77 Bartlet St

Historical Narrative: 

77 Bartlet St. was formerly numbered 67 Bartlet in 1900.

The Trustees of Phillips Academy once owned most of the property on both sides of this southern end of Bartlet St. After the Civil War the Trustees began selling off house lots along the west side of Bartlet St. south of Morton St. (once named Greene St. and Pike St.) The lot was purchased on Aug. 22, 1873 by Harriet L. Ropes, wife of Rev. William L Ropes, who owned the lot to the south and built their house on at #83 Bartlet (once numbered 71 Bartlet) - After the death of Harriet, William sold the empty lot to Charles C. Carpenter on May 28, 1886.

Charles Carroll Carpenter had the house built and lived here until building a new home at 26 Morton Street. C. Carroll Carpenter was born on July 9, 1836 in Bernardson, MA, son of Elijah Woodward & Vallonia (Slate) Carpenter. He was one of five children. C. Carroll became a minister, married on May 1, 1862 in Auburn, MA to Nancy Feronia Rice b. July 28, 1840. They resided in Auburn and then Peabody, MA before moving to Andover in 1882. Carroll and Feronia had five children; four survived; George Rice. b. 1863, Charles Lincoln b. 1867, William B. b. 1869 and Jane B. b. 1872. C. C. Carpenter would become a journalist and first editor of the Andover Townsman in 1887. He was a founding member of the Andover Historical Society in 1911. Carroll died on Aug. 19, 1918 and his wife on June 10, 1939. Both are interred at the Chapel Cemetery on the Phillips Academy campus.

Carpenter sold to Parthinia P. Holt, wife of E. Francis Holt on Aug. 1, 1902. An error in the lot dimensions was corrected in Dec. 1905.
Edward Francis Holt was b. May 6, 1834, son of Solomon & Phebe (Abbott) Holt. Known as Francis to family and friends, he graduated from Phillips Academy and studied under professor of mathematics James Eaton. He taught in the local district schools and then Old South School in Marshfied, MA and later at an Academy in Middleton, NY as instructor of sciences. E. Francis Holt returned to Andover to care for his ailing father on the family farm at 111 Reservation Rd. He then joined the West Parish Church on July 6, 1851. Francis would follow his grandfather and father becoming a Deacon in 1893 and served as treasurer from 1885-1888. In the 1870’s he became responsible for religious meetings held at the Osgood District Schoolhouse. E. Francis also served on the Andover School Committee as secretary and was instrumental in bringing a Superintendent of Schools to Andover to oversee the system and curriculum.

E. Francis Holt married May 17, 1864 to Parthinia Pelham Boutwell b. Sept. 23, 1835 daughter of George & Fanny (Hyde) Boutwell of High Plain Rd. in Andover. Francis and Parthinia would have four children; Francis Boutwell b. Apr. 30, 1861 – d. Oct. 17, 1889, Jonathan Edward b. Nov. 1863 - d. Oct. 17, 1939, Porter Wilder b. Jan 21, 1869 d. Oct. 15, 1873, and Gertrude Elizabeth b. Oct. 22, 1875 – d. July 10, 1928.

In 1893 the Andover Savings Bank called in the mortgage on the farm and E. Francis Holt sold to the bank and moved to School St. He served several years as superintendent of Abbot Academy. He left West Parish Church in 1897 to join the South Church. E. Francis died on June 11, 1906 at age 72. Parthinia ran a boarding house for students and teachers in the house on Bartlet St. In the 1910 Census her son Jonathan 45 and her sister Mary H. Boutwell live with her. Grace Hill and Florence M. Prevost both 8th grade teachers at Stowe School, board along with Annie Shepard a private family nurse.

Parthinia P. Holt took two mortgages on the property, one from Carpenter and the other form the Trustees of P. A.
Parthinia died on Feb. 20, 1922 and her heirs, son Jonathan E. Holt and daughter Gertrude E. Gustin inherit the property.
Four generations of the Holt family are interred in West Parish Garden Cemetery. The family lot with marble obelisk is located next to the cobble road leading from the stone office building to Lowell St. They sell to John E. & Lillian Sullivan - on July 31, 1922.

Charles A. & Kate M. Salisbury purchased the house on June 30, 1925. Charles A. Salisbury died Sept. 26, 1938 and his wife Kate M. Salisbury kept ownership. Salisbury family owned for 33 years.

Additional owners;
William B. & Ruth C. Holihan - Aug. 28, 1958
Margaret B. Calderwood - Aug. 19, 1960
Edward J. & Elizabeth M. Broaddus - June 9, 1964


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Inventory Data:

StreetBartlet St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameC. C. Carpenter - Holt House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence & boarding house
Construction Date1886
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gable
Acreage0.514 acre
Map and parcel40-64
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 4, 2015