84 Poor Street

Architectural Description: 

Classic New England Cape Cod style home with center doorway and cornice molding; small 6/6 windows; steep roof; small center chimney; small rear ell

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architecture and Community Development
This property was once held by James Parker & Benjamin Ames Jr. both of Andover. A half-acre parcel was sold to John Wardwell, a Cordwainer, for six pounds on Nov. 3, 1794. John Wardwell was born on Mar. 19, 1766 in Andover, son of John & Lydia (Hardy) Wardwell. John married May 8, 1796 to Sarah Trussel of Bradford, MA. John & Sarah had seven children; Moses b. Feb. 3, 1790 (6?) at Bradford, Henry b. Oct. 10, 1799, Sarah b. Aug. 31, 1801-d. Nov. 21, 1802, twins John and Sarah b. Sept. 7, 1803, Asa Kimball b. Sept. 3, 1805 and Oran b. Sept. 24, 1807.

John takes a mortgage loan of $150 from his sister Lydia, a single woman, spinster, on Mar. 16, 1802 and on Dec. 1, 1804, because his is moving, deeds the property to her for $150 recorded on April 16, 1805. Lydia Wardwell later sells on June 6, 1822, half of the house and property to Moses Wardwell, a Tanner, of Rowley for $127. Lydia is listed living in Boston. Moses may have been her nephew and oldest son of John Wardwell.

Moses held for 13 years then sold for $100 to Artemas Brown and Winslow Battles on May 29, 1835. Both men are listed a Machinists. This would have been income property for them as Brown lived at 161 Lowell St. and Battles at 31 Lowell St. Winslow sold his share to Artemas on Nov. 3, 1842 for $250. Brown then sells to George Maynard, a Laborer, wife Rhoda F., on Jan. 16, 1843. Maynard paid $662.50 for the half acre lot “with a small dwelling house there on.”George & Rhoda had one son Charles W. b. Jan. 18, 1846 recorded in Andover.

George sold the property the following year to William Mansur of Methuen, a Machinist for same amount on July 13, 1844. The Andover Valuation Schedule of 1850 Non-Resident lists Mansur of Methuen 1 acre of land, House and Bard - $600. The deed was recorded again by Maynard on Aug. 2, 1858 when Mansur sold to Franklin Hardy, wife Sarah H. on that date for $625.

Franklin Hardy was born on May 23, 1830 in Woburn, MA son of Isaac & Sybil (Winning) Hardy. Franklin was a Cordwainer, and had his shop in the barn. Franklin married on Aug. 17, 1853 in Andover to Sarah Hutchins Leach b. 1835 in Methuen, dau. of Samuel & Mary Leach. Franklin & Sarah had two daughters Sarah Francis b. July 12, 1856 and Mary W. b. June 5, 1858. They are all listed here in the 1860 census. Franklin enlisted during the Civil War on July 5, 1861 and served as a Private in the Mass. Co. H. 4th Regiment Heavy Artillery. He re-enlisted in June 1863 in Mass Co. H Heavy Artillery and was killed at Poplar Grove, VA battle at Petersburg on Oct. 2, 1864 at age 34. Franklin is interred at Ridgewood Cemetery, North Andover.

The house was sold prior to his death to Abiathar C. Hardy, wife May B. of North Andover on Jan. 11, 1864 for $300 who then sold to Francis Bagley, [Baggaley on deed], wife Ann on April 2, 1864. Frances was a Flax Dresser and worked for Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. Francis was born in England and come to the US about 1849 with four children, Mary, Elizabeth Thomas and Joshua. They had three more children; John b. 1849 in PA, Sarah A. 1853 CT and Jane b. 1856 MA. Bagley owned two years then sold to his son-in-law John Hardy 2nd, wife Elizabeth Bagley on April 4, 1866. John Hardy was the brother of Franklin b. May 7, 1838 in Andover and also a Cordwainer when his married on June 16, 1856 to Elizabeth b. 1836 in England. He was a carpenter when he purchased the house for $285. John & Elizabeth had three children Isaac W. b. July 21, 1857 and Laura Ann b. July 5, 1860. Son Clarence L. was born in 1871 in Illinois. The Hardys owned just two years then selling to Gilman D. Kingman of Reading and Jonas B. Hill of Lawrence for $700 on Aug. 13, 1868.

Henry Hill seems to have occupied the home for a period of time as his name appears on the local maps. Hill & Kingman may have been brothers-in-law as Gilman was married to Nancy Maria Hill. Census records in 1870 find Hill b. 1817 in Maine, a barber, living in Lynn, MA. Kingman b. 1820 lives in Reading, MA. His wife Nancy Bond Hill b. Jan Dec. 12, 1823 in Boston, was the daughter of Jonas Bond Hill and Hannah Brook Lernard. Jonas & Hannah were married in Andover on Jan. 1, 1823. Jonas b. Jan 23, 1800 died Dec. 29, 1888 in Andover and is interred at South Parish Cemetery. Hannah b. 1800 died in 1883.

