78 Carmel Road

Historical Narrative: 

78 Carmel Road
Moved from 32 Park Street in 1924

This house was one of the first residences on Carmel Road, but can also lay claim to being the oldest on the street. The house was originally on Park Street amid several stable buildings of the livery companies that lined that street to the corner of Florence St.

Originally located at #32 Park Street it was on the north side of the street on the lot in front of the “Learning Express” building which is the only remaining stable building that has survived in that area of Park St. Just east of the house was the McDonough Stables, originally the barn stable of David Snow. Renovated in 1890 by William H. Higgins, it became the “Livery & Park Street Stables”. The business was sold at auction on May 22, 1911 to Thomas F. Morrissey. The real estate then included two stables, a small hospital stable, the cottage house and 31,000 sq. feet of land.

Morrissey ran the stables for eight years beginning the slow conversion from horse power to motorized vehicles. In 1919 John F. McDonough purchased the property and business. A fire on December 3, 1923 completely destroyed the two story stable building killing five horses and a pony. Two trucks, a Hudson coup and all the livery equipment and supplies were also lost along with 30 tons of hay.

Dec. 7, 1923 AT … A small wooden cottage only a few feet west of the stable and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cole and their seven children, Helen, Kathleen, Mary, Elizabeth, Josephine, John & George, varying in age from one to twelve years, miraculously escaped destruction. Its occupants were driven to the street scantly clad and given shelter at the Central fire station across the street.

Jan. 18, 1924 AT - The cottage house on Park St. belonging to the J. F. McDonough property, and which was miraculously saved from being burned in the fire which destroyed the McDonough Stable, will be moved to a lot on Carmel Rd. owned by Mr. McDonough and remodeled.

April 4, 1924 AT - The cottage house owned by J. F. McDonough and formerly situated on his lot on Park Street is being moved to the house lot on Carmel road, where it will be remodeled.

There is further evidence that this cottage may have been originally built on North Main St., to be used as a small shop near the corner of Pearson St. and then moved to this location.


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Owners at 78 Carmel Road
John Flint - land
Mary C. Grout - May 16, 1900 - b. 177 p. 488 - 3½ acres
John F. McDonough - Jan. 10, 1924 - b. 495 p. 66 – lot of land
David D. Gillespie - Oct. 29, 1924 - b. 505 p. 310
Joseph J. & Bridget Foye - Aug. 4, 1927 - b. 534 p. 122
Rena M. & Albert Arnold (Est.) - June 22, 1945 - b. 673 p. 546
Daniel P. & Martha Rogacki - July 13, 1979 - b. 1377 p. 138
Dennis R. St. John - Jan. 11, 1986 - b. 2123 p. 129
Dominic Cambio Jr. & Geo. W. Jones - Oct. 7, 1986 - b. 2331 p. 31
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Owners at 32 Park Street location'
David Snow
William H. Higgins - Sept. 1890
Thomas F. Morrissey - May 22, 1911
John F. MacDonough - 1919 - 1924

#32 Park & #34 Morrissey Stable & Taxi service. “Horribles Parade” July 4th, circa 1920

Inventory Data:

StreetCarmel Rd
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1870 - 1875
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterationsrear addition
Move Details1924 from Park St.
Map and parcel20-73
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJan. 9, 2015