh J. Cunningham on June 1, 1891. Hugh Cunningham built the house and then deeded 2/3 of the property to his children Ellen M. Cunningham and Peter F. Cunningham on March 8, 1895. Peter then acquired the remaining 1/3 from Ellen (Cunningham) Shea, wife of John P. Shea in Feb. 1902. Peter Francis Cunningham was born in Andover in 1871, son of Hugh & Mary (Carr) Cunningham, both Irish immigrants. Peter married on June 30, 1903 in Lawrence, MA to Agnes Cecelia Byrne b. 1872 in Lawrence, daughter of Thomas F. & Mary (Shervin) Byrne, also Irish immigrants. Peter was a salesman and later manager of a baking supplies company in Boston. They did not have children but two nieces did live with them. First Irene V. Arnold in the 1910 and 1920 Census. Irene was listed as a public school teacher in 1920 at age 20.

In 1930 niece Agnes E. b. 1901 had married Thomas C. Brucato and they shared the home with her Aunt and Uncle. The Brucato's had five sons; Peter born 1922, Edward b. 1923, George b. 1925, Paul b. 1927 and David b. 1933.
Thomas Brucato worked in ice cream sales for H. P. Hood & Sons and later for McCann Ice Cream Co. Inc. in Lawrence, MA.

Peter Cunningham died in 1961 and his wife Agnes in 1965 both are interred in St. Augustine's Cemetery, Andover, MA. The Brucato family inherit the property. Great nephew Paul T. Brucato, purchased the property and then placed the deed in both his name and his wife Mildred M. Brucato on Apr 12, 1966.

Trustees of Phillips Academy then purchased the house on June 29, 1966.


Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA

Mary M. Nolan & Julia B. Nolan -
Catherine Nolan - Nov. 18, 1890 - b. 109 p. 351
James H. Cochran - Nov. 18, 1890 - b. 109 p. 352 $1800 mtg. deed
Catherine Nolan, widow of Michael - June 1, 1891 - b113 p. 112
Hugh J. Cunningham - June 1, 1891 - b. 113 p. 113 - lot of land
Peter F. Cunningham & Ellen M. Cunningham - Mar. 8, 1895 - b. 138 p. 299 - 2/3
Peter F. Cunningham - Feb. 15, 1902 - b. 192 p. 345 - 1/3
Peter F. & Agnes B. Cunningham - 1903
Peter F. Cunningham estate - 1961- Agnes heir
Agnes B. Cunningham estate, - 1965
Agnes Bucato life estate, died Dec. 16, 1960 -
Agnes B. Cunningham estate - Will - Probate - #282431
Paul T. Brucato, heir -
Paul T & Mildred M. Brucato - Apr 12, 1966 - b. 1058 p. 9
Trustees of Phillips Academy - June 29, 1966 - b. 1063 p. 87

Inventory Data:

StreetHighland Rd
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NamePeter & Agnes Cunningham House
Present Usefaculty residence
Original Useresidence/boarding
Construction Datecirca 1891 - 1892
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterationsdeck added 1987-88
Acreage0.4247 acre
Map and parcel41-8
MHC NumberANV.1092
Recorded bySusan Alovisetti, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1991, March 27, 2015