James Fraser purchased the property from Hill & Kingman on Jan. 19, 1895. James Fraser was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1865, son of James & Isabella (Low) Fraser. [sometimes written as Fraizer]. James married on Dec. 24, 1890 to Elizabeth E. Gordon b. 1872 in Scotland, daughter of David & Jessie (Edwards) Gordon. It appears that Elizabeth immigrated to America before her parents and settled in Andover, working as an operative for Smith & Dove Manuf. Co. They would have two sons Norman G. and Gilbert b. 1908 - d. 1926.

The 1900 census lists James & Elizabeth at 86 Poor St. and her parents David & Jessie Gordon living at 84 Poor St. They immigrated in 1894 with children, William b. May 1878, Alexander b. May 1882 and Norman b. Dec. 1886. Daughter Jessie E. b. Feb. 1880 also arrived earlier in 1892. Occupations, David 58 is a farmer, William 22, Hackeler - Flax, Jessie E. 20 Spinner Flax, Alexander 18 Cander - Flax & Norman age 13 in school.

James Fraser was a machinist in the wool mills. His property extended along Poor Street in both directions from his home. He built a second home at 86 Poor and then sold a lot to his nephew Alexander Gordon at 80 - 82 Poor St. in Oct. 1908. The house was rented out through the years of Fraser ownership. James Fraser died on June 26, 1953 age 87y 8m 24d. His wife Elizabeth died on Mar. 28, 1957 age 85y. 24d. Both are interred at West Parish Cemetery in the Gordon - Fraser lot.

Oldest Shawsheen House - article written Feb. 1938 Andover Townsman
"Old landmarks are many in the story and a half white cottage situated on the hill on the corner of Poor Street facing Kenilworth Street, said to be the oldest house in Shawsheen, now standing. The house is estimated to be over two hundred years old. It is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Carmichael of 84 Poor St. It is owned by Mr.and Mrs. James Fraser of 86 Poor St. The house stood on what was known as the Old County road which ran where Poor Street intersects what is now Main Street and along by the old riding academy. There was no such street as North Main Street then.

The property is situated as it was originally except for a section of land cut off in the front. The house is typical of those built in New England at that time. The timber in the house was all hewn by hand and doweled together. All hand forged nails were used to hold the timbers together.

There was formerly a barn which stood next to the house where a shoe business was carried on. There were two or three men employed in the business. The barn had a flourishing trade among the Villagers supplying them with shoes. The barn was burned down fifteen years ago. Samuel Bean, a livery stable owner in Lawrence many years ago, formerly occupied the house.
The house was formerly painted brown; it is now white with green blinds. There were two huge brick ovens which were used for baking. These ovens were similar to those used by the Pilgrims in their homes. They were taken out by the present owner to make more room in the house. Otherwise the house is as it was many years ago, except for a small addition to the kitchen."
Joan Isobel (Fraser) Petrie purchased the property from her Uncle and Aunt on Feb. 1, 1952. With the death of Elizabeth Fraser, there was a dispute over property ownership which went to Land Court to settle the estate. Both Joan I. Petrie and Norman Fraser had to quit claim certain properties.

Joan Isobel Petrie, wife of David R. Petrie, was deeded 84 Poor St in Feb. 25, 1960. Joan then sold the home to Robert D. & Phyllis Henderson on Mar. 9, 1960. Joan & David Petrie lived at 86 Poor Street.


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Artemas Brown & Winslow Battles – May 28, 1835 – b. 282 leaf 232
Artemas Brown – Nov. 3, 1842 – b. 334 leaf 89 - $250 Battles’ share
George Maynard, wife Rhoda – Jan. 16, 1843 – b. 334 leaf 148
William Mansur – July 13, 1844 – b. 346 leaf 165 - $662.50 - ½ acre
Franklin Hardy, wife Sarah H. – Aug. 1858 – b. 573 leaf 195 - $625 ½ acre
Abiathar C. Hardy, wife May B. – Jan. 11, 1864 – b. 661 leaf 83 - $300
Francis Baggaley, (Bagley) wife Ann – Apr. 2, 1864 – b. 665 leaf 210 - $530 1 acre
John Hardy 2nd, wife Elizabeth – Apr. 4, 1866 – b. 700 leaf 220 - $285
Gilman D. Kingman & Henry A. Hill - Aug. 13, 1868 - b. 754 leaf 130 - $700
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Joan Isobel Petrie - Feb. 1, 1952 - b. 760 p. 135
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Inventory Data:

StreetPoor St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Historic NameJohn Wardwell House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1794
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall barn and shop to rear east - burned abt. 1915
Major Alterationsell 20th century
Acreage0.344 acre; 60' frontage, 20' from street. Lot size Map 51, parcel 2
Map and parcel51-2
MHC NumberANV.636
Recorded byW. Frontiero, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered2/25/80, 4/2104, 6/3/2015, 10/5/2020