80 Argilla Road

Historical Narrative: 

3 Cattle Crossing (formerly 80 Argilla Rd) 112 - 2, 1.01 acres 1893

This farm house was built in 1893-96. The house is two story wood construction and wood clapboard siding, hip asphalt roof with a wrap-around porch on the north east corner. Originally constructed with a summer sleeping porch on the second floor northwest corner, this house was a departure from the center entrance colonial homes built in the immediate area.

The setback from the street with long sweeping lawn creates an elegant setting. Originally sited on five acres of mostly a wooded lot, the house is built asymmetrically in a simplified, “Four Square” style. An elegant interior staircase, formal living room with fireplace, built in cabinets in the dining area are a nod to both Victorian and Craftsman elements. A small barn to the west of the house completes the setting of this gentleman farmer home.

The Clark farm was formerly the Henry Dane farm who was given the property in 1811 by his father Philemon Dane. The Dane homestead was located at 97 Argilla Rd. was part of a greater land grant to the Rev. Francis Dane in 1660. Henry Dane died in in 1840 and his widow sold to Ezra Abbott in 1843. John Abbott sold to Thomas Clark on April 25, 1844. Most farms on this street by the 20th century were poultry, strawberry, produce, two dairy farms and a yogurt and cheese factory.

A five acre lot was first subdivided out of the 42 acre west side parcel of the Clark farm when it was sold to William A. Wood in 1917 President of the American Woolen Company and became part of the Arden Trust. An additional house lot was later created by Joseph F. & Marjorie Raichlen for their son Robert to build a home at 74 Argilla Rd in 1948. The Eaton family created the sub-division of Cattle Crossing in the 1970’s from the remaining wooded acreage. Local zoning required 150’ frontage on the street which required the change of address from 80 Argilla Rd. to 3 Cattle Crossing and an extension of the driveway from the new way.

The house was built in 1893-96 by Jesse H. Clark on land once owned by his father Thomas Clark family across the road from their farm at 85 Argilla Rd. The 42 acre parcel on the west side of Argilla Rd. is now Strawberry Hill Rd. and Rennie Drive neighborhood.

Jesse H. Clark was born Aug. 7, 1844, son of Thomas & Sarah Ann Noyes (Osgood) Clark. Jessie was a shoemaker when his married on Feb. 24, 1870 to Mary A. Morrill b. Jan. 1849 in Groveland, dau. of Stanwood & Lydia Morrill. The 1880 census lists Jesse & Mary on the Clark farm at 85 Argilla Rd. with two daughters; Edith L. b. May 1874 and Willard M. b. Dec. 8, 1877 – d. Oct. 5, 1884, Step-mother Dorcas (Abbott) Clark age 63. Thomas Clark died in 1874.
Jesse & Mary had two more children; Lydia A. born Sept. 1886 and Marion L. b. July 1892. Jesse is later listed as a farmer and machinist. The 1893 directory lists him at Highland Rd. at the corner of Salem St. In 1900 Jesse and family are living at the Pease House at 193 Main St. and his occupation is Milkman. In 1910 the Clarks are at 147 Main St. and managing the Blunt – America House boarding house. Their home farm on Argilla was rented out during their years on the Hill.

The Clarks retired to 80 Argilla Rd. in 1919 to the 5 acre parcel where they had built a new home. Their daughter Lydia A. Clark was a teacher, later taught at Ohio State and married Bertram Benedict. Marion Clark married in 1919 to Joseph Myerscough and had one daughter Mary A. b. 1922. Marion and her sister Edith L. Clark Moulton lived with their parents. It appears the Marion & Edith had separated from their husbands. Mary A. Clark died on May 11, 1931 and Marion died in Ohio on Feb. 26, 1933. Jesse H. Clark died in 1932 and the property was sold to Genevieve H. Wilder of Montpelier, VT on July 13, 1932.

Genevieve H. Wilder may have been Robert H. Wilder’s mother as Robert & his wife Verna are listed in the home in 1935. Robert is a construction engineer, age 29 and Verna is also 29. Genevieve sells the property to them in 1937 and in 1938 the Wilders take a mortgage with the Merrimack Coop. Bank in Lawrence. In 1940 the bank foreclosed and the house was sold to Olive G. Stanton, wife of Carl Stanton on Dec. 6, 1940.

Carl Stanton was born on Jan. 20, 1895 in Beverly, MA son of William S. & Adrienne E. Stanton. Carl was a landscape architect. He married on Oct. 31, 1931 in NH to Olive Jane Green b. Nov. 26, 1903 in Peterborough, NH, dau. of Simeon T. & Ellen J. (Heath) Green. They moved to Andover from Chelmsford and had two children; Carol b. 1935 and David b. 1937 both born in NH. They also had a St. Bernard dog named Snowball, remembered by the neighborhood children. The Stantons owned for six years, sold to Joseph F. & Marjorie Raichlen on Dec. 14, 1946.

Joseph Frederick Raichlen was born in NYC on April 15, 1891, son of Lewis F. & Anna M. Raichlen. His father owned a paper box company, Champion International Co., and Joseph and his brother Francis worked in his business. Joseph married in May 16, 1916 in NYC to Marie Eugenie Filbig b.1892 in NYC. They had two children, Robert b. 1919 in NYC and Ruth b. 1924 in NJ. As Joe was in the sales end of family business, it took him and his family to many locations, including Oregon, Washington, Illinois and Nevada prior to coming to Andover. The company had a manufacturing plant in Lawrence. Joe married a second time on Feb. 21,1940 ib Snohomish, WA to Marjorie Elizabeth Poole b. Feb. 5, 1898 in Yarmouth, ME, dau. of Charles L. & Henrietta (Hayer) Poole. Marjorie was a Stenographer for a lawyer. Both Joe and Marjorie were artist, enjoyed painting and later retired to Rockport, MA. They always welcomed the kids in the neighborhood at Halloween and had the best pink lemonade at the ready on a hot summer’s day. They sold the house to James H. 3rd & Nancy N. Eaton on Aug. 17, 1967.

James Henry Eaton III was born June 30, 1926 in Winchester, MA son of James H. & Mildred H (Frost) Eaton II. James, like his father was a successful attorney in Andover. James and his older sister Charlotte were raised at 5 Morton St. and then 9 Abbot St. James married in 1954 in North Andover to Nancy N. b. 1930. The Eatons held the property for 36 years and raised their four children here. James H. IV b. Jan. 1956, Gregory N. b. Dec. 1956, Pamela Jean b. Dec. 1958 and Gilman F. b. Dec. 1960. The Eaton family had a family vacation home in Turbett’s Creek, Kennebunkport, ME where Charlotte and James spent their childhood summers under the care of Ida J. Martin b. 1908 in VT and Helen “Nell” Ferrier b. 1916 in Andover, the babysitter.
James & Nancy sold the home to David C. Curreri & Karen Brown on Nov. 26, 2003. James H. Eaton died on April 4, 2004 in Yarmouth, ME.

The current owners have done extensive renovations on the house during their ownership. A recent in-law apartment and garage was added to the former front façade facing east to Argilla Rd. on what was the long front yard.


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Inventory Data:

StreetArgilla Rd
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameJesse H. & Mary A. Clarke House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1893-1896
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleCraftsman/Bungalow
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresBarn and garage
Major AlterationsAddition of an in-law apartment and attached garage to front of house.
Acreage1.01 acres
Map and parcel112 - 2
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 8/19/2020